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Suggestion [Suggestion] Virology Rework?

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Feedback' started by Sinisterslash, Feb 21, 2019.

  1. Sinisterslash

    Sinisterslash Assistant

    Ok so virology is pretty cool on pretty much any codebase I think (even though what i'm about to say might hint towards me not liking virology in BS12 I still like it) but it is pretty easy like let's face it all you do is inject a virus into a certain species and then put radiation in it after you've done that you got your antibody all you need to do is isolate it and inject it into someone who needs the antibody also a virus always follows the four stage rule (unless you have the nil syndrome but I still count that as a stage) it slowly goes up and even if you try to have a positive virus it ends up harming you no matter what you do. I think that you guys should add some more positive symptoms like something that might increase strength break down extra nutrients in your body so you don't have to eat as much you know? little things like that I also think you guys should throw out the 4 stage virus thing because you can literally never have anything even remotely good even if you have telepathy it's only a short time before your immune system cures it or you die from whatever symptoms you put in it and even if you want to die from a virus good luck because you will need a lot and I mean a lot of either time or radiation to do it I mean it isn't even hard to survive a virus outbreak I have never had a problem with it in all my hours of virology. Now if I was somewhat competent in coding I would of course wipe everything on virology so far and make all new ideas for how to cure certain harmful diseases borrow some symptoms of diseases from other codebases make it so you can have positive symptoms maybe even have a virus sample dispenser instead of a freezer of like 6 that may or may not have something useful like telepathy (which will be short lived) Hell maybe even a virus that mimics the abilities of a changeling (although this is a little over the top you get the point) also you could give virology it's own job I mean chemists get an entire job when all they do is mix liquids and put them in vending machines but for virology literally anyone can do it and you don't really need any skill in virology either and if you guys take me seriously on this I could give you guys some of my ideas on what virology could be. and while typing this I think for curing a virus you could take some infected blood samples, put them under a microscope and try to mix antibodies you already have to cure it (also have a disease analyzer to find the perfect fit for a cure or for certain deadly diseases or man made disease you'll have to find that out yourself) but you could start with a fixed set of antibodies like A, F, C, etc and to find the cure you try these antibodies and mix them to get like AF or AC
  2. Eingamer

    Eingamer Chef

    ΒΆ Paragraphs, please.

    Virology is still part of medical, not research. I see no need to focus too heavily on the R&D side. I do feel that most (retro)viral "positive" traits should come with some downside as well, so you can't get overman supervirii. It should be tradeoffs, not strict benefits.

    Regarding the strength of outbreaks and viral diseases in general, yes, they are a bit weak and usually end up a footnote rather than some major violet-level event. Two ways I can see getting around this: trojans and space plague. That is, either diseases that are immediately infectious but remain dormant outside of rolling a 1 in 4 chance to start on a nil stage or diseases that are almost immediately debilitating and rapidly infectious. I can't see the plague option being approved outside of a special round type or clam rounds, though.

    Additionally to the threat factor, I feel there's little to virology treatment outside of "lock them in a cell until you can synthesize antibodies" or "dose them with spaceacillin as soon as they show the bare minimum symptoms." Yes, quarantine should be effective, but it shouldn't be the ONLY effective or necessary treatment. Something to make medical actually USE that sub-acute ward.
  3. Sinisterslash

    Sinisterslash Assistant

    Yeah but virology being a part of medical can be changed too, And maybe it should to be honest with you. (that might be the only complete sentence I have throughout this entire thing) also i'm not saying that someone should have superhuman abilities with no downsides I was just using that as an example for some positive bacteria one downside to this super human strength could be causing permanent damages to your muscles and increasing your heart rate putting yourself at risk of heart damage.

    also I don't really think that diseases should immediately debilitate someone I think they should have a delay after getting them so they have time to grow in the body this could take from 15 minutes to 30 but at the end of the growing phase it takes a huge toll on your body and if a doctor let's say took a sample of your blood while the disease was growing you would have a chance to encounter the virus based on how long it's been growing let's say it's been growing for 1 minutes you have a 5% chance of finding it. Now let's say it has been growing for 14 minutes You have a 90% chance of finding it in their bloodstream.

    Also I found that special round type idea interesting and though that maybe there should be one in which a deadly disease is released onto the ship but unlike most diseases this one starts with the stomach and goes throughout your body slowly disabling you while scientists do their best to try and cure it.

    I also had an idea on a scanner that fully scans the body for viruses and maybe has a little stasis of like 5x just incase you need extra time to create a cure before the virus does any damage but it also ejects a vial of the patients blood so that the virologist doesn't have to wave a syringe around all the time (as I often find myself doing)

    EDIT: (is this reddit? probably) Ok so after sending this my friend sent me a picture of this: upload_2019-2-21_17-58-33.png
    Maybe there could be a symptom that produces this to keep the body temperature of a human down and to prevent early detection?
  4. Eingamer

    Eingamer Chef

    The symptom exists but it is extremely rare. Chemical Synthesis needs to be rolled, followed by the proper chemical to be synthesized. And then there's adrenaline extra, which is Chemical Synthesis but only Hyperzine, so I suppose a scpecific one could be made.