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Swordhill - GAS

Discussion in 'Alien Species' started by Tetsip, Apr 26, 2020.

  1. Tetsip

    Tetsip Bartender

    About You

    What is your Byond key?

    What is your Discord username?

    How long have you been playing on Baystation 12?
    I've played Baystation before the SEV Torch was conceived, but I've played on the SEV Torch iteration for about 60 gameplay hours so far.

    What are the names of your better-known characters?
    Argus Macneil, Supply Chief/Tech
    Avalon/Bucket, Cyborg/Robot
    Brett Mason, Bridge Officer
    Braiden McShain, Mechsuit Technician

    About The Species
    Serpentids are a cold-blooded nabber species of xenobiological creatures that, in this context, are taken from their home world and re-educated by Xynergy on far-off sattelites to be processed for human contracting. Education levels vary specimen to specimen and not all specimen are very cooperative with human coexistence. More educated specimens get access to more jobs where-as those that either reject or are unable to process this education often are left for cleaning duty.

    The Serpentids themselves are omnivorous hunters, but prefer raw meats and raw starches. They are very capable at hunting in light or dark and employ a wide variety of natural abilities and feats of strength and agility to do so while processing the phoron in their diet to supplement phoron in the air for oxygen production and when not hunting use their tri-tarsel hangs to perform the more precision tasks needed throughout the day.

    Beyond instinct, however, their problem-solving skills are fairly poor and they are not receptive to complex learning to the point even learning the finer points of the human language is difficult for them so that even the most literate Serpentids often develop a common habit of lacking pauses or punctuation in their speech. Even trained to speak a human tongue they have their own complex visual language of behaviors that to a knowledgeable human grant insight to a lot of how the GAS is feeling about situations or may even warn them if a GAS is stressed or beginning to become uncooperative or skittish.

    What alien species are you applying for?
    Giant Armoured Serpentid

    Why do you want to play as the alien species?
    It adds more color to the diversity of the crew- and doing so opens new avenues of roleplay that I want to explore? Does that mean I'll play GAS all the time? Probably not, but I do want to have that road open to me if I want to try to involve people in roleplay a little bit more different to what they're used to- having to account for having a giant, possibly-defensive serpentid working in their department.

    What are some example names for the alien species?
    Often names unpronounceable by human sound. Xynergy may have them use nicknames, pet names, or some human names. Dipper, Sarah, Crowley.

    Summarize what you know about the species.
    A nabber species that has been uplifted, educated, and trained by Xynergy to be used as exotic pets and even sold as contracted staff. Serpentids coming from this upbringing have a wide variety of behaviors that determine their capacity to serve and their behavioral patterns around humanoid sapient. Their human vocalization is different, and the way they learn and retain information is completely different from how humans do so and such it has to be taken into account when they are attempting to learn new skills.

    What is your character concept for your trial period?
    Dipper, but cruelly shortened to Dip. This GAS specimen was one that was skeptical to begin with. Being viciously opposed to humans, it was sent off to one of the more morally flexible far-off training satellites where they could re-educate Dip's poor habits. With several behavior-correcting reeducation programs Dipper became subservient and started on his way towards becoming a viable candidate for the contracting program at the cost of some of his pride and quite a bit of humiliation at human hands.

    After enrollment into literacy and education programs, Dipper did not have the mental capacity of GAS that that were taught young at the facility and could only grasp simple concepts to perform the jobs that he needed to do and while hesitant to use it, he did absorb some of the human language and was implanted with a vocal synthesizer. Upon graduation he had earned the letter score of B due to his apprehension of humans in his presence for long periods of time with a foot-note that he grew calmer with humans that he worked around often enough to become familiar to. As such, it became a recommendation to any vessel he contracted with that familiar entities may have better luck handling Dipper if such ever became necessary.

    Upon the SEV Torch he can work under the Mid-Tier jobs but is recommended to work in cargo due to the large open space- allowing him ample opportunities to retreat into tunnels if he becomes stressed from poor treatment or overcrowding by ship crew. By allowing him a wider area to work and more places to retreat into it is noted he is much less likely to lash out aggressively towards other crew members.

