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Discussion in 'Other Games' started by Ascimator, Mar 1, 2016.

  1. Plusinfinity

    Plusinfinity Sol Gov Pilot

    Larcel fights to stop himself being buried whilst swearing in staccato fashion. Having endured the wave of toppling ants, he spends a moment resting on the still sliding mat formed by their bodies: they are less slippery than the ground right now.

    "Whew. I wonder if the others are going through this kind of shit?"
  2. Manored

    Manored Executive Officer

    We will be skipping Bolter's turn tomorrow or so if he doesn't PM me by then.
  3. Manored

    Manored Executive Officer

    (And by "tomorrow" I mean Sunday, clearly.

    We're skipping Bolter's turn, since he appears to have disappeared mysteriously.)

    Sticky holds his staff towards the dome. Nothing seems to happen.

    The ooze eventually envelops the beetle fully as it dies. Its insides seem to melt, flow out through the gaps in the armor, and dissolve into the ooze. Eventually the outer carapace plates made of a metallic-looking material are all that is left.

    Larcel pries open the stomach of one of the ants with one of the borrowed swords. Inside he finds a potion of fire resistance. Unfortunately, its expired. Afterwards he mounts the large ant and tries to use it as an improvised sled, the swords as paddles. It works, although the inertia is much greater and turns are a pain to pull off. He moves into the maze again.

    "Boooooring. I think its time to spice things up. Giant Monkey God, any ideas?"

    The camera shuffles over to the Giant Monkey God, who nods and pulls out a continental fairy wand from somewhere behind him. He waves it towards the arena.

    The surface of the arena shines with magic, and then random parts of the ground begin to recede and fold in circular patterns, forming pits that let sunlight into the maze bellow. A thick tapestry of vines grows out of the sides of every opening and stretch themselves downwards into the maze, touching its floor. This phenomenon occurs all over the planet, with the pits being spaced roughly fifty meters apart.

    "Ooooooh, now the only guys who are still moving can actually find each other! Nice job, Giant Monkey God!"

    The giant monkey god turns to the side, blushes, and waves his hand at the camera once.

    The announcer turns back to the spectators.

    "I'd like to assure all you dear spectators that all our interventions are as fair as possible, and only performed in case of necessity. And by necessity, I mean when our blood-o-meter doesn't fire for whole five minutes. That's an eternity in combat, I assure you!"
  4. Levyafan

    Levyafan Retired Staff

    As a hole appears just by Sticky's side, they are, after a quick surprise, quick to hop down inside, sending an air kiss to the monkey god far above while in mid-air, and start skating around the maze.
  5. Manored

    Manored Executive Officer

    The ooze is still in the maze, full of metallic shards and beetle carapace fragments. It is moving so slowly that it is essentially stationary.

    Sticky leaps down into the maze and starts skating around. Shortly afterwards he runs into Larcel, sledding down a long corridor on his giant dead ant. As they move towards each other, Larcel holds one palm above the other, says "Gaze of a Hippogrpyh", and spins his hands around each other. A dark sphere of light appears in front of Larcel, along with a spiral pattern of red and black lines of light resembling the atomic symbol. As the formation fades, Sticky freezes in his current pose and continues to skate forwards in it. When Sticky and the the ant met, in the moment when the ant touches Sticky's red aura, it seems to stop in an instant and Larcel is jerked forwards onto the ant. When Sticky hits the ant, it recovers all velocity and resumes sliding forwards, pushing Sticky in front of itself whom is kinda crumpled over the ant's head, still not moving.

    "Do not worry dear spectators, I assure you that our camera systems are working perfectly. That flash just now was just the anti-memetic mind screw filter doing its work. There is no chance of anything like the catastrophic orgy of the fourth edition happening again. Is that a good thing, thought? Ha ha ha!"

    "Not sure what happened there, but mister charcoal seems to be kinda out of it. The blood-o-meter isn't screaming thought, so we keep doing. I think we are on the final moments of the fight, gentlebeings. Its appropriate that its happening on top of an old-of-control giant dead ant, probably."

