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T306206 - Unathi

Discussion in 'On Trial' started by REDALERT, Jun 27, 2020.

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    REDALERT Bartender

    About You

    All credit for the layout to Lorwp's Unathi application.

    What is your Byond key?

    What is your Discord username?

    How long have you been playing on Baystation 12?
    3-4 months

    What are the names of your better-known characters?
    R.E.D. (former AI/robot gone IPC)
    8 Starless Cavern (Dirty gyne main)
    Older characters
    Otto Von Osterman (Shuttle Pilot)

    About The Species

    What alien species are you applying for?

    Why do you want to play as the alien species?
    First of all, lizards, come on, who doesn't want to be a lizard.
    Secondly outstandingly in-depth lore that leads to wonderful RP when it happens, and a real /culture/ to feel part of.

    What are some example names for the alien species?
    Unathi naming often consists of firmly placed consonants with soft and brief vowels planted within, names end up along the lines of
    Khark Harrkic
    Kresh Varss
    Gios Vakrah
    Dhkriss Izreh

    Summarize what you know about the species.

    The new fad from planet Moghes, SCALES.
    Hailing from the planet Moghes, in the Uueia-Esa system come the tall bipedal reptilians known as Unathi. Raised from the ashes of a dead world they are born into the crucible that is Moghes state, post is former residing species, referred to simply as the Precursors

    As with many-a-scaled creature the Unathi are no different in their adaptation of cold-bloodedness. Generally a tall species, and well developed to resist the harsh environment of their upbringing. And of course, carnivores at heart, relying on a regular food intake to keep the heavyweight machine running.

    • Cold Blooded : The Unathi have developed well to live happily on Moghes. That being said, Moghes is quite close to its local star, so while hot desert sands, and scorched mountains are the normal, EC ships are freezing, and at lower temperatures are extremely susceptible to hypothermia and may even pass out. Likewise there is a limit to the heat they can take, to hot and a unathi will become sluggish and tired, and like with the cold, eventually pass out.
    • Height : As one would expect different environments lead to different genetics, As such, Unathi born of the Savanna type tend to be the tallest, which can be quite daunting for smaller creatures considering a average Unathi male stands proud at 7 and a half feet. While other areas such as the Salt Swamps tend to range under this average. And the most important genetic of all also presents here, as female Unathi also loose around half a foot of height.

    • Diet : Looks like meat's back on the menu boys. Carnivores from birth, the unathi love a good slab of meat, and while plants offer negligible gains, they are still digestible. However some forms of carbohydrates, especially monosaccharides (sugars) are completely incompatible, causing adverse effects on health and the brain, comparable to the effects of mindbreaker toxin in humans, hallucinations and general confusion.
    • Regeneration : Tis but a scratch. A interesting evolutionary trait of the Unathi, is the ability to regenerate lost, damaged, or otherwise compromised limbs and organs. This ability comes at a price though, the hardworking cells require constant supply of energy in the form of the Unathi diet. Large amounts of energy are expended to facility the mending ability, and as such if not properly maintained, a otherwise healing Unathi may suddenly become worst when the body begins to digest itself for more energy. This ability has an innate control, and can be tamed, so as to conserve energy and not force ones self into a self digesting event.
    Life Cycle
    When mommy Unathi, and Daddy Unathi love eachother very much...

    • Egg : Like earth reptiles the Unathi lay eggs. The average clutch of a Female is around 1-3 eggs, they are carried internally by the expecting Unathi for six months before laying. Laying is done in a Humid and warm area where the egg will develop for another two to three weeks after which the Unathi fetus is fully grown and hatches from its egg. Happy Hatch day.
    • Hatchling : Quadruped in nature, sharpened teeth and basic talons, the clever little Unathi hatchlings live off instinct, live and eat. As such without proper care Hatchlings will target their brothers and sisters as fresh meals. The degree to which this is prevented varies from clan to clan. This violent and instinctual stage can last anywhere from 2 to 3 years.

    • Infant : At around the 2 to 3 year mark a Hatchlings brain develops to the point of tolerance noting the benefits of grouping up, Infants, while still Quadruped, will form "nest packs" with 2 or 3 others. The Infant Unathi are let loose to hunt and kill their own meals in the rural areas. Armed and well aware of their senses, they will jump great distances to land kills on unsuspecting prey. Their immense metabolism grants a vast lacking for the need of sleep. By the age of 5 to 6 years they have doubled in size, developed powerful torso and limb muscles and have begun to adapt the bipedal stance but have yet to master it, relying on hunching over to stay balanced. They have developed enough to begin to grasp language and can now simply, but workably communicate with their "nest pack". At this stage of life they are granted names, and education begins. While most clans, especially city clans will rush to encourage young to being learning trade tasks, albeit simple ones, rural clans may not even teach their young at all leaving them to learn the lands as the young see fit.

