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Denied Staff Complaint - Lorwp

Discussion in 'Archived Staff Complaints' started by Xholtoc, Aug 2, 2020 at 7:28 AM.

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  1. Xholtoc

    Xholtoc Bartender

    Key/Name Of Staff:

    Your Key/Name::

    Date and Time of Incident(s):
    8/2/2020 ; 1-2 AM EST

    :Reason For Complaint::
    The reason for this complaint is due to the vague clarifications of actions leading to being messaged. Followed by a ruling to not "Do it again" while also being told that, if IC I am asked to do it, I can, which leads to a vague contradiction of the entire reprimand.

    During my time on the bridge, after being invited onto it by CO D'Ville (I forget player key/full name) They had soon moved to cryo and I was told be the XO Wolfe that I could stay as long as I stayed out of the way of the officers and did not become an annoyance.
    Proceeding this, the BO's trickled off until there was only one left, where when the XO Wolfe Asked for bearings. I interjected over the BO.
    Presumably this is where it was assumed I was breaking Rule 24; "Do not ignore the job you have joined the round as, or try to do other jobs. Including passengers/off-duty going on-duty attempts"

    Primarily, it seemed the contact was due to overspeaking the BO in the reading, which I had readily admitted that I could understand how this would be breaking said rule. But, the conversation then on lead into being told that looking at consoles was also included as part of "Doing another's duty". I do not particularly agree with this, as most consoles, laptops, or tablets would have access to things such as power monitoring, suit sensors, alarm monitors and such.
    Most of what I can assume the contact was about, was primarily an IC issue, as I had not attempted to convey or do any of the BO's jobs, other than reading the scan-report's bearings when the XO Wolfe had asked for them.
    My issue is, when investigating further into the issue. I was then told that, if instructed by the XO. I could, then, look over the said consoles in question, completely nullifying the entire issue as an OOC-one.

    Evidence of Complaint::
    Posting the Evidence here seems irrelevant as it is primarily, if not all contained within the closed-ticket between me and Lorwp.
    But screenshots of the entire admin-ticket can be produced if needed.
  2. lorwp

    lorwp Game Moderator

    Game ID for this was b8r-a8F9
  3. Eckles

    Eckles Senior Administrator Game Administrator Skrell Species Maintainer

    Okay so I've had a look at this. Here's the thing.

    1. You were a passenger. You are an Unathi on the bridge of an SCG Starship.
    2. You very rapidly were able to interpret the readouts of navigational data and flight information as well as vessel systems.
    3. You were doing someone elses job for them by jumping in and doing things they very explicitly joined the round to do by way of selecting the appropriate role.

    There is an element of OOC abstraction when it comes to things. Things are not as easy ICLY as they are OOCLY. Your character needs the skills, the knowhow and the background to be able to do that. I sincierely do not believe your passenger has a familiarity and skill with SCG flight control systems and bridge operations and your jumping in and easily acquiring and then regurgitating this information to others.

    So. In summation. The staff ruling is valid. You were conducting things beyond the scope and skill of your character for reasons I cannot actually discern from your explanation here or on the ticket. It's not good RP or acceptable play to do what you did.

    This complaint is denied.
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