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St8 of Bay #2

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Virgil, Mar 1, 2019.

  1. Virgil

    Virgil Senior Administrator Game Administrator

    Hello everyone,

    It's high time I talk about Bay, how it's doing, and what we're doing. Things have changed a bit since the last time I wrote a post on this topic and there's a few things worth mentioning.

    The Staff Thing
    Oh boy. where to start?

    We've had a few departures recently - a few admins and moderators have resigned or been removed for inactivity, resulting in a somewhat understaffed staff team. Unfortunately, because of the lack of staff, staff meetings have been put on temporary hold until we build our team back up to a size where a meeting is viable - as it is, the meeting would be between maybe 3 or 4 people, and it's simply not worth the hassle of organizing at this stage.

    But, on the flip side, we've had some excellent additions as well.
    @Sergeant Adam has worked his way up to Trial Admin after being a moderator for a few months, and has put in consistent high quality moderation work.
    @Persona E has also been putting in significant efforts and consistent work as a moderator, and as such has managed to work their way into becoming a Trial Admin.

    Congratulations to both, and we're looking forward to seeing their future work!

    With a smaller staff team, efforts are being shifted internally by the senior staff to start ensuring our staff are consistently enforcing our roleplay expectations. New trials have had their assessments - which determines whether or not they pass their trial phase - modified so that their ability to correct and enforce roleplay is accounted for, and is a significant factor in the results of their trial. This will be covered in depth below.

    The Roleplay Thing
    The staff have been continually making efforts to try to improve the quality of roleplay on the server as the quality of roleplay has not been the best. This is in no small part due to the staff failing to take appropriate action against poor or underwhelming roleplay exhibited by players.

    Lately, due to the chronic understaffing (those of you who've had to regularly ping in #staffcoach will understand what I'm talking about) these efforts have been lackluster. As mentioned above, we've changed it so new additions to the staff team are required to show the ability and dedication to correct poor roleplay in order to be fully accepted as staff. Additionally, I'll be personally making sure that senior staff - whos expectations are slightly different, as their job is more watching and ensuring staff do their jobs than actually doing the grunt work - are continually making sure that the staff's consistently working to improve the quality of the roleplay on the server, ontop of their other duties.

    What does "making sure that the staff's consistently working to improve the quality of the roleplay on the server" mean, you ask? It means checking constantly that character reactions to ongoing events around them are appropriate for their role and species. This thread and this wiki guide will be used by staff members as a reference point, and staff will be expected to guide players on how they should be reacting, and acting. For example; a scientist wandering into a room full of blood should be met with something a little more than a quiet "huh, that's not good". A Bridge Officer getting a shock from a wire shouldn't result in them just wandering into medical as if nothing happened whilst asking to be healed.

    We don't expect everyones character to react the same, what's important is that there's some reaction, even if it's a small one. Something is better than nothing, and more often than not, nothing is what's occuring.

    A lot of judgement calls on this are going to come down to a couple of factors
    • What's happening around the character?
    • How has that character reacted? If they reacted, was it realistic, considering their role and species?
    • If not, or they failed to react, how can they improve?
    We ask that the community help us with this; it's going to be a constant uphill battle on our part, and we're going to be working on fighting this particular battle in a way that doesn't result in the "Admin-May-I" attitude that plagued us long ago. You can best help the staff by adminhelping any examples of poor roleplay with as much detail as possible regarding the events surrounding it. It'll also be worth noting that staff failing to roleplay will also be scrutizined, as they should be setting the example.

    That's it for now. Thanks for reading if you managed to get this far.

    I said there was a few things, but there was only two. Bamboozled again.
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