    SECOND CONCEPT (Chosen for Trial):

    Richard. Witfully yet aptly named, Richard is a young but astute GAS that was able to absorb habits and knowledge relatively well to others of its kind. How is this offset? Utter, foul temperament. Often working in isolation away from humans, it won't tolerate more than one in its presence at a time for very long. Prolonged exposure to a particular human reduces this dislike and unease. It was educated at one of the closer facilities to the homeworld in a program that used only a few instructors in order to keep provide it the best learning environment.

    Crossing or confronting him, or otherwise being snide or disrespectful towards him, given his knowledge of human linguistics, can spurn him to make false charges or threatening displays at the person or people involved in the gesture. Otherwise, if stressed in a non-confrontational manner he will typically seek a place to hide until he is more at ease.

    Why was it contracted then? Knowledge. It will tolerate the presence of a single person especially when the person is physically teaching it to do things and it absorbs this muscle memory well and associates the gestures with the words spoken to it. While terrible at problem solving and complex thinking as all GAS are, it absorbs simple instructions with speed and accuracy. That and because of its ill temperament it was contracted out for a fairly good price. Lower bidder and all.

    PS: Let me know which of these, if either, appeal the greatest to you as the GAS maintainers.
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  2. Tetsip

    Tetsip Bartender

    This is just a gentle bump after 48 hours of this application being up.
  3. Alex6511

    Alex6511 Petty Officer First Class

    Hi, one of us will get to this ASAP.

    Unfortunately all the GAS maintainers are working in jobs that more or less became MORE busy with the outbreak of COVID-19 so we're having trouble working on GAS related things for the time being.
  4. Tetsip

    Tetsip Bartender

    As someone personally in the same boat, I understand. Please take your time.
  5. Alex6511

    Alex6511 Petty Officer First Class

    AFAIK the main facility is on Tau-Wilo

    Other than that, your summary is a bit light on detail, but I like your character concepts so:

    Can you expand a bit on GAS biology and the lifecycle of a GAS?

    Additionally I am waiting to here back from adminstration on your play history, so this app is still subject to that.
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  6. Tetsip

    Tetsip Bartender

    Apologies for the light detailing. I was trying to summarize so that I didn't essentially repost the wiki.

    Most noteworthy, GAS don't breathe oxygen alone. Because of the requirements of oxygen consumption they also use phoron from their diets to combine with acetone produced by the acetone reactor located in their abdomen in order to create dexalin. This gives them a natural immunity to acetone and phoron and means that dexalin, acetone, and phoron is constantly in their system and needs when injured, both their ability to breathe and their dexalin levels need to be taken into consideration.

    GAS are cold-blooded and their body temperature shifts depending on their environment. They have three long prehensile fingers and two menacing claws above and have to move blood flow to use either and cannot use both sets of limbs simultaneously. Iridophores on their armored exoskeletons allow them to become virtually invisible when absolutely still, contributing to their reputation as great hunters alongside the fact that their compound eyes allow them complete 360 vision at all times. They don't possess the vocalizing organs necessary to produce any sort of human speech, so those GAS that are uplifted are implanted with a vocal synthesizer mechanically stored in the thorax but even with it the GAS must be literate enough to speak languages.

    A few other things: A GAS cannot blink and must instead clean their compound eyes. The eyes are photo-sensitive due to the reflective backing that normally allows them to see better in darkness, often using an opaque lenses that they can slide over their eyes to protect from such bright lights at the cost of most of their sight.

    GAS are spawned in very large clusters of eggs to compensate for natural predators. Survivors are known as nymphs and at the side of a mouse grow by observing and imprinting what the adults around them do. However, because of the 'culling' behavior of the species as a whole nymphs that are bothersome, irritating, or provocative are often freely killed and cannibalized upon by adults in order to weed out undesired nymphs from growth. Four years later at an average of six feet in length they will begin to molt into young adults, or fledglings. Nymphs that do not molt after a week of their expected molting date are culled.

    From this point on fledglings are acknowledged as mindful and will no longer be culled and become recognized as members of their chosen colony but lack sexual maturity until they have grown further. Rapid growth means they also molt much more than a fully-grown GAS does as well. Their education continues well into this stage of life in the form of learning skills from adults as well as learning from competitions and possibly contributing a new learned skill to the colony as a whole. This process of growth also allows them to learn skills they're uniquely fitted for to use as a future mating display. At about ten years old and fifteen feet long a GAS fledgling is considered an adult.

