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Submission - Bluespace

Discussion in 'Lore Submissions' started by Huntime, Jan 22, 2019.

  1. Huntime

    Huntime Donator

    General Overview: Due to the reliance of bluespace lore regarding a multitude of fluff mechanics/lore, this is still heavily within some stages of the development process. Posting it here to get feedback from the community, opinions, constructive criticism, etc. ((I would personally appreciate response(s) such as "I dislike it because, -this" instead of "No."))

    Update: Please also provide your opinion/stance on the possibility of simply removing bluespace entirely. Ceasing our use of the excuse 'oh it must have been bluespace' and swapping our FTL mechanics to a standard warp-drive or something similar.

    Suggestions provided so far:
    • Timeline - [Discover / First Travel / First Human Travel / First Gateway / First Bluespace Drive]
    • Removal entirely of the handvanium excuse that bluespace is, swap such to an easier understood and possible method of FTL. (Warp, wormhole, etc.)

    The main page for this work can be found here, if you wish to examine such using the wiki-resources.

    Please use the link provided above to examine the wiki-page itself, review is far more efficient and easier than posting such here entirely. Thank you!
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  2. Eingamer

    Eingamer Chef

    So, not certain on how you've spelled it out as working. It feels a bit wrong to me. What if, instead of being absent entirely, gravity was instead reversed? That is, where in realspace gravity is a pulling and contracting force, in bluespace gravity is instead a pushing and expanding force. Not much would need to be changed here: you still need to flatten gravity, but instead it's to avoid a convex region in realspace being concave in bluespace and verse vicea. It also tidies up the question of why the gravity is still on while travelling through bluespace: a gravity generator that pulls towards the ceiling of the Torch is turned on to flatten gravity and remains on while in bluespace, pushing people into the floor, while the normal one turns off. In terms of "propulsion being more effective": your ejected propellant, instead of trying to claw its way back to you, is now pushing itself away, pushing you along in the process. Additionally, the reversal of how gravity effects space causes a few navigational quirks in bluespace: Galactic cores and black holes become nigh-inaccessible, but lower mass areas of space, such as the emptier stretches between arms of a spiral galaxy that are amiable towards life-bearing worlds, become contracted, lessening the distance needed to get from one star to another.

    Additionally, with gravity being a repulsive force, other attractive forces are open to act more directly. For instance, directed and coded EM propagation.
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  3. Chinsky

    Chinsky Indentured Coder Developer


    I don't think it's good to try to explain handwave in physical terms, especially if it's 'we throw out one of major force categories and a very general law of physics and consider that explained'. It feels like just words for sake of having words, 'no gravity and relativity' isn't any less non-magical than 'it's bluespace ok'.

    IMO what's needed for technology is
    1.Timeline of major milestone inventions, so people can roughly answer 'when did we start flying around FTL'.
    2.If applicable, limitations. What is biggest baddest thing done with this, why can't we go bigger? There's stuff like ships being lost and dependancy on plasma in here.

    Also re: bloospace removal, I'd be for it, wormholes (created with SCIENCE and PHORON) cover the FTL role p much.
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  4. Huntime

    Huntime Donator

    (WIP) has been removed and is awaiting the review of Eckles.

    Changes made:
    • Suggestions made by Eingamer were taken into consideration and agreed upon, bluespace in this submission now closely resembles their remarks/idea.
    • A timeline has been provided for simplistic means of understanding what happened and when, along with a formal overview chart of the technology do all you tl;dr nerds don't need to read if you don't want to.

    If you are still unaware/do not know where the submission is, I highly suggest taking a look here