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Discussion in 'Other Games' started by Ascimator, Mar 1, 2016.

  1. Boltersam

    Boltersam Petty Officer First Class

    Legion clusters together more tightly around the shrieking central figure, then begin chanting. A patch of earth nearby becomes muddy, and flows towards one of the tunnels connected to where Legion resides.
  2. Manored

    Manored Executive Officer

    Legion's shadowy figure begins to shuffle and shriek more, seemingly collapsing into itself, until it becomes much smaller, although still larger than the humanoids.

    Meanwhile, the muddy patch of earth rapidly expands upwards and to the sides, gaining a gelatinous consistency, until it occupies its tunnel entirely to the roof, and is several dozen meters in length. It looks as if some invisible walls are holding together a vast quantity of muddy water. Then, one of those walls seemingly gives in as the "water" begins to rapidly flow down one of the tunnels, moving away from legion. In its other fronts it pulls itself back as if sucked by something.

    Another of Larcel's motes turns into a flash of light. He picks up the sword that attempted to attack him last turn, and strikes it against a wall a few times. Each strike causes a few pieces of the wall to flake off, as if he were striking concrete with a hammer, while the sword suffers nothing. Then, he drops it, holds one palm over the other, and mutters something. Wind waffles around him along with a luminescence. White wings flash behind him briefly.

    Krieg begins to vibrate, then explodes, fragments of metal and wooden hilt flying all over the place. A small black dot appears where it once floated. It expands and unfolds itself until it turns into a floating copy of Sticky.

    Another floating copy of Sticky materializes behind the original Sticky. It whips around in the air and rams itself against Sticky, throwing him violently on the ground, before dissipating. Sticky isn't seriously injured, thought.

    The giant beetle wanders the maze aimlessly.

    The giant worm finds its way to Larcel, threatening him with its huge teeth and wormy body. However the worm is itself soon covered in a swarm of giant ants, who begin to rapidly eat away at the poor monstrosity.

    "Finally! Violence! Horror! Bloodshed! Well, assuming worms have blood. Do they have blood? Anyways, something is finally dying. That fancy floating sword also seems to have exploded... or did it give birth to a stickman? That's one weird reproductive system, for sure. I'm half expecting it to pull itself back together now and then... go on a sword-father and swordsman-son killing spree? A Gluckocat can dream, dear spectators. What's with that other stickman, thought? He is ramming himself or something. Must have some serious mental issues. Blue boy is just glowing on his corner. Dude sure likes flashing lights, eh?"
  3. Plusinfinity

    Plusinfinity Sol Gov Pilot

    Larcel sighs at the monsters that appear to be fighting over him.

    "Oh bother, reminds of those damn Chigoes back in Grauberg"
  4. Ascimator

    Ascimator Research Director

    Rising up from the ground, the newly born stick figure looks around briefly, as if slightly disoriented, then dashes down the pathway. The newly-born stick figure, still floating, looks around briefly as if slightly disoriented, then dashes through the air down one of the pathways.
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  5. Levyafan

    Levyafan Retired Staff

    After a second of disoriented lying on the ground, Sticky does a quick roll up and stands in a weirdly fabulous pose.
    They then raise the weapon up in the air. Its blade becomes a white circle with wide red outline. Engraved in the center are black glyphs, which say "0.001".

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  6. Boltersam

    Boltersam Petty Officer First Class

    Legion, and the figure at the center, begin fluidly merging with the ground. In a few seconds, they disappear from sight.
  7. Manored

    Manored Executive Officer

    The Sticky copy that emerged from Krieg (henceforth know as K-Sticky) flies around the maze and eventually arrives at the place where Sticky once was, and where one of the copies of his former form still rests. He picks it up.

    The Giant Beetle emerges from a tunnel near K-Sticky and approaches him menacingly, snapping its giant mandibles.

    From the other side, the Ooze approaches, flowing towards K-Sticky.

