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Denied Staff Complaint - Mordeth221

Discussion in 'Archived Staff Complaints' started by RustingWithYou, Jun 10, 2020.

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  1. Key/Name Of Staff: Mordeth221
    Your Key/Name:: RustingWithYou
    Date and Time of Incident(s): 10/06/2020, around 6:30am GMT.
    Reason For Complaint:: Abombed cult as we were summoning Nar'Sie. When asked in AOOC, said that we recieved a warning to do something aside from 'sit on the Petrov chasing a timer.' Made no mention he was OOCly displeased with this beforehand, and none of the players knew what was happening as summoning Nar'Sie is a somewhat rare thing on Bay. While he did give us a timer for the bomb, none of us knew why this was happening or what admins wanted us to do, so we continued.
    In addition, his complaint that we were just sitting on a fortified ship waiting for the timer was demonstrably false - both my own cultist and another were out of the Petrov until the ritual started converting others.
    Evidence of Complaint::
    Image of the Diona cultist mentioning that they placed a rune outside the ship
    Image of me teleporting off the Petrov to convert more people
    Image of me with a cultist I converted during the time we were apparently just 'chasing a timer', teleporting back to summon Nar'Sie
    Image of the 'warning'. Notice this didn't say anything about us needing to leave the Petrov, or in general knowing what Mordeth wanted us to do.
    Image of my fellow cultist asking the Diona to redock us so that the Torch can have an actual chance at preventing this before it starts.
    Image of Mordeth's AOOC response - this came after the bomb which killed 5/6 of the cultists.
    Image of Mordeth saying that we did nothing other than 'fortify and chase a timer', which I have provided multiple images showing us not doing. In addition, fortification and basebuilding is a huge part of Cult as a gamemode, and it seems unfair to punish us for this without any kind of OOC criticism of our behaviour.

    I also have Myphicbowser, who played a fellow member of the cult's, ticket messages with Mordeth
    After this, Mordeth closed the ticket without responding further.

    I understand Mordeth's frustration with the circumstances, as I was similarly frustrated with the Torch crew detaching us, but I think he could have handled it in a more reasonable and mature way, such as telling us in AOOC to go back to the Torch before sending his vague and unclear 'warning'.
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  2. funguss

    funguss Deputy Vox Maintainer

    I was the diona in this situation, the one he falsely accused of launching the Petrov /away/ from the Torch when the AI did it, in the bottom screencap. I did not even receive the "warning" mordeth spoke of, unless wordlessly pointing an orbital laser at us counts. Didn't even know what that was because cult is so rare that I had no idea if the crosshair was part of the gamemode. I'm posting my log to back this up. As the only cultist not tied up in the ritual, I re-docked the Petrov as fast as my little diona legs would let me, hacking through 2 doors, forcing several blast doors, and breaking a wall. We were still lasered right as we docked, destroying the entire aft-section of the Torch and leaving me as the only cultist when everything went down. It's also worth noting that I was the only engineer in the cult and was not /on/ the Petrov when the doors were all force closed and bolted, leaving the cult stranded as they'd already started the ritual to summon Nar'Sie.
    *edit, grammatical errors

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  3. lavillastrangiato

    lavillastrangiato Bartender

    Hi, Rei Patel's player here, backing all of this up. Of particular note is the "timer" Mordeth placed on us by having the Darkstar fire on the Petrov; I had never played a cult round to completion, and, somewhat confused, assumed this was simply a final challenge that occasionally happened during cult. I had no idea this was some sort of warning for us to stop using the Petrov; I had not been told OOC that this course of action was unacceptable or rule-breaking, and neither, I believe, were my fellow cultists. In the logs, it is possible to find Paxton Wheeler suggesting at one point that the Petrov be undocked by the AI, which was done by the time I was converted. I had to teleport back to the Petrov to summon Nar'sie.

    I also found Mordeth's conduct in AOOC after the Petrov was bombed to be somewhat abrupt and uncommunicative. He disabled AOOC after a brief conversation with I and my fellow antagonists with no indication that the conversation be continued. Only after I and Myphicbowser spoke in OOC about him disabling AOOC was a suggestion to open a ticket made, which Myphicbowser followed. In addition, Mordeth suggesting that the Darkstar fired on the Petrov because the crew asked for help and the cult did not was odd to me, given that firing on an antag base has been the subject of a staff complaint judged valid. While an ERT would have been perfectly acceptable within the realm of the round, I found this a confusing and unnecessary action taken, especially with Mordeth's reasoning.
  4. Mordeth221

    Mordeth221 High Inquisitor Senior Administrator Game Administrator

    This event occured due to the Torch requesting external aid through the command terminal for what was described as a cult-fort.

    A cursory glance at everything pointed at a cult-fort in space off the torch existed, and a quick fingerprint check on the terminals did point at the Diona lanching off. Although I was later informed the AI done this by a witness.

    The crew were requested to fax the location and amount, they provided the requested information and a timer of three minutes was set so It would fall exactly 10 minutes before the round end vote started.

    AOOC was muted to try and funnel discussion into a one on one basis, Because having six people talking to one and repeating the same questions as you go is a format for absolutely nothing to actually work out.

    It's a sucky situation for both sides. But an extremely out the way space base has always been frowned upon, See: Mining-base cult on Exodus, Away-site cult at the start of Torch, Which is why with 10 minutes left in the round, with the cultists going for Nar without the full nine, we were willing to go to bat for the Torch since they were requesting aid.
  5. lorwp

    lorwp Game Moderator

    sorry to intrude. Game ID for this was b7A-a1m1
  6. Eckles

    Eckles Senior Administrator Game Administrator Skrell Species Maintainer

    Okay, so lemme go over this.

    1. The thing about being fortified. So. This isn't so much an issue in and of itself in terms of fortifying somewhere as the cult and then entrenching yourselves. If you do this anywhere on the ship? Not really an issue. Particularly it's an issue if you do it somewhere derpily hard to counter because it's a little too meta to win, such as a ship that flies away and people can't really handle/reach/respond to, or an away site.

    2. Noone knew what was happening or what they wanted you to do. While in some ways perhaps unclear, I feel the announcement about impact and targeting coordinates, as wewll as the presence of:


    Should perhaps be indicative of something about to hit the area it is in. The red X being placed over the petrov and the countdown going and the announcement should have really been sufficient to make you go "oh no, maybe I should get away from this large target."

    3. This happened exceptionally close to round end, and generally just seeks to force a resolution between the antags and nontags without the safe and risk free end game bad summoning from being able to occur.

    4. Some of the warning may seem harsh but the criticism is generally levied at the group as a whole rather than an individual.

    5. There was some miscommunication about who undocked what, which is clear, and it turns out the AI actually did it. Which is not ideal.

    So. All in all, the situation wasn't ideal. There were some miscommunications, the round did not quite go as intended for everyone. That being said, the attempt to force you off and back into the rest of the round was an understandable and good faith action. We do not drop bombs on rounds lightly, though in this case legitimate effort was made to make you aware of the situation and to allow you to teleport out. On that point, I am not quite sure why you remained on the Petrov and awaited a redock during this scenario when, from what I can see, you could have used a teleport rune to move to D1, D2, or D4 maintenance. All in all I advise everyone on all sides to err on the side of being aware of what's occurring in a round to the best of their abilities in the future and to ensure miscommunication is kept to a minimum and potential alternative actions are explored properly.

    I'm going to mark this as invalid, given by breakdown, though I am understanding of the frustrations faced by all.
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