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Accepted Skycinnamon- Vox

Discussion in 'Archived Species Applications' started by Sky, May 5, 2021.

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  1. Sky

    Sky Bartender

    About You

    What is your Byond key?

    What is your Discord username?

    How long have you been playing on Baystation 12?
    2 months

    What are the names of your better-known characters?
    Dimanche Chromefloor

    About The Species

    What alien species are you applying for?

    Why do you want to play as the alien species?
    Off ship roles seem very interesting and Ive heard vox are very vibey

    What are some example names for the alien species?
    To a human Vox names sound painful, screeches and other tones. They have a translation usually reffering to their name in vox-pigid their current location and role

    ex. Skriiichieee

    Summarize what you know about the species.
    basic info-
    Vox are bioengineered creatures that were apart of a previously alive and large empire.

    They have two minds. One is the biological brain which controls the basic biological needs of the body and then there is the second brain. Cortical stacks is what is referred to as the second brain. The cortical stack is what determines the Vox's memories and personality. The Vox's cortical stack can have hundreds of years worth of memories loaded on them. Cortical stacks allow the equivalent of immortality, with their memories and personalities having the ability to be transferred and be uploaded to the main ark ship. If a mind is without a body for a period of time it is likely damage will occur and things such a personality changes and loss of memories are not uncommon. Bodies are chosen with a purpose in mind, there are two types of vox bodies. Primalis, meant for servitude and general labour and Armalis, meant for heavy labour and usually are good combatants. Vox have a series of body marking that show others their genetic lineage, history and ark ship of origin

    Sociology and psychology-
    Vox society is connected with the ark ships using the inter ark network. the apex do not care if the Vox use it as a makeshift form of communication network, Ark ships are moon sized ships which were likely repurposed. Ships are considered as a holy area as most are relics from when their empire was still alive. Ark ships serve as the vox's home and are often traveling between migratory routes in the milky way.

    In vox society the top of the chain are the Apex. These are extremely large super computers within the centre of the center of the ships, they only communicate when a task must be changed or done. They are also the law in the sense they are the end of the vox justice system. They determine judgement upon matters, they are capable of pruning , trimming or deleting Vox corticals. To the Vox the Apex are messengers of a god like entity

    Society wise Vox can either be appointed as a quill by an Apex or often conflict will occur such as sparring in order to determine the power totem pole within the ship often times the previously mentioned Armalis will end up in leadership roles due to their proficiency in combat. Younger Vox will likely end up in lower roles.

    Vox have a disinterest with anything that is not a vox. They mostly rely on instinct and want their survival, Vox do not seek combat and see others as nothing but things to use for their gain. Vox do not see humans as people and instead view them as meat which are good at creating technology and raw materials they can steal. Even though they are immortal they will avoid death as it is inconvenient. Vox raid due to the constant deterioration of their ships, causing them to be more greedy. They often try to pick the easiest targets in order to avoid conflict, they will lie and manipulate any captures

    Character concept:
    Somkriiiii also known as the Blue Tailed Scavenger of the wandering twelve strong frigate of the ark ship synergists maxius doesn't try to be the attention of the room, since creation they haven't been the best at combat skills, they are capable if needed yes however it might not end successful. Due to this Somkriiiii had to find ways to obtain resources from the meat through any means. Many times this includes but is not limited to creating plans to ransom ships in ways which will guarantee the survival of themselves. Somkriiiii has learned that often times the threat of violence may be more powerful than exerting force and violence in their times raiding ships. Somkriiiii cares most about their survival, if placed in a situation that goes wrong they will often think of ways of how they will survive it, this doesn't guarantee they wont save other members on a raiding team, quite the opposite. Often times for somkriiiii leaving their team is how they enter worse situations, 3 meat versus 1 vox is often times harder to deal with than 3 meat and 2 vox, if she leaves what is stopping the meat from overpowering the previous vox and then proceeding to do the same to them? in situations such as those in movies where somkriiiii is barely holding in there and they need to make a split decision whether or not to abandon their friend in order to guarantee their survival or the meat take a vox hostage and there is only one meat somkriiiii will run as fast as they can. Somkriiii is a very unlucky person by nature however and often times if something can go wrong it will (self reflection moment), whether it be a clumsy act they did earlier, a miss-phrasing during their threats of violence, somkriiii must overcome these obstacles in order to obtain the the materials they so much desire. Somkriiiii enjoys the rush of obtaining new shiny materials than anything else in the world, needless to say they would be extremely opportunistic and weigh the prod and cons of an operation , too weak of a vessel and they may not have enough loot, too strong and staffed of a vessel and they might get out numbered , overpowered if their deceptions do not work. When working in a group somkriiiii could be susceptible to peer pressure pushing them to drive even more shiny loot than ever dreamed of.
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  2. Eonoc

    Eonoc Vox Species Maintainer Deputy Serpentid Maintainer

    Looks decent. Give me a solid character concept, and we can move forward. Depending on how I feel about it, I may pose some followup questions.
  3. Sky

    Sky Bartender

    now includes character concept
  4. Eonoc

    Eonoc Vox Species Maintainer Deputy Serpentid Maintainer

    I like the character concept, and have heard you're a solid player. Your recent playtime is a little ah. Under what I usually prefer, but I'm hardly one to talk on the subject of playtime these days.
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