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Denied Technetium - GameAdmin

Discussion in 'Archived Staff Complaints' started by Ceyella, Sep 14, 2019.

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  1. Ceyella

    Ceyella Bartender

    Key/username of admin: Technetium
    Your key/username: Ceyella
    Date and Time of Incident(s): 9/14/19 2:00am
    Reason for complaint: Admin event completely ruined the round, and ive been told many many times as a antag, if i ruin the round with my actions, it would result in a ban and/or note. (catgirl told me this just yesterday when my plan was to smash into astroids.) Anyway, my specific complaint is due to low ccrew, about 5-8, we got a extended around, so a buch of spiders and a PC goose were spawned. i recieved a call about the goose striking the bridge so ran to help, where i observed the goose completely demolish the captain, dalton, and another guy. so i fired all my weapons into the goose to no avail, and climbed in to help fight it off and save the crew.(the reason i was helping was due to the fact we had ZERO security. the captain armed us up to kill what we thought were common spiders. but the admin who decided the event was a go, decided throwing a bunch of murderbone spiders and goose at a crew with no sec was a good move.) I was promptly one-hit delimb of my hand, dropping my gun, i was then hit a second time and send to the floor with my other arm broken. I see no reason this "event" was approrpiate to the enjoyment of the server. its literally a mob that one hit delimbs, and slaughtered most of the crew controlled by a PC. I'm sure everyone will be like "Well you coulda done X!" at the time of rushing to help my crew, and seeing a goose kill most of them, i tried to fight it off. no amount of robustness can help with you being one click delimbed. I was Leveque, in this log you can clearly see the goose finish up with john, and one click delimb my hand. After this, the goose and spider went to medbay to speak and harass people while trashing the place and generally just realizing they cant die and can one hit kill so went full godmod and harassed the remaining crew, and smashed anything useful. i dont see this as the guy playing the goose at fault, as much as the admin who decided spawning in said goose and spider thought it would be enjoyable. This feels like extreme admin abused, and severely ruined the enjoyment of the round.

    Evidence of complaint:

    The goose has smacked around Unknown (as John Stone)!
    Unknown (as John Stone)'s right leg flies off in an arc!
    Renald Dalton gasps.
    Blood sprays out from Unknown (as John Stone)'s stump of a right leg!
    Your head hurts badly!
    The goose has smacked around Antoinette Leveque!
    Your left hand explodes in shower of gore!
    You switch the safety off on the smartgun.
    You fire the smartgun!
    The goose is hit by the shock beam in the left leg!
    The goose has smacked around Antoinette Leveque!
    Your armor softens the blow!
    Something feels like it shattered in your right arm!
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  2. Sabira

    Sabira Donator

    I believe I made it perfectly clear multiple times yesterday that the goose mob was not working as intended and should not be used.
  3. Phosphorus

    Phosphorus GameAwoomin Game Administrator

    I don't recall seeing that discussion. Apologies.

    Also, a human client was placed into the mob. Earlier, the captain had initiated 'single combat' with the PCs for some reason, making them go hostile - this was not a smart idea. I'm not sure that rushing to attack ostensibly sentient things was a smart idea, either, if they had caused so much damage.
  4. Skip

    Skip Donator

    I'd like to politely add that either shortly after or during the altercation on the bridge (which is around the time I got on to observe so I don't have any input on what happened then) that no staff were on the server to watch over the player-controlled mobs. The player goose ended up killing I believe five people on the bridge and one more engineer who made an effort to stop the goose running around breaking things.
  5. Phosphorus

    Phosphorus GameAwoomin Game Administrator

    I ended up falling asleep at the keyboard, which isn't great, but isn't something I can terribly control. That's my fault, really - but I can't particularly claim responsibility for the goose going slightly off the rails, since it was going fairly smoothly before I, you know, conked out.
  6. Phosphorus

    Phosphorus GameAwoomin Game Administrator

  7. mcspizzy

    mcspizzy Bartender

    Hello! For the benefit of both myself, Tech, and the player controlled spiders I’d like to elaborate on the events of this round from my perspective as the goose. I’ll start from the very beginning, myself being a ghost. When I entered the game, I joined in as an observer. After a short bit of time I was asked if I wanted to be a creature to join along with the roaming sentient spiders that were onboard the Torch. I said yes! And promptly was spawned in as a goose, a majestic bird.