    Larcel picks up his own copy of the sword and moves away from the worm and the ants. He wanders around the maze, always turning left, walking at an unnaturally fast pace. His motes provide him with a limited amount of lighting. Eventually, through coincidence, fate, or mysterious power, he comes across K-Sticky as well. He lets go of his extra sword to put one palm over the other, then says "tricks from an Antica" and spins his hands around each other. A cloud of thousands of flying, sharp metal shards emerges into the space in front of him, moving rapidly towards K-Sticky. They surround him in the air and them converge on him. His organic body is shredded into a bloody mess as he is ran through by hundreds of the shards simultaneously. The cloud of shards then splits into two, each heading towards one of the two other creatures in the vicinity. Shards impale themselves into the ooze. They are absorbed into it as it flows, and the ooze slows down, its once water-like consistency becoming molasses. The shards also ram themselves into the Beetle, but its carapace resists the assault with thousands of metallic plinks. the deflected shards then surround and envelop the Beetle, as if attracted to it by a magnetic force. The Beetle shrieks a complaint as it, too, nearly grinds to a halt with its joints mostly blocked by the shards.

    All members of Legion merge into the earth and disappear from sight.

    Above, Sticky is enveloped into a faint red aura.

    The ants finish murdering and devouring the worm, and start travelling the maze again. Their numbers are rapidly swelling and they already are three times more numerous than when they entered the arena.

    "I asked for blood, and we have blood! Tons of blood. Dude literally got turned into blood. I hope the children didn't miss that one. The stylish giant beetle and the... water thing seem to be out of the game too, along with that worm that got cannibalized by its teammates. Well, I think the're teammates. The dude on top is just... faintly glowing. So many fabulous folks here today. The identical dudes... disappeared. They know the're supposed to be WATCHED, right?"

    "By the way, its time for the first ad!"

    The camera briefly panned up to show the Giant Monkey God smiling and holding a continent-sized sign, which read "Mister Johnson's metal-object cleaning oil: gets the gunk out of your metallic shards real good".

    "Is it targeted ad week? I think its targeted ad week."

    (K-Sticky, Larcel, Beetle and Ooze all ending up in the same place at the same time was decided via RNG, I shit you not)
  8. Levyafan

    Levyafan Retired Staff

    Sticky looks at the ad, and then, somehow, shows an "okay" sign right to the audience.
    They then get into another fabulous pose, this time setting their weapon down and holding onto it. The blade becomes a golden triangle with a black outline; engraved on the blade is a black stylized humanoid. The humanoid is tumbling.

  9. Plusinfinity

    Plusinfinity Sol Gov Pilot

    Larcel looks at the blood and ooze and such while the beetle is restrained. He looks to the Krieg copy that was dropped by K-Sticky, and back to the one he just dropped, and sighs. "Damnation, just another copy!" he exclaims.
  10. Manored

    Manored Executive Officer

    Larcel sheathes his saber and picks up the other Krieg copy. He then approaches the mostly immobilized beetle and strikes it with both swords simultaneously, achieving no effect other than irritating the Beetle. He turns around and heads towards the Ooze while striking the two swords against each other, again to no avail. He walks around the Ooze until he finds its backside, and follows the wet trail it left behind as it flowed through the tunnels. He eventually arrives at the trail's end. There is no one around.

    The ants continue to wander the maze aimlessly.

    Sticky's feet are covered in a flash of light as ice skates magically materialize on them. Simultaneously, all of the new surface of the planet, plus all of the floor within the maze, become white, shiny and reflexive for a brief moment before returning to normal. When it does, its only in appearance, as it now has become extremely slippery, worse than ice. Larcel slips and falls painfully on his butt. The beetle's legs slip to the sides and drop him on his underside, making him even more miserable. The ooze continues to slowly glide forwards, towards the beetle. The swarm of ants is confused for a moment, but then gathers together forming a "mat" of ants grabbing each other, wide enough to reach the walls. The ants on the sides begin to push off the walls, allowing the group to slide around the tunnels with some level of control, with the Queen riding on top.

    About thirty guys in comically oversized cloaks get up from among the spectators, jump down into the flat area where the camera sphere is located, and throw away their cloaks, revealing themselves as members of Legion. Very mean looking security creatures chase after them, but before the're caught, one of them throws some kind of small spherical device towards the camera sphere. The device lands in front of the sphere and generates a small circular portal. The creatures quickly shove themselves into it, after which the portal disappears and the device explodes.

