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Staff Roster & Structure

Discussion in 'Rules, Policy, and Guidelines' started by Virgil, Jun 26, 2018.

  1. Virgil

    Virgil Senior Administrator Game Administrator

    Current Staff Roster
    The staff roster is now found on the spreadsheet at You can easily filter the data to find what you want by navigating to Data > Filter views... > Create new filter view, then clicking the striped arrows in the header cells.

    This spreadsheet will be kept updated on a regular basis. If you believe your name should be on this spreadsheet and isn't, or vice versa, contact the current Head Administrator.

    Last update was on 2019-AUG-28

    Host: Keep the server and forums running, as well as manage the staff overall, devs included. Ensure staff follows the rules. This includes running staff meetings at the beginning of every month in IRC.

    Director of Administration: Lead and coordinate the senior staff. Keep the administrative staff oriented in the direction they want to go. Ensure rulings made on game admin and game moderator complaints by senior staff are valid. The penultimate authority in all ban appeals, complaints, staff applications, staff management and anything else requiring administrator input. Investigates staff complaints about the senior admins, lore manager and head admin. Also ensures the Host follows the staff rules and stays active. Has server config and forum powers.

    Head Developer: Supervise the dev team. Make sure that the dev process runs smoothly. Enable communication between the devs and the rest of the community. Ensure that new features don't break the server. Fix the server when new features inevitably break it. Select new developers. Resolve contentious pull requests when necessary.

    Head Admin: Has the responsibility of managing the trial moderators, game moderators, trial admins and game admins, under the direction of the director of administration. They decide on who gets promoted and when as well who gets removed for inactivity, whilst also advising and assisting the director of administration on matters regarding the staff.

    Lore Manager: Manage the Species Maintainers and be the final authority on new and existing species. Moderate fluff suggestion forum. Manage the lore of the server and ensure it complies with the server direction. Manage the wiki. Process custom item applications. Lead discussion for major fluff points to come up with fluff that fits the server, and is liked by the community. Build an immersive universe.

    Senior Admins: Veteran administrators who have a high level of experience within the community and administration team. They are responsible for handling complaints regarding game admins and game moderators, as well as resolving community moderation issues and disputes under the direction of the staff manager. Senior Admins are also responsible for training trial admins and advising the Head Admin and Director of Administration on potential new trial admins.

    Game Administrator: Responsible for the administration of the server. They handle discipline and rule enforcement on the server, act as RP guides, investigate and handle player complaints, train Moderators, handle adminhelps, run the occasional event to encourage RP and moderate the forums and discord/IRC.

    Developer: Make new and amazing features. Ensure features proposed by players, and the administration are feasible. Approve and deny pull requests and manage our git repo. Has the authority of a mod on the server. Able to investigate rule violations and inform admins. Cannot ban. Attempt to handle major bugs in-round if possible. Can run events however if an admin tells them to stop, they are obligated to do so.

    Game Moderator: Take some workload off of Admins, investigate rule violations and inform admins, act as RP Guides, answer player questions, greet new players and direct to rules, ensure rules aren't being broken. They cannot ban, but are able to kick griefers as a last resort if no other staff are able to help. They also moderate the forums and discord/IRC.

    Wiki Maintainer: Maintain the wiki and ensure all articles and systems are of good quality and in working order. Set policy and standards on the wiki and ensure they are adhered to. Direct and help new editors to understand the wiki and create a healthy environment for contributors. Handle conflicts between contributors on the wiki. This role is only available to staff members with another concurrent role.

    Species Maintainer: Make fluff for your species that fits the server, and is liked by the community. Handle applications for your species. Appoint deputies.

    Deputy Species Maintainer: A non-staff role, help your species maintainer run their species. Responsibilities vary by maintainer.
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