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Submission - Bluespace

Discussion in 'Lore Submissions' started by Huntime, Jan 22, 2019.

  1. Huntime

    Huntime Donator

    General Overview: Due to the reliance of bluespace lore regarding a multitude of fluff mechanics/lore, this is still heavily within some stages of the development process. Posting it here to get feedback from the community, opinions, constructive criticism, etc. ((I would personally appreciate response(s) such as "I dislike it because, -this" instead of "No."))

    Update: Please also provide your opinion/stance on the possibility of simply removing bluespace entirely. Ceasing our use of the excuse 'oh it must have been bluespace' and swapping our FTL mechanics to a standard warp-drive or something similar.

    Suggestions provided so far:
    • Timeline - [Discover / First Travel / First Human Travel / First Gateway / First Bluespace Drive]
    • Removal entirely of the handvanium excuse that bluespace is, swap such to an easier understood and possible method of FTL. (Warp, wormhole, etc.)

    The main page for this work can be found here, if you wish to examine such using the wiki-resources.

    Please use the link provided above to examine the wiki-page itself, review is far more efficient and easier than posting such here entirely. Thank you!
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  2. Eingamer

    Eingamer Chef

    So, not certain on how you've spelled it out as working. It feels a bit wrong to me. What if, instead of being absent entirely, gravity was instead reversed? That is, where in realspace gravity is a pulling and contracting force, in bluespace gravity is instead a pushing and expanding force. Not much would need to be changed here: you still need to flatten gravity, but instead it's to avoid a convex region in realspace being concave in bluespace and verse vicea. It also tidies up the question of why the gravity is still on while travelling through bluespace: a gravity generator that pulls towards the ceiling of the Torch is turned on to flatten gravity and remains on while in bluespace, pushing people into the floor, while the normal one turns off. In terms of "propulsion being more effective": your ejected propellant, instead of trying to claw its way back to you, is now pushing itself away, pushing you along in the process. Additionally, the reversal of how gravity effects space causes a few navigational quirks in bluespace: Galactic cores and black holes become nigh-inaccessible, but lower mass areas of space, such as the emptier stretches between arms of a spiral galaxy that are amiable towards life-bearing worlds, become contracted, lessening the distance needed to get from one star to another.

    Additionally, with gravity being a repulsive force, other attractive forces are open to act more directly. For instance, directed and coded EM propagation.
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  3. Chinsky

    Chinsky Retired Staff


    I don't think it's good to try to explain handwave in physical terms, especially if it's 'we throw out one of major force categories and a very general law of physics and consider that explained'. It feels like just words for sake of having words, 'no gravity and relativity' isn't any less non-magical than 'it's bluespace ok'.

    IMO what's needed for technology is
    1.Timeline of major milestone inventions, so people can roughly answer 'when did we start flying around FTL'.
    2.If applicable, limitations. What is biggest baddest thing done with this, why can't we go bigger? There's stuff like ships being lost and dependancy on plasma in here.

    Also re: bloospace removal, I'd be for it, wormholes (created with SCIENCE and PHORON) cover the FTL role p much.
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  4. Huntime

    Huntime Donator

    (WIP) has been removed and is awaiting the review of Eckles.

    Changes made:
    • Suggestions made by Eingamer were taken into consideration and agreed upon, bluespace in this submission now closely resembles their remarks/idea.
    • A timeline has been provided for simplistic means of understanding what happened and when, along with a formal overview chart of the technology do all you tl;dr nerds don't need to read if you don't want to.

    If you are still unaware/do not know where the submission is, I highly suggest taking a look here
  5. Eckles

    Eckles Senior Administrator Game Administrator Skrell Species Maintainer

    "Bluespace exists as a parallel copy to that of realspace, first theorized to be composed entirely of dark matter until later speculation provided clearer evidence and usage of this subspace realm. Within the late 22nd century, scientists aboard Sol Central Government and partnered research vessels established a functional device which allowed access to bluespace and provided temporary manipulation. Later it would be discovered that with enough energy and resource usage, bluespace could be manipulated and used for faster than light travel across the universe. "

    -- Keep the history in line with the timeline established on the human page please.

    - Bluespace overview Table under contents, not above.

    - Top of the page is meant to be an intro. Keep the science speak to a minimum. Introductions should be plainly worded, direct summaries.

    The table:
    - Gateways are effectively space highways, almost all traffic goes through them.

    -Bluespace drives - They *are* limited. Humanity can't make many of them at all, and those that are made are at massive cost and time and resource allocation. Torch is the exception not the rule.

    - Teleportation should not refer to how all decks of the torch have x. This is not a map guide. This is a lore page.

    - Sharks not sharps.

    -BSA cannot talks about the Torch again. The fact it's on the torch and where it's located is not a lore matter. It is a gameplay one.

    Timeline review:

    General: Don't do duplicate timelines. If the timeline mentions points elsewhere, don't also mention them here, causes double the workload. Lorepage history should be more paragraph form and have some detail.

    • 2166: Bluespace fanatics begin to hijack military, research, and private vessels. Believing that life within the parallel subspace realm is a perfect-eden. This leads to a ten-year period where offensive military strategies are employed against the fanatics, roughly eight-thousand lives are lost due to the fanatics actions.
    -- Not too keen on this plot point as explained.

    • 2172: A catastrophic failure occurs during the colonization efforts of Tau Ceti. Colonial-freighters with the necessary equipment required to support the growing colonists are sent through Sol's gateway, however during the transit process a massive-electromagnetic pulse interferes with the gateway equipment, causing the rift to close with the freighters still within. This had led to a broad assumption that the vessels were trapped within bluespace, only until they freighters finally arrived in Tau Ceti did scientists finally understand that if a rift closes during transport the vessels in transit are launched into a random realspace system.
    -Finally appeared from where? General grammar issues also.

