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Special Heavy Assault and Recon Commando (SHARC) - Emergency Response Team Rework

Discussion in 'Lore Submissions' started by OndraLukas, Mar 8, 2019.

  1. OndraLukas

    OndraLukas Chef

    The SHARC (spelled 'Shark', 'cause why not) is the special operations branch of the Sol Fleet tasked with providing its vessels with specialized boarding and orbital deployment personnel. Developed as a response to the difficulties that the Sol Defense Forces experienced as a result of the Terran surprise attack, the SHARC Squadrons are meant to provide the fleet with their own planet-deployable units independent of the Army.


    The small four-man squad is the main building block of the entire SHARC. It is lead by a Chief Petty Officer, who is assisted by a Petty Officer First Class, while the remaining two men are bot Petty Officers Third or Second Class.

    SHARC Section can be comparable to an army platoon and is composed of two squads. The Section is commanded by a Lieutenant and his Sub-Lieutenant, these two are then assisted by a Senior Chief Petty Officer.

    Generally, when a larger detachment of SHARC operatives needs to be deployed it is done in the form of a section.

    There are five SHARC squadrons: the Alpha Squadron, the Beta Squadron, the Gamma Squadron, the Delta Squadron, and the Epsilon Squadron.

    All SHARC operations are centered around Squadrons, these units can be compared to the Army companies not only in terms of size and operational use but also in terms of social interaction. SHARC operatives from the same Squadron often know each other well and have only relatively limited interaction with members of other squadrons.

    All squadrons, except for the Alpha Squadron, have eight sections. Each squadron is commanded by a Commander, with a Lieutenant Commander as his second-in-charge, they are assisted by a Command Master Chief Petty Officer, who acts as the senior enlisted advisor, and by a Master Chief Petty Officer who performs the job of the Squadron's Quartermaster.

    Alpha Squadron is the smallest of the five units, having only six sections. It is attached to the first fleet and generally acts as security detail for important Fleet officials.

    Beta Squadron is attached to the 2nd fleet and mostly responsible for major counter-terrorist operations. The 2nd fleet is known for operating their own counter-terrorism unit (note: make some lore for this unit too) prior to the creation of the SHARC. The Beta Squadron is thus the direct successor to this unit, with the vast majority of the Beta Squadron members directly drafted from it.

    Gamma Squadron is attached to the 3rd fleet and as such performs assaults against hideouts of dangerous pirates and smugglers. Most importantly, it responses to major Vox raids.

    As the 4th Fleet, to which the Delta Squadron has been attached to, guards the borders with the GCC, the formation of the Delta Squadron was of major concern for both the Admiralty and the Captain-General of the SHARC. Unlike in case of other squadrons, whose members were drafted from the armsman division of the fleet they've been attached to, the Delta was formed from the most proficient armsmen of the entire Fleet. Mostly to prevent from it getting into the same mess the fourth fleet was prior to the Gaia conflict.

    Finally, the Epsilon Squadron, which is attached to the fifth fleet, is currently tasked testing new experimental technologies and tactics before they are used by other SHARC squadrons. Being also part of the new 'Rapid Reaction Force' they've been given even a more extensive orbital deployment training and equipment.

    As the planning of combat operations itself is mostly left up to the Squadron commanders and the Admiral of each fleet, the SHARC HQ and the Captain-General of the SHARC serves mostly an administrative purpose. The HQ is thus mainly responsible for the acquirement of new men and material required to sustain the field operations.

    It consists of three main departments:
    -Personnel Department directed by the Adjuntant of the SHARC
    -Field Operations Depratment directed by the Operations officer of the SHARC
    -Logistical Department directed by the Quartermaster of the SHARC

    Important members of the SHARC HQ Staff:
    The head of the entire unit. His job is not really shooting baddies anymore, but more about wrangling with politics and admirals. The CG always holds the rank of Captain.

    -Chief of Staff:
    Being the busy man the CG is, he has the Chief of Staff to day care of the day to day activities. The CoS always holds the rank of Commander.

    -Adjutant of the SHARC:
    He and his department handle mostly recruitment, training and manpower management in general. Usually a Lieutenant Commander.

    -Operations officer of the SHARC:
    Oversees the field operations of the individual SHARC Squadrons, liaisons with the Squadron commanders and archives and revies mission reports. Usually a Commander or Lieutenant Commander.

    -Quartermaster of the SHARC:
    The Quartermaster and his department are responsible that each squadron has the equipment needed to perform its job. This office is usually held by a Lieutenant Commander.

    -SEA of the SHARC:
    Advises the Staff and serves as a liaison between the enlisted and commissioned members of the commando. Always a Command Master Chief Petty Officer.
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  2. Cakey

    Cakey Sol Gov Pilot

    but the fifth fleet is literally this
  3. OndraLukas

    OndraLukas Chef

    Uh, I thought the fifth fleet is like a fast response unit of the regular force. While this is supposed to be the special forces.