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St8 of Bay

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Virgil, Aug 7, 2018.

  1. Virgil

    Virgil Senior Administrator Game Administrator

    Hello everyone,

    I'm writing this to explain how things are going and what's been going on recently. I'd like to do these more but it really depends on how useful people find it.

    The Staff Vs Players Thing
    First of all, I wish to dispel a certain perception that me and other staff members don't give a shit about what the players think. It's true that we can sometimes make decisions that go against the wishes of the players, but when we do these things we do not do so lightly (in the case of LOOC, the rampant toxicity was untennable and we do not have non-excessive measures of keeping it clean and clear of abuse, for example). If myself and others did not care about your concerns and feedback, we wouldn't spend many hours of our free time listening to them and discussing them internally as well as with you. We also wouldn't continually be trying to gather information on your thoughts on various things via the use of polls and discussion topics.

    Sometimes we will make decisions and do things that players do not agree with. Sometimes we might feel it needs to happen. Sometimes it'll be an accident. Sometimes we'll decide we were wrong and change course. Sometimes it'll be put to a staff-only discussion because no one can seem to agree. But again, it doesn't mean we don't care about your thoughts on it.

    A criticism I've recieved and I whole heartedly agree with is that the senior staff are honestly pretty terrible at explaining things and communicating, and it contributes heavily to this perception. I'm especially bad at it. It's true! There's not a lot I can say about this other than I'll try to improve.

    The LOOC Mute
    LOOC was muted a while back because of rampant misuse and outright toxicity. Sabira posted some numbers people may find interesting, but a vast majority of LOOCs use was for insulting and being overly salty towards other players as well as IC in OOC. Currently we have two means of dealing with these players - a round-long mute, or a ban from the server. A ban from the server entirely feels far too harsh for misusing a single channel, and a round-long mute simply isn't enough to keep people from misusing LOOC.

    LOOC will currently remain muted until an LOOC ban system is in place, so we can ensure that repeat offenders can be dealt with appropriately. Once a system for banning from LOOC is in place, LOOC will be temporarily re-enabled on a round-by-round basis. This is so staff can moderate it more strictly and see that it's being used appropriately. After a couple of weeks of staff re-enabling it round-to-round, LOOC will be re-enabled permanently, with stricter staff orders in place to ensure it's heavily moderated.

    We currently do not have an ETA on this being done.

    The Setting Change
    After several months of gathering feedback, doing polls, and holding discussions, I announced a very vague idea of a settings change we thought would be appealing and hopefully allow us to give us a solid idea of where we want to go as we move forward. The initial announcement was vague, and I jumped the gun as I had been told that the announcement was fine as-is by other senior staff members. Obviously it wasn't and we were wrong.

    From the feedback we've recieved both on and off-server, it seems we were horribly wrong and the data we did have was not accurate. I can't apologize enough for that, and I've decided to kill the idea of a settings change. It seems most people are happy with what we have now and would like to see things refined further and expanded upon, rather than a drastic shift.

    It's a common misconception that we wished to try to bring back long-gone players with the change. Whilst that would have been great and obviously desirable, we had several other goals in mind with the settings change.
    • Lower barrier to entry
    • Most new players seem to find the whole military/civilian split a daunting thing, and the frankly rediculous amount of regulations, procedures, etc needed to not get shat on IC (and to an extent, OOC) is a big contributor to this. This has gotten better in recent times, but it still leaves a lot to be desired.
    • Less IC excuses for kill-happy behavior. Something that's actually justified to an extent because of our setting.
    • More character flexibility - lets people customize more.
    I'm hoping we'll be able to achieve all of those things without compromising what everyone likes about what we currently have, but I'll discuss that more when there's more to say about it.

    I think that covers everything recent, so that's it for now.
  2. Meyar

    Meyar Retired Worstmin 2015-2017

    Literally why I was so anal about the public staff forum being used, m8. Helps a lot.
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  3. Kelenius

    Kelenius Executive Officer

    Seems I was late to the party to that thread.

