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Meeting Staff meeting, 6th July, 19:00 UTC

Discussion in 'Public Staff Forum' started by Virgil, Jul 1, 2019.

  1. Virgil

    Virgil Senior Administrator Game Administrator

    The meeting is scheduled to take place at 19:00 PM UTC on 6th July

    Please post whether or not you'll be able to attend. All game admins and game moderators are expected to at least reply or risk being demoted.

    If you've anything you'd like added to the agenda please inform either myself or any other senior admin+.

    • Status report from the team
    • Discussion of any issues brought up by the team
  2. Eckles

    Eckles Senior Administrator Game Administrator Skrell Species Maintainer

    Will be there.
  3. Gentlefood

    Gentlefood Adherent Species Maintainer

    Should be there.
  4. Sweedle

    Sweedle (sweedle) Game Moderator

    Yes from me, chief.
  5. Sergeant Adam

    Sergeant Adam Game Administrator Game Administrator

    Plan on being there. (Absolutely super duper quadruple triple mean it this time)
    Sweedle likes this.
  6. Crackers

    Crackers Game Moderator

    I will be at work but should have enough down time to look at it
  7. Rain7x

    Rain7x Donator

    i will likely not be able to make it
  8. Spookerton

    Spookerton Public Kōhai №1 Director of Administration Head Administrator Game Administrator IPC Species Maintainer Donator

  9. tomdroid

    tomdroid Game Radmin Game Administrator

    Will be there.
  10. Persona E

    Persona E Game Administrator

    I'll very likely be there.
  11. Noble Caos

    Noble Caos The Lorax

    I think I'm irrelevant, but I'll pop in... if I even have access to the #meetings channel
  12. Virgil

    Virgil Senior Administrator Game Administrator

    All staff should do.
    Noble Caos likes this.
  13. Rowtree

    Rowtree Retired Staff

    jawohl herr virgil
  14. Crackers

    Crackers Game Moderator

    I feel like lately staff have been ignoring that rule 2.3 exists and as a result antagonist action has been stagnating because people aren't allowed to do anything without a monologue first. I think we need a big clarification as to what the extent of 'wordless action' as an antagonist is allowed.
  15. Phosphorus

    Phosphorus SeniorAwoomin Senior Administrator

    Might be there if my sleep schedule stops being awful.
  16. Hephasto

    Hephasto Petty Officer First Class

    Should be there.