    "Time for another ad!"

    The camera briefly showed a shot of the Giant Monkey God, who was wearing swirly glasses and holding another giant sign. This one said: "Mister Johnson's brain bleach: Let's you unsee what can't be unseen".
  6. Plusinfinity

    Plusinfinity Sol Gov Pilot

    Larcel flops himself back into an awkward seated position and looks down at the immobile Sticky.
    "Guess you have eyes after all then. Wait a minute, didn't I already kill you?" he asks, then he sighs, looks up and around. "Well that hasn't ended it. Sorry that I can't make this as quick as I'd like to..."
  7. Levyafan

    Levyafan Retired Staff

    Sticky remains immobile, leaning on Larcel's improvised "steed" in an awkward manner.
  8. Manored

    Manored Executive Officer

    As the large ant continues to slide forward, Larcel mounted on the mid-section and Sticky crumpled around its head, Larcel puts a palm over the other, says "gifts from a Cactuar", and spins his hands around each other. A cloud of a thousand long metallic needles materializes around him, which explodes outwards and then converges into Stick from all directions, resembling a cloud of bugs. All needles stop moving when they enter Stick's red aura, but from there, results vary based on their position relative to the moving Sticky.

    Most needles resume movement once the're out of the aura, striking at the head of the ant instead and shredding it to pieces. Larcel quickly moves further back to avoid being shredded by his own spell.

    However, the needles that approached Sticky from behind collide with Sticky himself as he is pushed forwards by the inertial ant, burying themselves into his flesh. Sticky quickly starts bleeding a river from his back and legs.

    When all is over, the frontal third of the ant is gone, Larcel is perched precariously on the remaining two thirds as they slide forwards, and a very bloody Sticky is being pushed along by that mess.

    "Blooooood! delicious blood! The blood-o-meter is firing and all! That guy's out of the loop, folks. Now, the only ones left are... wait a second, the victory-o-meter is firing too? There is only one active competitor left? Impossible! Oh wait, actually, that's the whole point of the game. Its over folks! We have a victor!

    The arena erupts into a flood of cheering, clapping and yelling in a variety of languages, with a variety of bodily appendages. The announcer flies around rousing the crowd for a while, before continuing. The camera shifts between images of Larcel, the two destroyed Stickies, the mysterious earth sphere, and the giant monkey god, who's making a pile of continental fireworks in front of himself.

    "Now, its time for our professional analysis, in case any of you dear spectators are confused about tonight's events. As tends to happen. Mister Raven!"

    A portion of the floor in front of the transmission sphere popped open, and a new tile of flooring rose up to replace it. Standing on top is a short anthropomorphic raven wearing a tuxedo, with his hands inside his pockets. Still as a statue, he begins speaking quickly while staring directly forwards.

    "Evening announcer. " He whips a remote controller out of his pocket, points it to the sphere over his shoulder, presses a button, and shoves controller and hand back into his pocket. The camera is now fixed on the bloody mess that was K-Stick.

    "This guy was a spirit that inhabits weapons. Pretty strong contender. Hard to kill. As long as there was any weapon around in decent condition, he would live, and everyone had weapons. Unfortunately for him, someone made him into a creature of flesh. It turns out that making lifeless things live is a pretty good way of killing them. He lost his practical immortality. From there, things were pretty straightforwards. He got killed by a cloud of magical magnetic metal fragments moving at a high velocity. Its pretty much the same thing as being shot to death, except multiply it by a thousand or so. That's why he became meat pudding.

    The raven changes channels to the earth sphere above. It becomes transparent, showing Legion inside. All of it is still, some of them in weird positions. The creature in the middle can now be clearly seen to be yet another stickman being.

