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Superhats — Unathi

Discussion in 'Accepted' started by Superhats, Jun 12, 2019.

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  1. Superhats

    Superhats Bartender

    About You

    What is your Byond key?

    How long have you been playing on Baystation 12?
    About 4 months

    What are the names of your better-known characters?
    Eir, physician
    Noir, Master-at-Arms
    Flight Controller B-747, Shuttle Pilot

    About The Species

    What alien species are you applying for?

    Why do you want to play as the alien species?
    I enjoy alien species as a whole, and Unathi culture is especially interesting, with their unique, tribal mindset.

    What are some example names for the alien species?
    Kresh Vrasis
    Seres Ishtar

    Summarize what you know about the species.

    Unathi are a reptilian species hailing from the planet of Moghes, a once verdant world which was turned nearly inhospitable due to an unknown disaster caused by a species known as the "Precursors"

    Because of the diverse, and generally dangerous environments they live in, Unathi are hardy, and diverse, fractured into various clans, each unique in their way of life, and interpretation of their faith.
    The various regions of Moghes have also caused the development of unique traditions and cultures;
    Those living on the poles are generally the most open, and advanced, thanks to their access to off-world technology and trade. On the other hand, those living in the savannas or desert are hardier, due to their environments' generally hostile conditions, and Unathi hailing from the secluded mountains of the Diamond Peak are isolationist, with painted faces, and brands to show their origins.

    All of this has led to them being extremely divided, with near to no central government, outside of a coalition known as the Moghes Hegemony, composed of the Kaahnepos (Clan leaders) of the most important city-states. Yet, even the Hegemony is less of a ruling government, and more of an alliance meant to promote trade and diplomacy with other species, to improve economy among the Unathi on Moghes.

    Along with their clans, however, another of the main pillars of their society is their faith. Unlike human religions focusing on a higher power, Unathi focus on themselves, their species, and the world around them.

    There are five main faiths on Moghes, each with their own views on what Unathi should do in order to grow and thrive as a species, ranging from the progressive followers of the Fruitful Lights, focused on inventing and creating, to the more conflict oriented followers of the Grand Stratagem, each of them has a unique view upon the world, though, no matter their methods, their efforts are focused on bettering the lives of the Unathi, and creating a better world for their species to live in.

    Clan Concept

    A relatively small clan hailing from the deserts of Moghes, clan Ishtar survives thanks to a collectivist mentality, forming a limited, yet tightly-knit community, where the clan's needs will take precedence over the individual. As believers of the Grand Stratagem, they believe life's conflicts should be overcome together, instead of alone. Their settlement in one of the many underground bunkers peppering the desert has led to them becoming quite isolated, though They will happily offer shelter to the nomads who may stumble upon them. Despite their benevolent nature, however, those who are deemed too egoistical for the clan's needs will be harshly exiled, expelled from their bunker to survive alone, in the harsh deserts above.
  2. Monitor Lizard

    Monitor Lizard Unathi Species Maintainer

    At last, someone picking rustic lizards! Music to my ears. Still, there are two things I need to make sure before thrusting the hwite list upon you.

    1. Tell me about unathi biology (including special game mechanics that are associated with it).

    2. I would like to hear about the character you want to play as. You know, name, bio and what they are basically. I do recommend drawing something regarding desert rats from agriculture/industry section, or even from my ramblings directly.

    As for the latter, we have a discord group dedicated to unatt. If you want to meet experienced unathi players or ask questions on said race, hit me up here or there.
  3. Superhats

    Superhats Bartender


    In terms of biology, Unathi are cold-blooded, and will become tired, or even fall unconscious when exposed to cold temperatures, while heat will make them slow and drowsy. They are extremely resilient, with their heart having two valves spread across their chest, and ribs set like armour plates to protect their internal organs. They also have a long, forked tongue which lets them sense the air like a snake.

    Males are at average, 7 feet tall, with females being shorter, though this varies greatly depending on their region of origin, with Unathi from the Diamond Peaks being especially tall, and Yeosa, along with those from the salt swamps, will generally be shorter by a full foot.

    They are carnivorous, and get no nutrition from plants, and they have an extremely fast metabolism, which will cause their organs to literally digest themselves, if they do not regularly ingest nutrients. In return, they have the ability to regenerate even missing limbs, at the cost of a rapid drain in ressources. Oddly enough, sugar, along with some other types of carbohydrates, have hallucinatory properties.

    In-game, this translates to Unathi having lower tolerances to cold temperatures, a higher blood supply, resistance to brute damage and passive regeneration, allowing them to even regenerate missing limbs. However, they are slower, they get hungry considerably faster, and will begin taking damage if starving. Sugar will also cause them to become drugged up.

    Character Concept

    Seres Ishtar is a member of the aforementioned Ishtar clan. Due to the secluded nature of their bunker, He spent most of his childhood locked inside, only overhearing stories of the "Outside world". His life, up until he reached his late teenages, was limited to "The Bunker", as everyone called it. The Bunker itself was quite large, though their ressources were limited, with the arid deserts making agriculture impossible. This has forced clan Ishtar to rely on importation to subsist, and the hardier among them will often go out into the deserts, providing caravans with escort, in exchange for food, and supplies. Seres had always seen this as an opportunity to explore the unknown world past the walls of The Bunker, and, nearly as soon as he was old enough to make himself useful, set out on those escort missions.

    However, finally getting to explore the outside only contributed to his growing wanderlust, and he soon longed for more than Moghes' deserts. Upon hearing of the Expeditionary Corps' exchange program, he saw it as the perfect opportunity. Dedicating all his efforts, he worked tirelessly to prove himself, soon amassing enough of a "Tribute" to convince the otherwise reticent elders of his clan to enroll him into the exchange program, and, eventually found his way onto the Torch. Now, even though he may be forced to collaborate with species who may not agree with his beliefs, and working with technology he may not quite understand, he proudly works as a Master-at-Arms, protecting the Torch to the best of his abilities, because, after all, the ship may just be one large caravan to escort.
  4. Monitor Lizard

    Monitor Lizard Unathi Species Maintainer

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