    From there I readily searched the Torch until I found my spider compatriots, where we all decided the best place to introduce ourselves was the Bridge. Making our way to the bridge, we discovered that it was empty - so we broke in. Entering the Bridge and shortly after discovering that the Torch was for the most part vacant, we all decided that we would fill in for the bridge staff. I myself becoming the captain, and the spiders - Commander Chitters, and our two nameless spider Bridge officers took our places and began a course for Aleph nine; a not so local star (to the Torch). This is the time where the the actual captain and the RD arrived, with both of them rightfully so stunned to find otherwise hostile mobs conversing and piloting the Torch.

    We had a small chat, the spiders and myself talking to the RD and eventually taking his name to create five people with the same name on the Bridge. The captain however...well, he had other plans.

    1. Alphonse Dietrus says, "All of you."
    2. giant spider chitters, "I'm not related to that guy..."
    3. Alphonse Dietrus says, "Will you cooperate."
    4. The goose hisses!
    5. Alphonse Dietrus asks, "Or not?"
    6. giant spider chitters, "Leave father goose be."
    7. goose honks, "No, we like it here."
    8. Alphonse Dietrus asks, "Dalton... are you ready for this?"
    9. giant spider chitters, "For what?"
    10. Renald Dalton asks, "Readieh for whate?"
    11. Renald Dalton says, "SINGLE KOMBATE."
    12. [Common] Roman asks, "Why is there a cat in the hallway?"
    13. goose honks, "Commander Chitters, set a course for the beta system."
    14. Renald Dalton shouts, "AGAINSTE DE GOOSETHE?!"
    15. giant spider chitters, "Aye aye captain."
    16. goose honks, "Time to drop these beta losers off."
    17. Alphonse Dietrus says, "Renald."
    18. Alphonse Dietrus says, "Tell me."
    19. Alphonse Dietrus asks, "Are you ready?"
    20. The giant spider taps at the console.

      The captain states, “Are you ready?” to Dalton after we deny to follow him to the conference, which then lead to an individual - who I’m not quite sure was ordered to come to the bridge, coming to said bridge armed and armored.
      1. giant spider chitters, "GUNMAN."
      2. giant spider chitters, "GOOSE GET DOWN!"
      3. The smartgun buzzes, refusing to fire.

        The armed fellow entering the bridge attempts to fire on us without warning but fails to because of the weapons ID lock. Immediately after this happens, THIS happens.
        1. The blue captain chair has been hit by Alphonse Dietrus with the crowbar.
        2. The giant spider has attacked Alphonse Dietrus!
        3. The giant spider has been attacked with the crowbar by Alphonse Dietrus!
        4. The giant spider has attacked Alphonse Dietrus!
        5. The goose has smacked around Alphonse Dietrus!
        6. giant spider chitters, "WE ARE UNDER ATTACK."
        7. The giant spider has attacked Alphonse Dietrus!
        8. The giant spider has been attacked with the crowbar by Alphonse Dietrus!
        9. The giant spider has attacked Alphonse Dietrus!
        10. The goose has smacked around Alphonse Dietrus!
        11. The giant spider has been attacked with the crowbar by Alphonse Dietrus!
        12. The giant spider has attacked Alphonse Dietrus!
        13. The goose smacked around the blue captain chair!
        14. The giant spider has attacked the giant spider!
        15. The giant spider has attacked Alphonse Dietrus!
        16. The wound on Alphonse Dietrus's upper body widens with a nasty ripping noise.