    At least I got the answer.
  4. Za_Redman

    Za_Redman Donator

    Monthly newsletters/state of xyz blurbs are a logistic pain in the dick to do. I know @Eckles can attest to that. Even something quarterly would be nice. But yes use of public staff forum for anything not of a critical or secretive nature is also very good.
  5. Foolamancer

    Foolamancer Senior Enlisted Advisor

    This is my one major complaint here. With Bay suddenly being on the hub and dealing with a massive, constant influx of newbies, LOOC could be exceptionally useful in coaching newer players who aren't familiar with Baymed or Engineering or the layout of the ship or regulations or whatever else.

    If people have to be punished for abusing LOOC, then so be it, but don't just leave the entire thing off, especially indefinitely. Because that shit's never getting coded and we all know it.
  6. antonkr

    antonkr Senior Enlisted Advisor

    Seriously this. Player retention will be much higher if players get a chance to learn roles which isnt always possible IC.
  7. Appreciate the candour of this post, glad to hear problems have been identified and that a greater effort to bolster communication between staff and players is on the agenda. Thank's for concisely explaining all of this out in a easy to read way.
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  8. SparklySheep

    SparklySheep Retired Staff

    LOOC can stay gone and in the dirt where it belongs. Nothing broiled my chicken fritters more than seeing Half-AFK people sitting around chatting on LOOC rather than playing the game. It also drastically reduces the amount of backseat adminning and people calling my character a cunt (yeah I'm still salty about that one.)
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  9. Blazerules

    Blazerules Research Director

    Seems like a bay problem since oddly enough I never ran into this issue on other servers. Admins tend to slap you hard for doing that.
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  10. pangolin

    pangolin Assistant

    As someone who loves "high RP" but doesn't actively play on Bay because of how stilted and restricting the setting feels, I was kinda overjoyed to see that you were considering changing it... until I noticed you'd canceled those plans after two hundred pages of complaints. Shame. I suppose that discussion is pretty much over now, and my opinion probably wouldn't have affected it one way or the other anyway, but I still want to let you all know that I'm pretty miffed how it didn't happen.

    The silver lining seems to be the LOOC ban. From the limited time I've spent playing here, one of the most distinct negative memories I have is of a round where half a dozen people in deadchat were using LOOC to shit-talk the antagonist (to his face, I should add) while he was in a gunfight against security. That kind of "IC in OC" is a strictly bannable offence even on the light RP servers I've played on, so I found it really bizarre that it would be tolerated on a supposedly high RP server.
  11. Tristan63

    Tristan63 Senior Enlisted Advisor

    You could just force people who are newer to go through longer waiting periods for better roles. Such as keeping them at low ranking positions so they can have IC excuses for not knowing everything like the back of their hand, while also gaining said experience through playing and meeting characters. I have had the pleasure of playing SEA while bay was on the hub and I feel that I teach some people alot ICly about things they should know.
  12. Virgil

    Virgil Senior Administrator Game Administrator

    It's permanent.
  13. Tristan63

    Tristan63 Senior Enlisted Advisor

    Do you plan on having any major map changes after the sec one to better suit the new audience of people rushing in from the hub or who will eventually find us?
  14. F-Tang Steve

    F-Tang Steve Serpentid Species Maintainer

    What changes did you have in mind?
  15. Tristan63

    Tristan63 Senior Enlisted Advisor

    I was curious, however some of the shutters don't block off enough of the decks if you ask me. Like on B-deck the shutters block off the two primary hallways around the offices area, but anyone can still access the maintenance hatch near the Command EVA sector, then bypass the shutters completely. Same on D1.
  16. Tristan63

    Tristan63 Senior Enlisted Advisor

    Heres what I meant: The red lines with checks are areas where any intruder or criminal could get through successfully, Xs are areas denied by pre-positioned security shutters or otherwise.[​IMG]
  17. Publius

    Publius Bartender

    Man, as a new player who only just started playing actively on this server... the emotional down amd up from seeing the initial setting change announcement and then seeing this one was substantial. Thank fuck they're nixing the setting change.
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