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Steven Universe v2

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Manored, May 14, 2018.

  1. Manored

    Manored Executive Officer

    Making a new thread because necro avoidance.

    I just felt the need to yell at someone that the latest episode is kinda of a big deal.

    They went and did the thing! The thing everyone thought they weren't going to do because it would be too on the nose!
  2. FearTheBlackout

    FearTheBlackout Retired Staff

    sorry still too busy screaming
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  3. Blazerules

    Blazerules Senior Enlisted Advisor

    I'm too scared to touch it because the fan base sounds like a mutated cancer that evolved to wipe out all life on Earth.
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  4. Shadow_Of_Man

    Shadow_Of_Man Retired Staff

    I watched a lot and then I think I caught up. Where are the new episode/s available?

    Also yes, if YouTube has taught me anything it's that the SU fan base is pretttttttttty bad, but then what fan base isn't.
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  5. Manored

    Manored Executive Officer

    You can find them on YouTube, sometimes split in parts. What I usually do to find them is look at an episode list on wikipedia, then search YouTube for it. Also if you aren't screaming you haven't caught up.

    Just ignore the fanbase and go. The show really doesn't deserve terrible fans, it just gets them because it has an egalitarian cast which basically attracts screechy SJWs to it.
  6. Manored

    Manored Executive Officer

    Also, since we're now in the realm where crazy fan theories might be true, I'd like to register one for posterity.

    Its improbable but i'd say its possible:

    Steven will turn out to have a regular Quartz gem as seen on the zoo, instead of the actual pink diamond gem, and the true pink diamond is somewhere else. Rose being pink diamond kinda creates that possibility. It would be easy for her to have access to a gem. Heck, she might even be able to secretly create one on Earth. She had loads of the things stored away at her zoo, too.
  7. Manored

    Manored Executive Officer

    Kinda of a necro, but since there are only a few posts I guess its ok.


    Disappoint we still haven't found out what "gem harvest" is. I'm hoping this isn't the actual end of the show even though its very endy. Many questions yet unanswered.
  8. spessCarp

    spessCarp Chef

    Does anybody feel like Cartoon Network has turned into a Liberal Propaganda station? I need more Johnny Bravo in my life.
  9. Manored

    Manored Executive Officer

    Everywhere has turned into a liberal propaganda station as companies feel the need to virtue signal like crazy.

    But this show isn't liberal propaganda. I mean, it obviously touches on a lot of themes dem damn libs love to rave about, but I feel the show has a very nuanced and positive interpretation of these themes. It generally promotes a culture of love, acceptance and understanding even of those we disagree with, which can only be a good thing, and which goes counter to a lot of modern liberal narratives that demonize certain groups of people for disagreeing with them.

    I enjoyed Johnny Bravo as a kid, but when I try to watch reruns I find it very dated. It doesn't make me laugh anymore.