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Accepted Staff Complaint - MrK1cker

Discussion in 'Archived Staff Complaints' started by REDALERT, Jul 17, 2020.

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    REDALERT Bartender

    Key/Name Of Staff
    Ckey MrK1cker
    Discord MrKicker#0140

    Your Key/Name
    Ckey T306206
    Discord REDALERT#5274

    Date and Time of Incident(s)
    EST time 00:02
    Date 7/17/20
    Game ID b8b-aqbz

    Reason For Complaint
    Preface : Want to lead off with I respect all the work, and time admins dedicate to our community, but just as players get notes for bad behavior admins get complaints for bad behavior, and I feel an event has occurred requiring a complaint.

    Round was voted extended, as such no antagonistic things should happen, nor admin events according to rule #38 "Do not hold events during voted extended, or against the flow of a round." This complaint mainly centers around a violation to this rule.

    Getting directly to the point. At some point during the round, self admittedly, Mrk1cker became involved on a planetside event hosted by Technetium, of which away site events is a topic for someone else to decide if they fall under rule 38. Mrk1cker was involved with a Clown based IPC with the name Tunnel Clown who hitched a ride onto the Torch. Which is where the issue begins. At this point the rule is very clearly violated as tunnel clown proceeds to antagonize the crew of a already stressed round due to some LRP shenanigan's that were handled. Not only was tunnel clown permitted onto the torch, admin whispers encouraged players to allow him to continue his "event". Throughout which stunts occurred such as apparently being hostile to the crew with a fire axe, releasing explorations abomination they contained, before eventually being stopped by security on the bridge deck. This all happened on the torch, not at an away site as the clown IPC hung on to the outside of the charon.

    To conclude, I can understand wanting to have some fun. But admin events are reserved for secret extended usually. And rule 38 specifically protects voted extended. Technically even Technetium failed to follow the rule but that's a interpretation. In reality this issue stems from the fact that the word events in rule 38 isn't specific enough. Does off ship events count? And if they do are they permitted to leak onto the torch? In the end of the day I personally see it like provocateurs, they can have fun off the torch, but touching it is clearly wrong in any way. And to go to the extent to actively antagonize crew in a gamemode that's description says "there are no antags" is something that clearly needs to be talked about.

    Evidence of Complaint

    Images provided by both my logs and logs of jux#9938







  2. Eckles

    Eckles Senior Administrator Game Administrator Skrell Species Maintainer

    Hello I'm gonna mark this complaint as valid. You are correct, of course, that voted extended means things should not really happen to the Torch outside of *very* minor touch ups/nice/pleasant things that don't really impact or cause issues for players. Staff involved should ensure they follow the event rules.

    To clarify on the rule though while rule 38 explains that, more indepth staff policy is found here;

    Away missions are always fair game, essentially, bringing it back to the Torch is not always, especially on voted extended.
Thread Status:
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