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Spessman Review

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Tennessee116, Jun 19, 2020.

  1. Tennessee116

    Tennessee116 Petty Officer First Class

    clap clap
    Spessman Review
    clap clap

    While I spend my summer and pandemic coding a PvP fork and creating a codebase, I get to look at a bunch of codebases for hours on end. Pretty interesting to compare them all. So, clap clap.

    Home plate, Bee - I am better off using /tg/ considering Bee's fastmos. It's very annoying, although very realistic. The supermatter will delaminate almost every round due to it. Other than that, again, I can find a majority of what I need on /tg/. But hey, I got to add my own alien race to it.

    /tg/ - Relatively simple, old, 'standard' codebase I guess you could call it for SS13. However, recently, they've been adding some wacky changes off and on to some of the stuff I am trying to recreate, making it a tad harder. Right now I am working on recreating their atmos system, since it seems simpler than the ones I've seen so far.

    Here - Here, I'm just gonna look at the multi-z code. For some reason this is the only codebase with multi-z code that is relatively complete and functional.

    Goon (2020) - No, fart is literally an atmospheric gas. Other than that, some aspects of the code are rather cool, others I have yet to look at.

    Goon (r4407) - You're probably asking why I put this on the list. The main reason is that I am looking at older codebases just so I can find lost but cool features to recreate, or various other things.


    Beerware revision 42
    - The only license I would use.


    • Why are you making a codebase from scratch? - Because its fun.
    • Why are you telling us this information we don't need? - Again, because its fun and I am running out of sanity from telling this to different people.
    EDIT FROM 2021: I don't know why I wrote this.
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