          And down the captain goes, after he attacked the spider, the gunman firing, and Dalton attacking us to save his fellow crew members. All of them died, as well as two spiders being killed. The key thing here? We were attacked first, without any provocation on our part aside from our physical, hostile form of being mobs that normally attack the crew without hesitation. I don’t know what they expected, why attack us? Did they expect for us to just stand there and die?

          Either way, that essentially set the score for the rest of the round for myself and the remaining spider. The crew armed up to kill us, and we attempted our best to stave this off and remain peaceful. During the entire round, I only Attacked one person preemptively, and this was because they were armed, armored, and actively perusing me through the halls. I’m not sure how to take that kind of action any other way than, ‘this person wants to kill me’. Anyone else who was wounded by me was because they themselves started the fight, and I never killed any of them outright.

          Each time I would stop my attacks the moment they fell over, this includes the preemptive attack in the halls. All in all, the crew initiated the combat on otherwise peaceful mobs. Did they know we were peaceful? No, but when do you normally see a talking goose and a gang of equally intelligent spiders. As for smashing things in medbay and elsewhere - we don’t have hands or IDs, where we can go is severely limited without breaking doors. And with the crew attacking, none of us were privy to stand in open hallways.
          1. [Common] Renald Dalton says, "DE KAPTEN IS A IDIOTE."
          2. Renald Dalton talks into the chief science officer headset
          3. Renald Dalton says, "DE KAPTEN IS A IDIOTE."
          4. The giant spider has been attacked with the crowbar by Unknown (as John Stone)!
          5. [Common] Renald Dalton says, "FUCKINGE STOPE."
          6. Renald Dalton talks into the chief science officer headset
          7. Antoinette Leveque fires the smartgun!
          8. The giant spider has attacked Unknown (as John Stone)!
          9. The goose has smacked around Unknown (as John Stone)!
          10. Antoinette Leveque fires the smartgun!
          11. The goose has smacked around Unknown (as John Stone)!
          12. Alphonse Dietrus says, "You were supposed to help me."

            If anyone would like to see the entire logs, I have it from my point of view.

            P.S. before I post this I’d like to touch a bit more on medbay. For one, we did not ‘smash anything useful’. The only thing we broke were two-three doors and a window pane. We did posture against the crew, but that was due to the circumstances we were under (being attacked by the crew). And the reason we came down to the medbay? To tell them about the dying/dead on the bridge.

  8. purplemontart

    purplemontart #1 Tree Dad Game Administrator Diona Species Maintainer

    I don't have the logs, but from my POV, we were on the bridge when the CO and Dalton came up. We were speaking with them, when the CO attacked us. Understandably, since we were giant spiders. We attacked back, I died, and during the attacking the MaA came up and joined in. I was briefly able to watch the end of the bridge attack before having to go, unfortunately, though that part seemed reasonable besides the goose being broken.
  9. Spookerton

    Spookerton Head Administrator Director of Administration Head Administrator Game Administrator IPC Species Maintainer Donator

    I'm locking this thread until I finish looking at it.
  10. Spookerton

    Spookerton Head Administrator Director of Administration Head Administrator Game Administrator IPC Species Maintainer Donator

    Hiya. Sorry this took a while to get back to. I got turned around doing something else while writing this post originally and then forgot to actually post it.

    I've gone through the round log and, with the aid of mcspizzy's perspective, I don't see anything wrong besides the use of specifically the goose mob itself: a point not related to the intent of the complaint. Secret without antagonists is often a time for gentle shenanigans. This one went south for the crew as a direct result of your own and the captain's actions in directly starting the fight in the first place with untelegraphed and largely unwarranted attacks.

    It is the responsibility of administrators creating mini events to not abuse players or seriously derail rounds with existing goals and motivations through their actions. The mechanical consequences of decisions made by players in otherwise perfectly neutral and light-hearted scenarios are not such actions.


    @Phosphorus Please make sure to check that new mobs and mechanics aren't broken before you use them. It's reasonable to expect that something should function as intended if it's been merged, but that's often not the case on first pass. :B
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