    "These guys are all members from an eusocial species. Colonies, that for all purposes are one being. That one in the middle is the Queen and was transformed into that stick-man thing during the match. Didn't seem to make much of a difference. These guys had a decent shot, there's strength to numbers, and they had control of the battlefield, turning it into a maze of their liking and filling it with monsters. Unfortunately for them none of those monsters actually managed to kill anything besides each other. In the end they were frozen in time, as you can see. There's some things that a giant earth sphere just can't protect you from. The're still alive, so its a technical declassification. They will be getting sent to... that place, thought, so as always, it hardly matters."

    The camera now shifts to the dead Sticky covered in blood and Larcel.

    "This charcoal man was an interesting sort. Some real mighty powers, reality-warping level, one might argue, but at the same time he was quite the squishy sort, with no real defenses besides that aura of his. A pretty powerful defense, thought, its basically a very powerful slowing field. Things that don't reach you can't kill you. Unfortunately, circumstances just weren't in his favor here. The aura slows things, but doesn't push them away, so he ended up getting pushed on those needles that attacked him from behind. The ant wasn't affected properly because it seems the aura is configured to not affect things he is holding... I think. Not entirely sure. I guess having his arms and legs splayed around it like they were might count as a kind of holding. He was the one who turned those other two guys into copies of him. Damn narcissist. He also made the arena super-slippery so only he would be able to move around properly, but that didn't work out all that well."

    "This last guy, the blue fabulous boy, is a blue mage. They learn the magic of beasts by letting said beasts hit them with said magic. With a discipline that suicidal, its no wonder he joined this game. Their spell ranges from really powerful to kinda meh, and specialize in self-buffing. He is a boring normal human otherwise so he could also have been offed right off the bat before firing anything off, but that didn't happen. You might have noticed that he cheated death a few times during the match. You see, he had this defense active that protects him from each type of damage once. He hot his blue butt saved from an impact, a cut and a polymorphism there. He also had a few other defensive buffs active... did a mighty good job of protecting himself, I say, and that won him the match. He also did a good job of disabling and killing two of the competitors as well as nearly all the monsters."

    "And... that's it. Back to you, announcer."

    The raven then disappears back into the ground as it recedes and closes over his head.

    "Well, that's what went on folks. Now that your minds are cleared of doubt, and that the losers have been sent to... that place, while we were talking, its time for the premiation!"

    A multicolored pillar of light preceded Larcel's materialization into the stadium himself. The crowd went wild again as the announcer raised Larcel's hand so high that he was no longer touching the floor.

    "Here he is, folks, our victor! Say, how are you feeling about your victory today? Oh, forget it, you're anxious to get your prize aren't you? Here it is!"

    He shoved the cosmic stone in Larcel's hands.

    "I don't know what that things does, but I'm sure you will have fun figuring out. In fact I bet you're anxious to get to it aren't you? To home! Don't worry, your fans can reach you via transdimensional mail!"

    Larcel tries to say something but is interrupted by his warping out of the stadium by another pillar of light.

    "Aaaaaaaaand that's it for tonight's edition of the Multi-Universal Battle Royale Death Tournament! I hope I can count on the presence of you all in the next battle. I don't wanna spoil the surprise too much, but we'll have a bubblegum elemental and a physical manifestation of death in it! Can you imagine how that will turn out? I can't! Goodnight folks!"

    (Sorry for the huge-ass closing post, but after I had the idea for Mister Raven I just couldn't put it down. Call it a flash of inspiration. If anyone has any outstanding questions about the game and why things happened the way they did here or there, feel free to ask. Also feel free to comment on the game and/or my GMing.)

    (I intend to take an indefinite break from both hosting and playing Spellround now, so if there's interest in another game someone else will have to pick up the ball.)
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  9. Levyafan

    Levyafan Retired Staff

    Alright, that was a nice one. Manored did a great job at narrating and GMing, and the contestants were amazingly diverse and OP. And stylish.
    In fact, I went not exactly after OP stuff primarily, but after STYLE POINTS.
    When I made Sticky, I at first wanted to follow an aesthetic of all those "fighting stickmen" flash animations. And then, as I made a lame sketch of a stickman with a street sign, I figured: "WHY NOT" - and that's how Sticky's street sign gimmick came in.