    Endlessly growing, GAS at around 40 years of age and at about 25 feet long begin to become trapped in their own exoskeletons and start to lose limbs. Eventually, they will get fully stuck and die. A GAS that dies in the colony is taken into the forests to decompose back into the forest soil.
  7. Tetsip

    Tetsip Bartender

    Bumping again 2 days after last response for an update.
  8. F-Tang Steve

    F-Tang Steve Developer Serpentid Species Maintainer

    Heya, it's mantid monday.

    So with your concepts. With Dip, Xynergy would be quite unlikely to force a GAS to participate against its will. It needs to have some degree of intrinsic motivation to go on this trip. Dick (though the name should likely be changed. Richard is alright if you'd like to go that route) seems better. My question for now is what job role and grade it will be assigned?
  9. Tetsip

    Tetsip Bartender

    Dip’s concept can be adjusted so that he went into the program voluntarily. I keep Dip as a second concept for his better behavior.

    Dip is a deck technician, simple and humble job with lots of places for him to flee and hide. His grade is B to outline his arrival into the program later in life and his slight tolerance for other humans in his presence along with the preference to hide from them rather than intimidate them..

    Dick (now Richard) would be a Mechsuit technician, in a nice relatively low-traffic place where he will usually only share his presence with only one or two persons at a time. His grade is A- to reflect his very poor attitude to unecessary human presence around him and his confrontational nature with trying to bully them away instead of hiding. (He's less likely to hide when uncomfortable, preferring to have the other people leave.) This of course doesn't apply if he's the one trespassing or in someone else's domain/space.
    Last edited: May 11, 2020
  10. Tetsip

    Tetsip Bartender

  11. F-Tang Steve

    F-Tang Steve Developer Serpentid Species Maintainer

    Can you update the main post with it as well? Also, select which of the two is your primary one you'd like to trial with so I can ask more questions on that.
  12. Tetsip

    Tetsip Bartender

    - Dip concept adjusted to no longer imply forced indoctination into uplifting.
    - Trial character marked as Richard.

    (Sorry for the long wait on the reply. I took a break from SS13 and thought this thread was dead.)
    Last edited: Jun 19, 2020
  13. Tetsip

    Tetsip Bartender

    I mean... can I still bump this?
  14. masterchief366556

    masterchief366556 Bartender

    Steve went off to a place where she doesn't have an internet connection, she'll hopefully be back in a few weeks.
  15. Spookerton

    Spookerton Public Kōhai №1 Director of Administration Head Administrator Game Administrator IPC Species Maintainer Donator

  16. Tetsip

    Tetsip Bartender

    @Spookerton I just wanted to let you know I'm back from a hiatus. I went AWOL due to frustrations relating to this thread. Has there been any developments?
  17. F-Tang Steve

    F-Tang Steve Developer Serpentid Species Maintainer

    As a reminder, apps are used for reference sometimes so I'm pointing out all the mistakes I see. Even the tiny ones that don't matter to the overall app.

    You mention that GAS are taken for re-education. However, the training facilities are on Tau-Wilo. The ones that don't want to work with humans don't have to do so, and some are rejected altogether.

    In paragraph two, they use phoron from their diet to supplement oxygen in the air. They can't digest starches very well, they like meat and veg with low starch and low sugar.

    In paragraph 3 it says they aren't receptive to complex learning. They are receptive to it but have difficulty receiving it from humans rather than other GAS. They don't exactly lack pauses and punctuation. It's more they use conjunctions rather than commas to split words, phrases, and clauses. You mention that they have their own complex visual language. Could you elaborate on what you mean by that?

    For the names by Xynergy, they aren't assigned nicknames or pet names. They're given simple human first names.

    Under summary, you mention GAS are used as pets, but they're more like servants in that context.

    Under concepts, you mention that Dip is humiliated as a part of his training. Why did he decide to stick with it? What were his motivations?
    Also, adjust the name to something more likely to be given to a human.

    Under Richard, you mention that there's a bidder for him. However, GAS are contracted out and remain the property of Xynergy.

    What grade is Richard? What job/role does he have on the ship?

    Please update your original post with updates both from this feedback and the additional info you added here

    In addition, please answer any questions posed during this feedback.

    Once the OP is updated with all the changes, I will give it another run through.