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SRV Petrov - Remap Assistance

Discussion in 'Mapping' started by Huntime, Feb 21, 2019.

  1. Huntime

    Huntime Donator

    Currently I am working/developing an entirely new Petrov for use by research personnel. The vessel will also be moved up to the operations level eventually and replace the emergency-armory. Due to the heavy and differing opinions as to what the state of the SRV Petrov should be, I am posting here to hopefully gather some ideas, opinions, and commentary before continuing my work. Just trying to please all you fools (which if I examined past threads claiming such, this is futile.)

    Updated the New Petrov Image: 3/1/19

    Old Petrov:
    New Petrov:

    Any ideas, comments, or suggestions as to what the Petrov remap should contain/have removed are appreciated. This is/should be the beginning of some major overhauls for the research-division facilities. Thanks for your time!
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  2. Bramzter

    Bramzter Chef

    That shady meeting room yessss
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  3. Looks awesome! I look forward to Always Being Careful on it.
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  4. Arkter

    Arkter Bartender

    Put the fabricator console for RnD closer to the printing machines so players dont need to walk back and forth.
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  5. XanderDox

    XanderDox Bartender

    I am really excited for this! Do you have an ETA?
  6. Huntime

    Huntime Donator

    Not exactly. I was supposed to handle some of the more specific issues/getting the cameras/etc. ready to be merged but with the whole 'remove Fleet/EC only/contractor' issue that flared up over this past weekend I thought it best not to waste my time. Hopefully soon, I am slow, busy life at times :p
  7. upload_2019-3-1_1-24-21.png
    this kinda looks weird. other than that, i think it looks cool!
  8. Sbotkin

    Sbotkin Senior Enlisted Advisor

    This is really bad:
  9. Huntime

    Huntime Donator

    This is an already known issue and has been resolved at this time; I am quite busy due to some 'rl' events and activites so I have yet to correct such further. Thank you for reporting it.
  10. Sbotkin

    Sbotkin Senior Enlisted Advisor

    Ok, here I go for more:
    - Remove the CSO's office. Or remove the Bridge's CSO's office. They don't need two. It is an issue with the current Petrov and it would be better if it wasn't transfered to the new one. You can make it a security checkpoint, if need to fill the space.
    - Airlock tanks (the left upper ones) will probably need a pump to keep them as a buffer. Otherwise they will give their air to the Torch supply loop, making the airlock not working.
    - The cable at the starboard airlock goes nowhere.
    - Just in case, make sure you use special isolation air alarms, the ones that don't spam to the central alarm system.
    - Placing cable joints with vents isn't a good idea in general.
    - The emitter is aimed at a console :p
    - What's the point of the safe in the conference room?
    - Why is the cockpit facing the aft?

    Otherwise, it's nice.
  11. Huntime

    Huntime Donator

    1. Removed the CSO's office from the Petrov on the suggestion of multiple players now/commentary made by development regarding if the office should be on the Bridge level or the Petrov. Replaced with a space-tunnel for appealing visuals.
    2. The airlock tanks to the upper-left section of the vessel do have a pump; such is under the airlock and not currently visible sadly, sorry about that. But it does exist!
    3. Resolved
    4. Resolved the cable joint/vent placement within the isolation chambers and other laboratories.
    5. The emitter is aimed at the anomaly scanning pad; exactly how such is aboard the current Petrov-map.
    6. The conference room has two-uses to my knowledge, research meetings/briefings along with prototype proposals to corporate/command personnel. The safe is to allow for items such as disc, paperwork, or such to be secured within the room while they await for the meeting members to arrive.
    7. The cockpit is actually facing fore, with my SRV Petrov remap the aft section of the vessel (with the thrusters) faces the Torch and the fore is the side with the toxins laboratory. Thus the cockpit is fasting fore actually, but I understand the confusion.
    8. Atmosphere alarms replaced, thanks for reminding me!
    Let me know if there is anything else!
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  12. Huntime

    Huntime Donator

    Also should mention:
    Unless someone wishes to send/inform me as to a brilliant reason(s) for making the SRV Petrov legacy-capable, so it will be able to deploy to away-sites that the SEV Torch is within proximity of. I will not be enabling such in my map-update. This is due to the current reliance that research has on exploration, if the Petrov was capable of flying itself and could ignore the Charon; we would have six left-out players from time to time by the Xenoarcheology team. Once again however, if you have some brilliant insight as to why it should be capable of landing, speak up.​
  13. Huntime

    Huntime Donator

    -Updated the Petrov as per some suggestions.
    1. Excav/Anomaly Suit storage is now located towards the aft/entrance of the vessel; meaning you can adorn said suits before having to walk by the anomaly laboratories.
    2. Cockpit moved to the fore of the vessel, replacing the old location of the suit-storage.
    Left to do?
    1. Camera stuff
    2. Toxins test
    3. Converting into shuttle
    4. Being done.
  14. Teeny

    Teeny Assistant

    You should totally readd pre-spawned anomalies, just one or two to the labs so anomalists have work to do without waiting over an hour to start/finish an expedition.
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