    • Teenager : It's not a phase MOM, it's who I AM. At the age of 13 the developing Unathi's rib plates develop, a incredible uncomfortable event. At around this time the Teen will develop mental abilities far above what it once had, Intelligence, and curiosity set in. The art of bipedal motion has been practiced, a upright walk is natural at this age, climbing and even swimming are capable tasks, with great agility if threatened. Tools and machines start to spark interests, it is at this age Teens can be seen tinkering and experimenting with anything they can lay claws on. Smell has devolved to a keen level, while the sense of feel through scales is still under work. Communication is well developed now, the nest pack dissolves although are still regarded as friends for life. The sense of worth sets in, as many teens feel the need to prove themselves. And if left to their own, males will often have attracted 'play-mate' females, to direct and guide them.

    • Adult : At the age of 25 a Unathi has fully matured, some achieve this sooner than others. At this age the Unathi is now a full clan member, and has developed far beyond its original four legged instinct driven self. Rarely does aggression take hold of a Adults emotions.

    • Elder : Back in my day we didn't have whippersnappers like you. Around the age of 150 years a Unathi is a elder, well experienced, and wise in the ways of life. Well versed in their fields, and with a calm and calculating mindset, their scales dull and their eyes fade to yellow, however they are still agile.


    While officially to the Unathi there is no one Moghes language, the natural developed speak known simply as Sinta'unathi is the referred to natural language. Clans will have separate pronunciations, but can understand one another easily and without translators. To non Unathi the language is comprised of Strong syllables and phrases that contain far to many syllables, or no breaks in them. When written the language consists mainly of curved shapes, long lines, sharp corners, things that one could easily claw into dirt.


    The naming conventions of the Unathi are quite simple, the first name will be the personal, family name. While the last name is the clan one hails from. Male either have named picked or pick a name themselves, and it is not uncommon to see first names repeated by father and son. Married couples will adopt the name of the clan they stay with, mostly the Male's family, however the opposite may occur. To refer to a Unathi by its first name if not a family member, or a intimate other, is seen as a insensitive action, as it defies the customs of the name.

    I work for the clan, I work the land of our region, and I honor the faith we believe in
    • Clans are formed by Unathi families, usually through shared bloodlines, or shared history. Most importantly is the shared property, family's may have personal belongings but in the end, everything is for the clan as a whole.

    • Kaahnepo : The leading male, king if you will of the clan, leader for life, and successor picked by a council of elders. Their word is law, and is unopposed, they decide what must be done, the moving of resources, diplomacy and trade, while listening to others, the word of the Kaahnepo is final.

    • Matriarch : The leading female, voted by women of the clan, almost always bound to be the eldest and most experienced female. Often the wife of the Kaahnepo. Keeps the women of the clan in line, and keeping the clan well maintained, the Matriarch will also guide the young, teaching them as they grow, raising them in the clans way. She also commands the women of the clan to add to the clan Skein which documents the clans history.

    • Clan Relations : Clans often depend on the relations of those around them, mostly through personal ties, marriages, and oaths and servitude. With no global law system, the laws of each clan rule their land and do not apply elsewhere. disputes not settled by the Kaahnepo are settled via elders or in the worst case, a Bane, a traditional combat duel.

    • City-States : Clusters of enough like clans, sharing similar rules and cultures, will often form into large conglomerates that still are individual but form into a sprawling single city.

    • Large clans : Among the largest clans are the Krukzuz a clan massive in size and based off of goodwill and the co operation of all constituents. The Moghes Hegemony a dominant can based around the poles focused on trade. The Convent of the diamond peaks, focused on militarism and the protection of the Moghes against threats.

    And how do we keep our balance? That I can tell you in one word. TRADITION!

    Faith is the backbone of the Unathi society, all faith is based upon the shared Unathi mythos of which all beliefs stem. According to such the world is divided into 2 planes of reality, life, and the afterlife. The afterlife is home to entities of great power, the spirits of those once alive. Each spirit is immensely powerful over the worldly affairs' of the living. The ones of a Unathi's own bloodline are known as the Ancestors, who are often sought for patronage. The mark left by Precursor tech upon Moghes has twisted with belief in a odd way. Of the belief systems exist 4 main cults that decide how the ancestors wills should be treated "The Hands of the Vine", "The Grand Stratagem", "The Fruitful Lights" and "the Markesheli". There is also a 5th cult that exists somewhere between the main 4, known as "Precursor worship" in which along with revering the Unathi of the afterlife, the former inhabitants of Moghes, the Precursors, are also seen as part of belief, even elevated to the status of demigods by some, not all clans share this belief, some strongly oppose it, but to those that do, the precursors and their artifacts are items of worship that will progress the Unathi species.