    • 2198: The discovery of Phoron leads to new developments within the megastructures known as Gateways. Resulting in the present day structures, with the first modification(s) being conducted on Sol's initial gateway. Tragically, improper measurements result in gateways collapsing upon themselves, notably within Alpha Centauri where their reactors failed causing disastrous damage to the structure, requiring over two-years to repair.-
    - How does phoron cause the gateways to be different from 2171 to the point that they have massive failures? Additionally gateways are massive money sinks. Why is a new experimental gas being used to build something so costly to replace less than a year after its discovery?

    • 2205: The Skrell (currently unknown by Ares/Terran), begin perfection of their bluespace drives. Prototypes which allow for remote manipulation of the planar structure, allowing for attached vessels to rapidly travel across the subspace realm without use of a gateway.
    -Skrell have been using drives for over a thousad years. Best not to delve into species lore.

    • 2208: The Terran Commonwealth attempt to destabilize the gateway transportation-routes used by Ares Confederation. By attaching explosive-rounds to exploration drones sent through gateways for long-distance data collection, the Terran Commonwealth successfully disables three Gateways. The Ares Confederation begins to monitor and secure their further.
    -- As stated before gateways are meant to be huge, massive things. They'd be used by everyone. Capturing and controlling them is one thing, but the commonwealth disabling them basically dooms themselves. It's like blowing up all the bridges back to your house when you're on an island that's flooding.

    • 2231: Sol Central Government begins to rebuild their offensive/defensive infrastructure. Initiating the rebirth of bluespace weaponry research from the inspiration of Terran Commonwealth actions taken against gateways, Fleet personnel seek efficient means of instantaneously delivering lethal payloads upon a large sector.
    - Trying to keep bluespace out of guns honestly, too handwavium and goofy. (why not just teleport bombs into everyones ships and explode them instantly, etc)

    • 2252: Sol Central Government and Skrellian researchers form a coalition towards development of further bluespace technology, the Skrell vow to provide resources/insight if Sol provides the necessary vessels and monetary funding. Through this partnership the two space-faring civilizations begin to form a close relationship..

    - Skrell don't really need human ships or funding to do bluespace. They've been doing it for over a thousand years. They're also not ever really keen to give out that stuff. Especially not to some folks they've met only a couple decades previously. Nope to this bit entirely.

    • 2268: Skrellian researchers finish development and present an optimal bluespace drive to their military fleets. Human vessels remark at the instant transportation of their vessels with awe, beginning negotiations to trade for the appropriate bluespace drive designs.

    "For further information regarding all mechanics, technical information, and detailed history of Bluespace Technology, consult the below articles and contents table..."

    Line irrelevant.

    -What is bluespace section general note:

    Please clean up grammar and sentence structure. Reduce usage of 'such' in favour of more regularly used word choice. Straightforward English.

    I'm generally not a fan of the constant reference to planar waves throughout the article. Limit techno-talk, mainly focus on vague technical- broad effect.

    Not a fan of splicing. Prefer wormhole ('tears'). Whole point of non-travel and early Expeditionary Corps exploration is navigating random tears they find. Naturally occurring as opposed to generated.

    "Considered to be the most accessible and efficient bluespace technology to date, gateways are commonly considered the pinnacle of interstellar stability and supply. Following the discovery of bluespace splicing, the requirement to develop equipment in order to exit the parallel realm was needed. Probes and drones could enter bluespace, make observations and gather data, but were often lost in the buffeting eddies and currents of another reality. Most recovered probes left the way they entered, however, on two occasions - probes that were thought lost appeared in real space much further than they should have traveled. This led scientists to two major discoveries: First, that matter in bluespace could leave through means other than their entry point; and second, that forces within bluespace were not proportional to that of forces within realspace."

    -Much of this is old fluff. Not relevant since change to how the EC discovered it. Conform lore to new established history.

    -Bluespace drive lore page once again directly refers to the Torch. This is not a page about the Torch. Please do not do this.

    "Bluespace drives designate and chart the next course/jump-path by employing the use of beacons, unique devices launched from the Observatory with the intent of reaching a distant system, allowing for basic sensor reports to be conducted and long-range messages to be sent rapidly across uncharted systems. These beacons are suited with personal-intelligence systems, capable of manipulation about a system to retain function and security. Bluespace beacons are encrypted with a unique code provided by the Observatory at the beginning of each week, assuring further protection of all messages/data."

    - Drives shouldn't need beacons. They're meant to be top tier 'independent' things. Weird plot holes. (how does the Torch Skrell drive work with human beacons? Why would it be designed to rely on them when the Skrell don't need them)

    -Bluespace currents, cut down on use of use of such in non-standard/archaic context.

    - BSA article again should not mention where the gun is on the torch, lore article, not gameplay. Reads more like a fusion canon than magic sci fi artillery using handwavium?

    Please make changes and do general grammar clean up. Recommend asking @Sweedle nicely for their stellar skills as editor in chief.
    Last edited: Feb 18, 2019
  6. Huntime

    Huntime Donator

    Thank you for finally reviewing this, I’ll see to your requests whenever my schedule allows and update you then.
  7. Eckles

    Eckles Senior Administrator Game Administrator Skrell Species Maintainer

    All good. Sorry it took so long, let me know if you have any questions or comments.
  8. Sweedle

    Sweedle (sweedle) Game Moderator

    Go ahead and shoot me a message or ping me when you want me to do the copycheck on it. I think I ran through it once already, but it never hurts to look again, especially after edits.