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Species Ideas

Discussion in 'Lore Discussion and Suggestions' started by Nanaki, May 8, 2019.

  1. Nanaki

    Nanaki Bartender

    After spending some time back after being gone for a while, I have been thinking about making a new species. I personally liked the aesthetics of Tajara, but, I feel the lore and mechanics could be done a whole lot better. Anyone have any ideas?
  2. Leite_Qualhado

    Leite_Qualhado Bartender

    Im thinking of something fresh hmmm Maybe a creature that moves using its 4 limbs but when needed to peform a action or something it stands up on its feet picture like a bear moving around and then standing up when he tries to intimidate something
  3. SilverSZ

    SilverSZ Bartender

    Okay so here is the race that bay /needs/ to stay viable as a high roleplay tm server. Camel People, yes, you heard me, Camel People. Camels are a noble animal often overlooked in sci-fi for more traditional animal-human hybrids like dogs or cats and occasionally insectoids or arachnids if the race is meant to serve more of a villainous role within the story. I can't think of any time I have seen a camel race within a science fiction story and really that is such a injustice to camels around the world being such a glorious and noble creature and one that really needs more awareness as both the two and one humped variety face threats of extinction in the modern day due to human activity, adding camel people would not only buck the trend of them being largely absent in science fiction but also be a statement on the importance of environmental conservation within the game.

    Now what is vital for any race is two things, their appearance and unique abilities and their lore, so lets start with the first one, They would be slightly larger than humans with an average height probably around 6'3 for females and 6'5 for males in ft, their faces would be elongated and horse like with strong jaws and propensity towards eating fruit and veg like normal camels however I propose making them be able to eat meat as a difference between them and their terrestrial counterparts. Their ears would be large and droopy and their bodies covered in short fur that is naturally shades of brown but could be dyed as well by younger members of the race although more likely older ones wouldn't. They would obviously have humps with a variant for 1 or 2 as a sub-race similar to Sinta and Yesoa Unathi or the human subtypes that exist, there would be mechanical differences between the two of course. Their arms would be human and their feet would be hooves, making them unable to use shoes and needing voidsuits to be fitted to them.

    Now as for racial abilities, both would be slower than humans with a slight speed mod due to their hooves and hump on their back with the two humped ones being a little bit slower aswell. they would also be resistant to heat and cold due to the cooling and insulation provided by their bodies like how camels are able to survive cold desert nights and hot desert days. Now as for the races unique abilties would be simple but reflect those of camels in real life, their hydration would go down significantly less but also be much much higher, higher for two humped ones of course. They would be able to use their hydration however to spit water at a high speed, blinding people if it hits them in their eyes or even putting out fires with enough, nothing big but simple and interesting we have enough largely different races already imo.

    As for a downside it would also reflect camels in real life, they would be extremely stinky and smelly, being too close to them would cause people's eyes to water without a mask on and being touched by one might even cause nausea. I would expect the crew to look down on them due to this trait in order to create some interesting rp around having these creatures around them that aren't very nice to be around similar to GAS. uh oh, stinky.

    As for the culture I'm not solid on this yet but I'm thinking a fully arid desert world with their race being based around a caste system on humps, with two humped camel-people mainly making up the worker class and one humped ones the merchant class, with their cities being run as merchant republics of camel people and them being on the Torch as part of an exchange program with the EC or workers contracted out to other planets, their culture would be split between workers and merchants of course as a upper and lower class although their positions are mostly harmonious and the younger and older generations fighting over their traditions or modernity including possibly getting rid of the rigid caste system.

    In summary I think they would be a unique and interesting addition not done in other sci-fi and would avoid being furry bait because uh oh... stinky,,,,
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  4. what?

    belonging to a foreign country.
    "an alien culture"
    unfamiliar and disturbing or distasteful.
    "principles that are alien to them"

    if something is "Alien" that means its unfamiliar at best and straight up disturbing and incoherent to us at worst.
    Talking about an ALIEN Specias like Tajarans doesnt go well with thoose two meanings, since Tajarans are just "Humans but dog" or "humans but cat" the most well known animals to humans on this planet, they are basically everywhere where humans are. If thats complemented with some questionable lore like the one Aurora has, wich is just Human history but with cats, thats uncreative.
    Camel people falls into the same basket in the matter of uncreative aethetics.

    Sci fi is diffrent then fantasy, while fantasy is more about the past and how that combined with something magically can create a very interesting world to explore, sci fi is on the entirely opposite end.
    Sci fi stands for Science fiction, emphasis on the science part, as many Sci fi universes put a lot of value on creating a future and how it could look like. With many implementing real life knowledge about how the universe operates into them. This would inturn mean that finding Alien life that is borderline the same as some Animals found on earth would be implausible as its next to impossible. There is a real chance that if we humans find alien life IRL we might not even recognise it as living beings.

    Sci fi opens up the possibillitie to much more wild and fascinating looking creatures with a just as wild and fascinating society behind it. A bad example would be Star Trek, a good one would be Arrival. As a writer for Sci fi there is a huge chance to just go wild.

    Example, how about a species of intellegient fungus like creature, im not talking about some fly agaric im talking bleeding tooth fungus or some lace lichen, that is as a newborn the size of a corvette, communicating with each other in a psionic hivelike manner. That consumes planetary organic matter like a parasite and grows of it until encompassing the entire planet and growing further spores wich are send out to the next Planet. a bioship of sorts that maybe even houses some other smaller Alien Species inside of it.