    We live in a society.

    The Unathi are no exception to the development of a society with rules, actions, and expectations. When irritated or experiencing lots of emotion unathi are known to "tail thump" slamming ones tail against the floor. Vocal sounds are also associated short "barks", rattling of the throat, or Chuffing, (to force air quickly from the deep of the throat). A worried or otherwise perturbed Unathi will sample the air frequently, sway slightly, and hiss. A more happy Unathi will intertwine necks, twin tails, and touch foreheads or muzzles. Hugging is a childish act, and is not preformed by adults. A Unathi's tail is their tail, and is not to be touched, especially without some form of introduction. The most powerfull expression is baring the throat, it implies extreme trust, compassion, or possibly is an admittance of shame for actions taken. In terms of Honorable contact one may bite, or claw at a bared throat. As for what relates one Unathi to another, Blood is strongest, but other factors do apply. In order of importance, a Unathi's Clan comes first, their Faith comes next, followed by the region they hail from.


    In the most basic terms a Guild is to the likeness of a corporation, however in depth they are far more. Unathi guilds are based upon a single trade and often have long names such as "Ancient and Distinguished order of Boatmakers". Guilds are Ordered similarly to clans, with a leading Jhoge, nominated by senior guild members. The most important aspect is to join one must be known, directly by a current guild member making them more of family businesses that only incorporate well known clans.


    In a most odd dynamic Unathi technology can go from simple hunter gather tools to advanced powered devices such as hover vehicles. This dynamic is caused by the lost precursor tech scattered on Moghes, leading to the wide range of villages that hunt to live and live by candle light, to cities that use highly advanced powered vehicles and florescent tubes to light their dwelling.

    On the world of Moghes there is 5 distinct regions all part of one unified landmass
    • The Tropical Poles : Far north and south, the rich soil, untouched woods, and large lakes of fresh water, the perfect place for city-state development.

    • The Savanna Belts : Flat lands perfect for plants and crops, inhabited by large Ogashes at first, but with the development of agriculture and animal husbandry farms began to become more popular than large moving caravans.

    • The Great Desert : A vast wasteland on the surface, covering most of the land mass, the birthplace of the Unathi. A inhospitable land settled by the tough, and rewarded in the following artifact rushes.

    • The Salt Swamps : The coastal regions, covered in growing plants and animals, wild and dangerous with only the most frontier of Unathi living there.

    • The Diamond peaks : A barren mountainous land, rich in minerals but relying on local areas for food and other supplies, a militaristic area by nature.
    There is always a bigger fish.
    Departing from the Salt Swamps somewhere around 15 thousand years ago, the Yeosa development and culture began.

    • Biology : Yeosa'Unathi are specifically designed for where they live, the Islands around Moghes World Sea. As such the Yeosa have developed into a more aquatic form of the standard Sinta. Transparent film eyes, pressure receptors hidden under the scales, sensory pits along the face and arms, sealable nostrils and developed lungs. As for Yeosa movement, the development of a thinner more streamlined body, Shorter in nature weighing less, and a streamlined tail for speed.
    • Naming : A Yeosa name is comprised of 3 parts, the first clan name the name socially expected to be used. The second name the personal name of the Yeosa, self chosen or picked by parents, reserved for use by lovers and senior relatives. The third name the working name self chosen and indicating what the Yeosa in question has accomplished or wishes to achieve. A job, a attribute of the Yeosa or a important ancestor, this name may change many times over a Yeosa's life and is used in informal situations by colleagues. The Yeosa names contain more vowels separated by short consonants (Ssrezol Ghos Akzaz)
    • Society : Similar to Sinta norms clans have Kaahnepos and Matriarchs unlike Sinta there is a 3rd part to this. So called Wardens may be born on occasion, genderless and heavy in build and size. Delegated to physical work like law and construction while also protected by religion of the Yeosa, revered as marked by the spirits themselves. Attempting to take a Wardens life is a serious crime. Older Wardens take on roles such as Shamans, preforming rites and learning the arts of medicine. Yeosa also have loosened gender dynamics, seeing male and female as neigh on interchangeable, with no serious "male only" jobs. And all children likewise belong to the matriarch who arranges marriages for them.
    • Faith : Following the Sinta baseline for Ancestor worship, but with the Yeosa twist. The traditional Yeosa religion is known as Aga-Eakhe and is a worship of ancestors, other spirits, and the great large creatures that roam the World Sea. Some of these creatures mere movements will change the tides of the sea, some are hunted ritualistically while others are protected or are simply to large and dangerous, or even to rare. Interestingly the religious laws in place are uniform amongst the Yeosa, and to defy the religious law is a sure path to clan exile or if an entire clan defies the possible assault and destruction of the blaspheming clan.
    • League : While Clans still have personal laws, they tend to be so far spread apart that no city states can form like the Sinta have. Some of the larger archipelagos claim to have achieved this status but are nowhere near the size of Sinta city states. Yeosa due to this isolation also see a stark decrease in clan on clan warfare.
    • Economy : Yeosa economy is based on the practice of equivalent exchange. Gift-giving and revenge are key practices, If one gift is given it is expected to be returned in kind. Errors are expected to be corrected, insults returned, and even at times, duels. For this combat Yeosa carry a rope harness equipped with two knives made of wood, and the teeth of any beast slain by the Yeosa when they were a teen

