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Sprite Requests

Discussion in 'Spriting' started by serenemelody, Jul 11, 2015.

  1. go right ahead
  2. Husky

    Husky Bartender

    Sweet! Thank you so much, Do you happen to have the dmi link/file handy?
  3. MisterMann

    MisterMann Banned User

  4. thanks for the refrence images, there just might be a small proplem. we are unsure if custom rig's are even possible to have.
    None the less we shall create what you have asked, now if you would excuse us, we'll be right back
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  5. MisterMann

    MisterMann Banned User

    Worst case I'll have to hire a coder whose famliar with the rig system and where they can make conversion kits
  6. heck.png
    the result
  7. Colfer

    Colfer Chef

    So I was thinking about getting a custom borg sprite which would probably increase the amount of time I usually spend as a borg, I'd probably name them 'OmniBot-v8.04' (because my AI name has v8.04) with different sprites for each module, with a not-very-directional sprite list
    It would be a drone intelligence, and the sprite would be something akin to a medibot with a somewhat bulkier body with a small face screen that changes directions it faces and (maybe) minor changes to the body when facing directions, as well as the primary arm consisting of three instead of normal one, with tools specific to the department and most likely colors as well.
    but if possible with special symbols on the front of it, like the medibot cross, or a engineer wrench, or service bottle and such.
    Im just posting this here to see if anything comes of it, I'd be very thankful if anything does and it would help me get back into borg after my many
    salt feasts about them
  8. Arkter

    Arkter Chef

    Heeey. I am looking for a CSO's lab coat which has been heavily coloured with command and research colours for my CSO. (No points for guessing who) With a general outlook that screams "over the top". Thanks!
  9. BigPapa

    BigPapa Bartender

  10. Arkter

    Arkter Chef

  11. yes
  12. Leite_Qualhado

    Leite_Qualhado Bartender

    Looking for someone to sprite a jacket for my senior engineer i sadly suck at spriting oof
    heres a photo as a reference:[​IMG]
    would realy aprreciate if someone could do it
  13. flying_loulou

    flying_loulou Sol Gov Pilot

    Hey there, I would really, really love if someone could sprite an ATV with a trailer, based on the cargo train tug (with bigger wheels, another shape and so on).
    (Lil' example of what I'd like attached, eventually something a bit more "2307").

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