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Denied Staff Complaint - Cupax3

Discussion in 'Archived Staff Complaints' started by ALonelyStranger, Apr 19, 2021.

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  1. ALonelyStranger

    ALonelyStranger Research Director

    Key/Name Of Staff: Cupax3
    Your Key/Name: Aticius
    Date and Time of Incident(s): 2:08, PST - 08:48:00 server time, 4/19/2021 (maybe 4/18 on server?), Forgot to grab game ID.
    Reason For Complaint: I believe Cupax3's behavior towards me-- regardless of it's validity -- came off as extraordinarily abrasive, aggressive, and rude over something completely, utterly, minor -- a single use of a syringe during an emergency -- that escalated into essentially "You will do this exactly as I say, and any information to the contrary is false.", which I feel is simply completely unproportionate to the actual situation and came off as an attack.

    Perhaps not the primary point, but if this is all it takes for staff to step in on Counselor, at the very least, it should be made far more clear and mechanically implemented, or some kind of big bold text somewhere.

    Evidence of Complaint: The ticket in full:

    [08:48:00] cupax3 -> aticius: Hey there! Got a minute to talk?
    [08:48:07] aticius -> cupax3: Yup
    [08:49:35] cupax3 -> aticius: Lovely. Did you recently administer advanced aid to someone in the medbay?
    [08:49:48] aticius -> cupax3: I would hardly call giving a single poke of a syringe advanced care?
    [08:50:52] aticius -> cupax3: But, yes. I did give 5u of Peridaxon to someone because both physicians are horribly abraisve and did not strike me as willing to treat the patient in question, Kimberly Bennett.
    [08:54:12] cupax3 -> aticius: Thank you. Do you recall the positions you and the Physicians were in when the patient arrived - or can you confirm that you could have handed it off to one of the two instead?
    [08:55:03] aticius -> cupax3: Both were in reception, and one was being dismissive. The other I don't recall exactly where, but noticed they were in the ETC after I was already mid-way through treating.
    [08:55:17] aticius -> cupax3: "both" as in, patient and Mantis. My bad.
    [08:59:53] cupax3 -> aticius: Okay. While the personality conflict is understandable, the Physicians are the ones who should render assistance in the ETC, together with any available MTs. Mantis was also already in the process of addressing the patient, so your intereference was also not a case of emergency. Please do take care to allow people who signed up for roles to actually perform those roles and remember that you have a snuggly office and practically the entire rest of the Torch available if you find Character X disagreeable.
    [09:00:19] aticius -> cupax3: I believe Mantis was addressing the patient, but unaware they could not speak.
    [09:01:17] aticius -> cupax3: And, with their dismissal, I do not think they would have arrived at the conclusion they needed help, and it certainly seemed silly to poke a physician for give a single shot when the problem was overly minor.
    [09:02:10] aticius -> cupax3: Double more, with an active shooter around, it seemed even worse to draw their attention to someone minor when major injuries could have arrived at any moment.
    [09:02:36] cupax3 -> aticius: Even if that was the case and Mantis was not being in character diagnosing the issue in... their own way, it would have been best to involve another medical practitioner like Physician Bell. Mantis has, as a character, a very specific way of dealing with people. You are still, however, a Mentalist. You deal with psychological problems.
    [09:03:15] aticius -> cupax3: This should likely be more obvious, then, as Counselor is given basic medicine, and that implies that they are expected to be auxiliary staff in situations where they might be needed?
    [09:03:21] aticius -> cupax3: Is this an unreasonable thought of mine?
    [09:04:02] cupax3 -> aticius: You are an emergency last-line-of-defence scenario. The Physicians and MTs always take priority for actually administering aid. [09:05:01] aticius -> cupax3: I do not think this is properly listed anywhere that I read, but thank you.
    [09:05:32] cupax3 -> aticius: "They do not retrieve casualties in the field, create medicines, or cure diseases. Unlike the rest of the Infirmary staff, the Counselor has no official responsibility towards treating patients' various injuries."
    [09:05:52] cupax3 -> aticius: Please read your job guide on the wiki, convenient link:
    [09:06:00] aticius -> cupax3: Yes, none of which I did, a simple shot to allow medical staff to worry about more significant problems seemed very rational to me. I have read that page, thank you.
    [09:06:12] cupax3 -> aticius: "Counselors do not perform surgery, administer medication, or stabilize critical patients."
    [09:06:48] cupax3 -> aticius: This is, unfortunately, not up for debate. Please refrain from doing a Physicians job as a Counselor.
    [09:06:53] aticius -> cupax3: Then perhaps a mechanical side of things needs to be addressed, because basic medicine is absolutely a nudging towards actually doing things.
    [09:06:55] aticius -> cupax3: Thank you.
    [09:09:02] cupax3 -> aticius: Your skills are yours to choose. You cannot cite them as any indication of what you should and shouldn't do as a given job. You are again asked to read up on the Counselor wiki site.
  2. Eckles

    Eckles Senior Administrator Game Administrator Skrell Species Maintainer


    This very clearly isn't an attack. The moderator is not responsible for mechanical implementation or limits of skills. Unless everyone else in the infirmary is dead, you probably shouldn't be looking to do more than bandage someone's booboos.

    Counsellor is not for applying medicine. You are very much a head doctor. Within a round staff's word for an incident is final, and they often times do not have the time to debate with you as to what something should be, only what it is. And what it is right now is counsellor's don't act as backup medical staff except in the most dire of circumstances, and even then it's basically just first aid.

    I will be marking this complaint as invalid. I do not believe they showed any particular attitude to you and merely informed you of the constraint expectations of the role.
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