    Sticky is not just one of your regular stickmen. He is a so-called Mascot - an entity which regulates a certain domain of the multiverse. Sticky is a street sign mascot, and his domain is organisation of the multiverse according to the laws of nature. Spellround arena is the place where those laws are broken on a daily basis, so why not pay them a visit...and teach them a lesson?

    Sticky is a solid black "sign stickman", who otherwise has a build and athletics of a regular (though extremely agile and athletic) human. He wears no visible clothing, but seems to be unconcerned with weather conditions. He wields a street sign on a pole that changes according to the spell he's cast, which he uses as a channeling staff or a very potent melee weapon.

    Spell List:

    1. Stop - creates a 15 meter wide octagonal zone where motion does not exist. Anything and anyone caught will freeze until the zone's dispel or until way after the round's very end, and any rival frozen like this is technically disabled.
    "The very space stands still, preserving things for further ordering."

    2. Speed Restriction - Sticky is enveloped in a 10 centimeter thick body-shaped shield that does not restrict his ability to move or cast spells. Anything entering the shield (except Sticky himself or things he's holding) can only move with a set speed or slower.
    "Sometimes things move too fast for you. Well, not anymore!"

    3. Wet Floor - the arena's floor becomes extremely slippery, losing most of the surface friction. Also equips Sticky with a pair of skates that he can use to effortlessly, athletically and swiftly move on slippery surfaces like this.
    "When you see the 'Wet Floor' sign, you WALK."

    4. Exit - a rectangular portal appears in front of Sticky, moving relatively to him so he always enters it (if Sticky is unable to move, for example, the portal will move towards him so he 'falls' into it). The exit then instantly appears at any spot that Sticky has declared, letting the stickman out. Sticky can then proceed with an instant action (for example, if the exit is right next to an enemy, Sticky can instantly attempt to attack them).
    "To organize the very laws of space, one sometimes has to bend them a very tiny bit."

    5. Railroad Crossing - a high-speeding train is summoned upon the location along with the rails. It's initially directed to always bypass Sticky.
    "Railroad lines are hard to organize. Sometimes, one realm is not enough."

    6. High Voltage - target gets hit with a very powerful lightning of approximately 30 billion Watts.
    "When the storm comes, it's unwise to stand in the open. Unfortunately, the whole arena is open."

    7. Falling Rocks - a massive avalanche of stone, pebble and dirt appears above targeted 50m wide area, descending with tremendous velocity.
    "Sticky is not a fan of hiding problems under a rug, but sometimes whatever ruins the order has to be buried SWIFTLY."

    8. Pedestrian Crossing - all contestants are turned into regular organic stickmen, simillar to Sticky, with their physical characteristics becoming one of a regular human. Their spell rosters remain the same, but so is the gear, which may leave it unusable (for instance, a giant transformed into a regular-sized stickman can no longer lift his huge club).
    "Diversity is the main reason of disorder."

    9. Cattle - a vast stampede of cows and bulls floods the arena, with a high risk of trampling anyone caught in its way. It automatically bypasses Sticky by 5 meters.
    "This technique may look extremely goofy, but, when applied correctly, even a herd of cows can save the day."

    10. Roundabout - All spells cast this round are now targeting their very casters. Spells that target area are centered on their very casters. Mass spells and spells that are cast on self remain unhindered.
    "...the words will make you out and out. I'll spend the day your way..."

    Oh, and if he won the cosmic stone? HE'D EAT IT. According to Sticky, this ultimate McGuffin if a primordial lolly-pop.
  10. Ascimator

    Ascimator Research Director

    Cool thematic GMing here. The character was recycled from a game I played elsewhere. You can imagine my reaction when I saw that in a game where I would be reliant on melee weapons, EVERYONE had one.
    As you can see, there's some defensive options, but I went face and was punished.