    Character Concept

    The Clan Sskarhep Skien dates back long in Unathi history, despite being old, the clan remains relatively small through means of its nature, the Skein overall shows their faith to a lesser form of The Grand Stratagem, and while valuing champions and self-growth are strongly valued, there is no belief of a cosmic battle for Moghes. From the start of the Skein depicts the start of Clan Sskarhep based near the base of a mountain on a area bordering the Diamond peaks, close to the Salt Swamps. A rough area filled with strong and hostile beasts, in its early days their are mentions of wildlife attacks on the clan, especially at night. Leading to the clans first major event, the establishing of a male role "The keeper of light" a fit and respected male, chosen by the Khaahnepo to sleep at day, and solely protect the clan at night, always, working to lead the night watch and given control of who protects with him and when, but he will always be present on all night watch shifts and is solely responsible for the protection of the sleeping clan. With the establishing of a night watch, and its leader the clans damages at night were minimized, and thus the clan continued, developing into a hunter based clan, perfecting the art of skinning the local animals, and hunting them down. As time passed the clan lived this way, beginning to interact with more local clans for trade of fine skins, and food, in return for more processed materials from the deeper of the clans in the Diamond peaks. With this the next milestone developed with the Khaahnepo Varkarhik, known for his efforts in trading for the clans most prized tool. A precursor staff, capable of launching neigh unbreakable energy nets that can only be disabled by the staff itself. The staff in turn became the tool of the Khaahnepo for hunting, and only the current Khaahnepo would wield it for his hunts. As life began to become routine the adoption of the Desert Stratagem act of "Pits" was soon accepted, With Sskarhep life meant around remaining in shape, and always ready, the gladiatorial combat of the "Pits" allowed a return to their harsher times when raids of the clan were common.

    And thus we come to Kvarhn Sskarhep a well known member of the clan, hopping into the "Pits" at every chance, and standing guard almost every night with the current "Keeper of the Light" aspiring to one day become the keeper himself. The eager 29 year old is far from ready to be nominated to the task but works tirelessly to prove himself to his ancestors, and his Khaahnepo and clan that he will be ready to take the task. At least he was until a vison struck him on night. A dream of Varkarhik the collector of the Khaahnepos hunting staff, Instructing Kvarhn that moghes alone can not prepare him for what he will face, and he must seek his destiny in the stars. Relaying the information to clan members Clan politics were put into motion to get him a slot with the EC, it would be another 3 years before he finaly found himself at the age of 32 being boarded onto the SEV Torch. Training in the art of being a MAA, suiting his already well deveopled hunting skills well. And always volunteering to assist on away mission to practice his hunt, Kvarhn practicies duitfuly to prepare himself for his desitny amongst the stars.

    Thank you for coming to my TED talk.
    In all seriousness though thank you for reading and if there are any issues I am very much willing to update and correct if permitted.
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  2. Deadmon_Wonderland

    Deadmon_Wonderland Game Administrator Unathi Species Maintainer Laser Tag 2019 Participant

    The app is good. However I don't see any mention of Unathi societal norms. I'd like to see a blurb on that. As well, you're missing a small bit of religion in the form of precursor worship, which is just as much a part as the rest of the religions are. This isn't a huge deal but it's something important to note.

    A small note that is sort of small but I see no mention of Yeosa anywhere in here. This is fine but if you'd like to make a Yeosa character at some point you'll need to talk it over with me on that.

    REDALERT Bartender

    Tell me if anything else is required happy to adjust as needed
    New society tab between religion and guilds and Yeosa between concept and geography
  4. Deadmon_Wonderland

    Deadmon_Wonderland Game Administrator Unathi Species Maintainer Laser Tag 2019 Participant

    Alright, looks good.

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