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Discussion in 'Lore Discussion and Suggestions' started by swordpaladin, Apr 9, 2019.

  1. swordpaladin

    swordpaladin Assistant

    This is a couple questions actually. so is it legal to carry a sword around on the ship and if so what role would most likely have one. also i see on the wiki there is a colony called avalon. i cant find out where it is on the galaxy map. is it cannon to the lore? sorry it sounds like cool lore and if its real lore i am thinking of making a noble from there as a character and am writing backstory

    Edit: I think I might have posted this in the wrong place
  2. Avalon is not canon (source: recent discord convo with a senior admin -- It's cool though. You can probably still use it...?)

    As for swords:

    Under the controlled substances list:
    • Weaponry in the possession of personnel who have not been authorised to possess it.
    It's going to be pretty hard to pass off a full sword as a non-weapon.

    Maybe you could get a custom item as a decorative sword? Fleet characters get a decorative sword as part of their dress uniform.
  3. swordpaladin

    swordpaladin Assistant

    thank you for the reply, sad to hear Avalons not canon. and ill try to see if i can think up a reason for a decorative sword