    Name: Krieg
    Race: Spirit
    Class: Greater Geist
    Description: Krieg is an incorporeal spirit that takes residence in melee weapons, able to float and strike while inside one. Starts the game inside a jet black, serrated zweihander, made of the most durable nonmagical alloy in his world.
    Innate abilities:
    Anyone wielding a weapon inhabited by Krieg falls under his direct control as well. Krieg is able to make his thralls attack physically, evade or be idle, without interrupting his casts, but not to cast spells of their own. The mind control ceases as soon as the vessel is no longer wielded (dropped, sheathed, destroyed, etc).
    Krieg retreats to the nearest melee weapon if his current vessel is destroyed. If unable, he ceases to exist, as he cannot stay together for long without a suitable vessel.
    Melee weapons defined as items that were created for the purpose of melee combat.

    Spell List:

    1. Compulsion
    Krieg psychically compels target thinking creature to grab him (if, indeed, that creature would be able to wield his vessel weapon). Mind control applies as normal.

    2. Abandon Vessel
    Krieg leaves his current vessel to take residence in target melee weapon. Mind control applies as normal if that weapon is currently wielded by anyone else.

    3. Projection of Will
    Krieg creates a magical projection of his vessel weapon near target creature, which attempts to strike it, dissipating afterwards.

    4. Curse of Damocles
    Creates a copy of Krieg's vessel a few meters above each other contestant, which then strike down. The copies persist in the arena unless dispelled (as they are considered to be magical aftereffects).

    5. Grand Melee
    Each other caster interrupts their spell to instead attack their target in melee combat, to the best of their ability. If an interrupted spell would target themselves, no one or a non-contestant, a random contestant will be targeted by the melee attack.

    6. Animate Weapon
    Krieg summons a lesser spirit into the target melee weapon that is not held or wielded by anyone else. The spirit attacks random targets each round afterwards except Krieg.

    7. Magical Forge
    Krieg's current vessel gains a magical forcefield that protects it from one instance of destruction. Forcefield lasts indefinitely until dispelled.

    8. Hatred's Surge
    Krieg dashes towards target creature rapidly to strike it in a vital point (if it exists), able to pierce any nonmagical defense this round.

    9. Steel Mind
    Krieg becomes invulnerable to psychic attacks, exorcism, and other spells directed at himself (as opposed to his vessel) this round.

    10. Metallic Plague
    Krieg strikes target creature. If he manages to draw blood or otherwise wound it (provided such a term is applicable), this creature is turned to steel completely.
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  11. Plusinfinity

    Plusinfinity Sol Gov Pilot

    Larcel appears inside a pub in Moorabella. No-one pays him much mind. He sighs, and orders dinner and a stiff drink, lying back in a chair. "Darnit, I didn't get to learn any of their spells!" he moans. He studies the Krieg copy he kept hold of. "I'm sure Gilgamesh will love this..have to keep an eye out for him". He then examines the cosmic stone - it's turned into the purest magicite he's ever seen and he's sure he can hear a voice coming from it..

    I was playing as a human with the full knowledge I was likely to get squished doing so, so I'm surprised I didn't. I'm also sort of disappointed I never got to use any of the flashier spells as they had prerequisites to balance them out that I couldn't meet. I've always liked the concept of the blue mages adaptability, and the name Larcel comes from whatever guy I had on final fantasy tactics A2 who happened to be a blue mage at the time. The spells and style were a bit of a mashup of blue magic from various different final fantasy games (The casting 'animation' is directly inspired by ff11) with the background concept that Larcel's hopping between final fantasy worlds in a manner similar to Gilgamesh does.

    Name: Larcel
    Race: Human
    Class: Blue Sage.
    Larcel is originally from Ivalice where he mastered the blue magick arts and then stumbled across a way to hop across dimensions. He's refined his art by absorbing whatever the local dimensions's idea of blue magick was, and declared himself a 'Blue Sage'. He's ended up in the spellround arena as a way to both test himself and absorb more spell knowledge from his opponents in this peculiar hub of magic where all kinds of magic users pass by.

