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So... how do you play on Torch? (Exodus veteran)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by foxchosen, Jun 13, 2019.

  1. foxchosen

    foxchosen Research Director

    I'm back! ... I think.

    It's been a while. Feels like hundred years ago when my first assistant buggered HoP every shift with an official-looking NT paperwork stating that after their studies they have to do a rotation in every department on Exodus. The paperwork I spent 3 days in real life making, because it was terrifying after a week of observing to actually jump into the game for the first time. You know, this is HRP. I took it very seriously, needed a proper start. Had to be perfect. And it was.
    Few months later my cargo tech knew all the shortcuts around the station, my paramedic could bring patients back from near-death situations, my detective had barely 70% mortality rate, I even had enough confidence to finally try command positions myself.
    And then Torch happened.

    I doubt anyone still remembers me or my characters from Exodus-era 2016, and all the work I've done on the wiki is probably overwritten or thrown out by now. Don't even recognize most of the people on forum these days, the staff also seem to be completely new, even the Torch map seems different than what I remember. But dammit it's still Bay, so it must be good, surely.

    I stopped playing mostly because I didn't understand the new military ranks that won't even let you into the game before you choose the right combination. And didn't want to learn. I was upset and wanted my simple corporate world back. The world I knew, where everything was easy and made sense. But it's been over two years now and I miss my spessmen, so I'm thinking of giving it another shot.

    I guess my question is - what really changed? There's only so much I can piece together from looking at the huge complicated Torch map and reading the wiki pages. Do I understand right you can play on Torch now without being military, having a rank and saluting? I even saw some motion that the military focus would be lowered, did that ever happen?

    Any chance for someone with Exodus perspective to give me a summary about the main changes?
    Perhaps some starting tips for someone who wants to play in a setting/roles similar to what we had on Exodus?

    If a similar thread already exists, I'd be happy for a link as well, thanks!
    And if you remember me - heya! Damn, it's been long.
  2. Tristan63

    Tristan63 Senior Enlisted Advisor

    Fear not, if you wish to RP as a Corporate Exec you probably could now for the EXO project. I never played Exodus, but the main changes here is that we are in Deep Space, uncharted territory where no civilization yet claims it. Our continuing mission, to seek new life and new civilizations, and to boldy go where no man has gone before. Shown here is a map of the political climate which sort of mirrors post WW2 European powers with SCG being NATO, and GCC being Warsaw Pact with Gaia being "Berlin" so to say stellaris map here. Gaia was the site of a major conflict between humans in the SCG and GCC which resulted in countless lives being lost. It took place in the space around Gaia and other systems. From the wiki "The conflict lasted from the 16th of January, 2292 until the 11th of October, 2296 and ended in a Pyrrhic victory for Sol." SCG = Sol Central Government (Or Solar, if you prefer.), GCC = Gilgamesh Colonial Government. The capital of SCG is in the Sol system, located on Mars. For the GCC it is Terra, located in the Gilgamesh system. Not to be confused, Terra is not Earth. What makes the SEV Torch special, is the fact it contains the first Bluespace Drive to be mounted on a Human ship (courtesy of our skrell friends). It is for lack of a better term, the Flagship project of the EC and has resulted in funding advancements for the previously declining service, resulting in protests and what have you. Thats not to say, the EXO (Expeditionary Corps Orgnization) comprised of large investors, and companies interested in the project have a board of directors (including an EC Admiral) whom oversee, allocate, and basically hire all the scientific persons onboard.

    Here I will include a bulleted of some important things that you may see, and have questions about.
    • Expeditionary Corps: A uniformed service of the SCG that is responsible for exploration, science, and other research related activities. It being a uniformed service (Similar in function to the NOAA or National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Commissioned Officer Corps) has laxer regulations compared to the Defense Forces, and enjoys greater personal freedoms with that. It has a simplistic rank structure which isn't as rigid as the Defense Forces, for instance a Chief Explorer (E7) can rise to the rank of Ensign (O1) through exceptional service without the need for a formalized education (though such is preferred). Within the EC, there are three sub groups; The Observatory Branch, the Field Operations Branch, and the Interspecies Program (Though it is not on the wiki as far as I can tell).
    • Sol Central Government Fleet: A Defense Force of the SCG, the Fleet has been the staple Defending Branch since Solgovs inception, and has been in multiple conflicts throughout its history, notably the largest being the Gaia Conflict. The Fleet is much like the modern US Navy of today, with the ranks being similar except for O7 being Commodore, O2 being Sub Lieutenant, and E1-E3 being Crewman instead of Seaman. They operate over all of SCG space, and consist of Five Specialized Fleets. Strange I know, fleets in the fleet. 1st Fleet, Ceremonial Sol Guard, does ceremonious actions and has older ships, mainly a reserve force. 2nd Fleet, Security of internal SCG space, so it would hunt down pirates lurking in SCG space or perhaps a massive cartel movement, repels vox invasion fleets if the 3rd can't. 3rd Fleet, mostly guards the borders of Sol and everything that entails including keeping threats out and watching the borders between Empires. 4th Fleet, guards primarily the Sol borders of Skrell and the GCC, basically a slacker fleet though this isn't and excuse ICly to hate them because currently they'd be under reform. 5th Fleet, quick reaction force that can operate anywhere and is supposed to have the latest tech and equipment, and the smartest officers. All Fleet persons on the SEV Torch are volunteers.
    • Sol Central Government Marine Corps: Wait a second, this doesn't exist. huh?
    • Sol Central Government Army: The SCGA is primarily a land force and exists in tandem with the Fleet to comprise of the Defense Forces, but has no personnel in the Torch project. They house primarily reservists and are responsible for naval warfare (IE what the USN does in the 2000's) planetary invasions, and deploying armored vehicles. In times of need they might also conscript Planetary Defense Forces to fight for them, sound familiar?
    So in a nutshell, this is pretty much it. Of course there is way more to it then this BUT you'll have to figure that out as you go. E2/E3 and O1 are good starting ranks if you choose to go EC/Fleet, but as a civie you have more freedom to learn the name of the game. Hope this helps!
  3. Sergeant Adam