    "Blasted cheaters!" Yelled the announcer, shaking two fists at them. "If only our rules actually punished cheating! Oh well. Hopefully they will get themselves murdered in the arena. Lets have a look back at what is going on... not much, it seems, except that the floor is slippery as hell now? Well well... don't worry, dear spectators, I have the feeling that something very fabulous is about to happen."
  11. Plusinfinity

    Plusinfinity Sol Gov Pilot

    "Oww" Larcel winces. He uses the swords as ice brakes to gain traction - sliding around on his butt is quite undignified. "another bloody ice labyrinth, like I haven't seen enough of those. Bah!" he carefully clambers to his feet and looks around where the Ooze's trail ends. "Guess they saw me coming and scarpered."
  12. Levyafan

    Levyafan Retired Staff

    Sticky slides around on their new skates, doing pirouettes and performing some kind of ice dance. They seem to really enjoy themself.
  13. Manored

    Manored Executive Officer

    I haven't forgotten this (well, maybe a little). Boltersam hasn't submitted their turn yet. I will probably continue this tomorrow and skip his turn this time. If he fails to show up again next turn I guess I will have to off him.
  14. Manored

    Manored Executive Officer

    Boltersam sent me a PM so we're not actually skipping his turn.

    The ooze continues to slowly glide towards the beetle and is almost touching it now.

    Larcel skis around in his butt stylishly tries to stand, but falls down again. Its too slippery to stand even in the best conditions. He settles for sliding around on his legs, the least ridiculous position he can find. Its rather hard to steer, but works well enough to prevent functional immobility. He somehow manages to run into the mat of ants. The Queen shrieks at him menacingly from her living carriage. Their numbers seem to be around sixty now.

    Sticky wins the skiing skating competition. Unfortunately, there is no skiing skating competition.

    Legion is still nowhere to be seen.

    The announcer holds his head up in one hand. "Well... that's certainly fabulous. Would be even more fabulous if here were killing someone while doing that, but oh well. Not sure what the other competitors are even doing. That blue guy is moving around on his butt? That blue guy is skiing on his legs, is that a new sport? Oh look, he's gonna fight the ants. That ought to give us something to cheer for!"

    The giant monkey god scratches his divine rear end thoughtfully.
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  15. Levyafan

    Levyafan Retired Staff

    (OOC: It's SKATING, not skiing.)
    Sticky sends an air-kiss to the unseen crowd and then sighs loudly. It's the first sound this competitor has EVER uttered on this arena.
    They then begin swiftly skating in a seemingly random direction. Despite lacking face (or any identifying traits), they still somehow have a very determined expression.
  16. Manored

    Manored Executive Officer

    You northerners and your fancy ice sports, you. Guess I will fix it.
  17. Plusinfinity

    Plusinfinity Sol Gov Pilot

    (OOC:Larcel was skiing. I don't think my intention was for him to slide around on his butt though.)

    Larcel looks at the oncoming horde of ants and starts to let loose a series of colourful swear words
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  18. Manored

    Manored Executive Officer

    I thought you said earlier he was sliding around on his butt. Or did you mean to say he was avoiding doing that?

    Edit: Oh, noticed the "carefully clambered to his feet" part. I guess I will go retcon things again.
  19. Manored

    Manored Executive Officer

    Legion, now with around fifty members, emerges from the earth at the surface above the maze, as if it were some kind of gelatine they swam through. Then they begin to stomp their feet on the ground in sync. A large circle of ground around them begins to rise up, converging and closing far above them. When all is done, the're encased within a large half-sphere of thick packed earth.

    Sticky skates around, leaping and pirouetting and dancing, making large circles around the arena. Whatever he is looking for, he doesn't find it.

    Larcel holds one palm over the other, and says "what Malboro are made of...", and then spins his hands around each other. A cloud of green gas seems to emit away from his body and cover the incoming ants. The creatures begin to shriek and spasm in an horrible cacophony, their mat coming undone, and then stop moving. After its over it doesn't seem like any of them have survived, not even the large one. Larcel picks up his extra swords, whom he had left sliding alongside him, and stops himself. This doesn't prevent the sliding pile of giant dead ants from colliding with and washing over him like a beach wave, but he suffers no injury other than being half-buried in them.

    The ooze slowly collides with and starts moving through the beetle, whom shrieks and trashes madly.

    "I was wondering where the cheaters were. Apparently they were preparing to... hide more, I guess. And the transit dude just keeps on skating and skating. Have they forgotten its a battle? At least the blue guy killed something this round. A lot of somethings. And now he is rolling around in the bodies of his fallen foes, like a real warrior! Maybe there's still hope for this battle."
  20. Levyafan

    Levyafan Retired Staff

    Sticky seems to quickly react to the disturbance in their new skating ring, rushing towards the dome. Their weapon is in a firm grip, changing in the appearance to what it was at the very beginning of the battle: a red octagon with white "Stop" on it.