    He's dressed in a blue coat and a hat with a feather rising form the forehead, and wields a pale blue saber.

    Innate abilities: Blue mage training gives Larcel an extremely strong soul, and is thus naturally immune to any effects that would directly effect life force, or his soul. He's also been around several dimensions so he knows the basics about a lot of different fighting styles and isn't really surprised by anything.

    Target: Caster only.
    Visual Effect: Casters eyes turn pale blue while in effect, and there's a faint visual effect of pale blue particles being drawn towards them from all directions.
    Effect: Activates 'learn' effect on the caster. While active, their eyes become a blue glow and there's a faint visual effect of translucent blue particles being drawn towards him. The effect remains until the end of a round in which Larcel was the target of an enemy spell. While active, any spells that target Larcel appear to be 'absorbed' doing him no harm, and adding them to his spell list (this can allow Larcel to have more than 10 spells). (i.e. if he doesn't get targeted in a round, the effect remains. If he gets hit by three spells in the same round, he'll absorb all of them, then the effect ends). Any learned spells cannot be used until at least one round has passed.
    No matter what occurs, this can only be used to learn a single spell from any particular wizard (any further effects from a wizard a spell was learned from take full effect and are not learned).
    This spell can only be used by someone with a soul. (so e.g. constructs and robots can't use it)
    In addition, if this spell is used by anyone who is not a blue mage, blue sage, or otherwise trained in this sort of thing, the act of absorbing and learning a spell destroys their soul, killing them horrifically. This particular piece information is not given to anyone who is in some way able to analyse the spell's effects.
    Casting Description: Larcel holds his saber upwards across his face in salute and says "Let's see what you got" (This is understood by anyone, regardless of their language). The aforementioned light blue eye glow and inward drawing particles begins.

    2: Mighty Guard
    One designated.
    Visual Effect: Caster is surrounded by innumerable, differently coloured, orbiting motes.
    Effect: Activates 'mighty guard' effect on the target (can be potentially cast on others). While active, multiple differently coloured motes of light orbit the target. Every mote represents an energy type, including one each for the physical damage types slashing, bludgeoning and piercing, and every conceivable type of elemental or other kind of energy (including things like fire, ice, darkness, disintegration) plus one for 'untyped'. (There's a too many motes to count). Each mote completely absorbs and negates a spell that is cast on the target of its relevant type so that is has no effect on the target, and then dissipates. When the mote dissipates, it is clearly noticeable as there's a brief flash of a relevant colour before it disappears (i.e. if a fire spell was cast on the target, people would know that a red mote absorbed it and disappeared. It wouldn't be given that this was the 'fire' mote, but they'll probably work that out for themeslves.)
    (This effectively means that the recipient of this spell would have to be hit by a spell of a given type to absorbe the mote, then another spells of the -same- type to do any effect to the target)
    Casting Description: The caster holds one palm over the other and focuses whle chanting. He then says 'to the mighty Behemoths', then spins his hands around each other.

    3: Bad Breath
    One designated, up to two others decided by the referee (probably depending on 'proximity' to the designated target)
    Visual Effect: A cloud a foul green gray smoke emitted from the caster washes over the target(s). (The caster doesn't actually breathe this out, but mgiht decide to make it look like they did)
    Effect: Targets are silenced (can't cast spells with verbal component) for two rounds, Slowed (Their actions take place after all non-slowed combatants) for two rounds, Poisoned (victim dies of poison if susceptible) and Confused (if they try to target themselves, they can do so, but if they try to target someone else the referee changes to target to a random person (Not themselves, equal chance of all other combatants so they might still hit the target they intended) for two rounds.
    Casting Description: The caster holds one palm over the other and focuses while chanting. He then says 'what Malboro are made of..', then spins his hands around each other.