    Sergeant Adam Game Administrator Game Administrator

    If you're wanting to do stuff that's similar to what was done on the exodus, I'd probably suggest contractor roles which are entirely non-military/EC roles in most departments barring security and command. They function pretty much identically to the other roles, without having to do the whole YESSIRNOSIR *SALUTESALUTE* Song and dance. Research is also more or less the same other than the fact that it's now run by a government organization, the EC. It's probably a good place to start trying out some EC roles. The EC is extremely lax on the whole saluting thing, and is not a branch of the military. The only person you'll maybe salute is the captain, and nobody is going to airlock you if you don't.

    Should also probably clarify that yeah, marines no longer exist, and the army has zero presence on the Torch. The only members of the SCGDF on board are Fleet. Also, while EXO plays a large part in the Torch project, they by no means "own" it. The Torch is 100% under EC and government authority.
  4. foxchosen

    foxchosen Research Director

    Cheers guys, that's actually a pretty good intro to the current state of affairs.

    So it did eventually become a bit more Star Trek-y, with command and sec being somewhat military (makes sense) and remaining roles being largely open to public? Aside for dept. heads, I assume. That's great to hear.

    So it's kinda like this?
    • Contractor/civ - Exodus-like corp roles
    • EC - command of the vessel and dept heads, light military flavor
    • Fleet - heavy milRP, saluting and cannon fodder
    Definitely thinking of contractors, then.
    Who knows, I might even dip into EC and finally understand the ranks (any good resources, newbie articles?) some day.
  5. Tristan63

    Tristan63 Senior Enlisted Advisor

    The EC and Fleet can occupy several department head roles, like the CMO can be a Lieutenant (O3) of the EC or a Lieutenant Commander (O4) of the Fleet. EC however commands the entirety of exploration (With the exception of the shuttle pilot, who can be a Fleetie, EC, or Civilian). That being said, the ship is owned and Commanded by the EC (The Captain is always EC) and the Fleets presence is warranted by giving the EC crewmen a boost with assistance. The EC before the Torch project was in a heavy decline, thus the Fleet was allowed to send volunteers to assist EC members and the Torch project in general. I do think on the wiki there is a newbie guide here:
  6. tu3sday

    tu3sday Assistant

    I'd just note that I took the plunge on the fleet side, having no military experience. I just left the wiki's "how to sol gov guide" open on another monitor and tried to run with it. I still get called out occasionally for screwing up proper decorum (e.g. offering a salute without noticing that an officer's in the same tile as a stool, and therefore "sitting"), but you simply play it off in character -- and it gives higher ranks a way to show how their character chooses to deal with mistakes by the enlisted.
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  7. Earthcrusher

    Earthcrusher SMASHER/DEVOURER Laser Tag 2019 Participant

    Am I the only one concerned that he used to bugger the HoP
  8. Emmanuel Bassil

    Emmanuel Bassil Senior Enlisted Advisor

    Buggering the HoP is a sign of excellence.
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  9. Piccione

    Piccione Bartender

    Playing on the Torch is quite simple. You open Byond, click on the Baystation Server, and then Join the Game.
  10. foxchosen

    foxchosen Research Director

    I know it's there, thanks. It was the first thing I looked into. I must say I quite like how it's split into several pages, compared to the last pre-Torch version of the guide that I've rewritten myself because the Bay12 wiki back then was a total mess :)

    That's actually a pretty good tip, thanks. I guess the huge volume of completely alien information (which military hierarchy is, to me) is overwhelming for my never-been-in-military brain. It's all the CO, NCO, XPL and other alien words that I see everywhere, and even in the guide the author simply assumes players would know what these things are. And no, I'm not interested enough to google and memorize it.

    Thanks for this. Much needed perspective!
  11. MattAtlas

    MattAtlas Chef

    Trial by fire is the best way to play anything. Overpreparation is bad and less fun.
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  12. foxchosen

    foxchosen Research Director

    Depends very much on the personality. Personally, I've had tons of fun watching the rounds for a week back when I was starting on Bay-Exodus and then preparing the paperwork so that I have some framework to play with.

    Three years back when I was unemployed and at one time in my life pretty much went to work to Bay, I was more than happy to manage departments as HoP or explain laws as detective. And you can bet your ass my characters were among the most diligent there were during those rounds ;)