    4: Angel Force
    Any number of designated targets including self.
    Visual Effect: White coloured wind surrounds the targets and there's a brief flash of white wings on the targets just as it dissipates
    Effect: Targets are healed of all ailments and wounds and gain a haste effect (spells cast by recipient always go first). Caster can optionally Raise a single competitor whose body was not obliterated (brings them back to life with no status ailments and the spell list they had when they died, and gives them the haste effect) or give a Reraise effect to a single one of the targets affected by the main effect (If the recipient dies, they come back to life after one round has passed. They are actually dead until that happens so if one man is the last man standing and -then- someone reraises, the 'last man standing' has already won)
    Casting Description: The caster holds one palm over the other and focuses while chanting. He then says 'Where the sprites fly and the dragons dance..', then spins his hands around each other.

    5: Flamethrower
    : One designated, up to two others decided by the referee (probably depending on 'proximity' to the designated target)
    Visual Effect: A spray of magickal fire engulfs the targets.
    Effects: Fire damage. Kills anyone that fire would normally kill, sets fire to the targets if they can be considered flammable and survived (or the corpse if they didn't). The fire is hot enough to melt steel, and will otherwise do whatever you might expect fire to do.
    Casting Description: The caster holds one palm over the other and focuses while chanting. He then says 'From the throats of Mamool..', then spins his hands around each other.

    6: 1000 Needles
    One designated, any number of others as decided by the referee (probably depending on 'proximity' to the designated target)
    Visual Effect: A cloud of a thousand sharp needles rapidly lance into the target(s)
    Effects: Piercing physical damage. Each individual needle is relatively low damage, but the target(s) get hit a thousand times, more than enough to kill an unprotected target. As far as spell interactions go, treat it as if the target got hit a thousand times.
    Casting Description: The caster holds one palm over the other and focuses while chanting. He then says 'gifts from a Cactuar..', then spins his hands around each other.

    7: Jettatura
    One designated, any number of others as decided by the referee (whoever might be able to see it from the front)
    Visual Effect: A red and black lines spiral in a pattern like the atomic symbol with a black centre core appears in front of the caster
    Effect: Anyone looking at the caster (The target of the spell unless they have a good excuse why not, and anyone else who at the referees description also sees it) who is susceptible to emotion/fear are stricken with terror so great that they are completely frozen for 2 rounds. Anyone who is looking at the caster and is not susceptible to emotion/fear instead have whatever passes for their 'mind' overloaded by effects alien to the, losing two of the spells from their list (one decided by them, one by the referee), cancelling any one spell effect that they have active (chosen by them) and confusing them for the next round (the target of their spell is chosen randomly by the referee, unless they target themselves).
    Casting Description: The caster holds one palm over the other and focuses while chanting. He then says 'gaze of a Hippogrpyh..", then spins his hands around each other.

    8: Magnetite Cloud
    One designated, any number of others as decided by the referee (probably depending on 'proximity' to the designated target)
    Visual Effect: A dark grey cloud of tiny shards of metal surround the target(s)
    Effects: Earth damage that shreds the target(s), plus magnetic disruption to anything vulnerable to that sort of thing (frying circuits). In addition (if they survive), the metal clumps to the target and hinders their speed and movements (Spells with somatic components are not possible) as well as making them magnetised (they might attract lightning or metal objects to them)
    Casting Description: The caster holds one palm over the other and focuses while chanting. He then says 'tricks from an Antica..", then spins his hands around each other.

    9: Grudge
    One designated
    Visual Effect: The soul(s) of the combatants the target has killed materialise around the target along with ghost flames. The soul(s) make an appropriate gesture (thumbs down for example, but feel free to contact them and let them decide exactly how they'd want to act) and the soul flames impact the target.
    Effects: The target dies, is destroyed, stops functioning, whatever is appropriate, they go kaput. Nothing can stop it, but it will only take effect on someone who has killed at least one opponent already (this means that if they were knocked unconscious as opposed to killed for example, it doesn't work. For non living opponents, judge it as 'was a soul released when they were defeated?' (so it wouldn't work if they destroyed a robot unless it was powered by a soul, but it would work on e.g. an undead that was defeated or a ghost that was banished))
    Casting Description: The caster holds up one hand as if holding a lantern, and holds the other hands as if wielding a knife and pointing it at the target's throat. (This is when the souls appear) He chants the following in increasingly threatening and hateful tones: "O brothers of rancor, take up thy lanterns,The truth we shall illuminate.
    O sisters of rancor, take up thy knives,To cleave our foes with barren hate." (This is where the flames hit the target and they die.)
    (The spell casting doesn't explicitly state the monster it comes from like the others, though there's plenty of hints, this is from a Tonberry)

    10: Limit glove
    One designated
    Visual effect: The caster glows with light and charges at the target, punching them with an epic explosion
    Effects: Nothing can stop this spell from completing. Even if the caster would be killed, fall asleep or whatever before it impacts, the target goes invisible or is high in the air or underground, the spell is completed fully before they fall. The caster charges/flies at the target and punches them. An explosion occurs (the visual effect is wide ranging, but doesn't have an actual effect on anyone except the target) doing incredible amounts of damage and bypassing any innate resistances or effects (i.e. he can punch out a robot, hit ghosts, isn't bothered by spikes or being made of fire). Spells can potentially absorb or reduce the damage, but they cannot cause it to miss.
    This spell can only be cast if the caster has (3 + detrimental effects upon them - spells remaining) greater than or equal to zero.
    Casting Description: The caster holds one palm over the other and focuses while chanting. He then raises his arms into guard position, and says 'Cornered Adamantoise..' before the charge begins
  12. Manored

    Manored Executive Officer

    Funfact: The copy swords are magical entities, meaning the're dispel-able. Better not fight any mages with those.

    YOU GOT THEM. I mean, who spends a whole round just skating around?

    I had the same reaction. Your character was the first one I approved and I worried that the "doesn't die as long as there are weapons around" thing might be OP, but then I figured: What are the chances that many of the other characters will have weapons? And then it turned out that all of them did, and, in fact, Legion consisted of 21 individual entities of which 20 had weapons (with room for more, in fact 30 more soldiers entered the arena mid-game, all with weapons). Fiddlesticks. I thought it would be impossible for you to lose, but then you were affected by Stick's Pedestrian crossing, I arrived at the conclusion that the "spirit" himself would be turned into the fleshy stickman, since the spirit was the real being/competitor, and thus would lose the immortality associated with being a spirit. And that killed you. Har!

    There were a few other options, to be fair. Larcel's grudge, or Sticky's stop.
  13. Levyafan

    Levyafan Retired Staff

    Someone who has literally nothing else to do. I thought there was an exit from the maze and someone would eventually come out, and here I am. SKATING AROUND.
  14. Plusinfinity

    Plusinfinity Sol Gov Pilot

    It wasn't that much fun being stuck in the maze either, it's why I started to improvise like crazy.
    Not to worry on the swords front, he's pawning those babies off on Gilgamesh as soon as possible. Gilgamesh has pretty bad luck with the weapon collecting so it kind of ties in nicely.

    I'm willing to GM the next one if people are up for another.
  15. Levyafan

    Levyafan Retired Staff

    I'm okay with seeing how you'll GM it. Gonna get working on the new character sheet too.
  16. Manored

    Manored Executive Officer

    Well, to be fair, you really didn't have much else to do.
  17. Ascimator

    Ascimator Research Director

    So, yeah, I'm up for arbitering a game if anyone wants to throw more overpowered spells.
  18. Plusinfinity

    Plusinfinity Sol Gov Pilot

    I'm willing for another go, but i was also willing to host the next one but it didnt happen
  19. Ascimator

    Ascimator Research Director

    I'll gladly let you host if people come to play, pretty sure you didn't get an opportunity yet.
  20. Levyafan

    Levyafan Retired Staff

    *blows a meter-thick layer of dust off of the thread*

    Man, I wonder if anyone is willing to play another game? Anyone?
    I am willing to host a game as long as enough people exress their wish to play.