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Discussion The Little Things 5: A New Jive

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Feedback' started by Spookerton, Jul 10, 2018.

  1. UnsavorySquid

    UnsavorySquid Petty Officer First Class

    That does help! Especially the chem master.
    I'm actually curious why the honey extractor doesn't go on the Xenoflora enclosure side, as that's the only area I can see an apiary being set up. Tho why we get a honey extractor but no apiary equipment is confounding to me.

    As for the water tank, why not have it live on one of the canister pads near the door? Those are rarely used, unless someone wants to add a canister into xenobotany by default, which could be useful in its own right.

    Actually, would it be possible to add another table, this one over the scrubbe toor? Xenobotany is a table-space hungry department.

    Thank you so much for the map work Mira! :)
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2018
  2. cammissar

    cammissar Petty Officer First Class

    move the door to main cryo head shower east one tile. Currently it's right in the way of one of the showers
  3. cammissar

    cammissar Petty Officer First Class

    empty buckets can be worn as a hat
  4. tlc2013

    tlc2013 Senior Enlisted Advisor

    Synthetics should be masters of the Information Technology skill. It doesn't make much sense for it to be any other way, and it bugs me.
  5. Faustico

    Faustico Petty Officer First Class

    Some tweaks to emergency escapes pods to make them a bit more fail safe would be nice.
    Like letting people launch them early, or making it so that when the countdown reaches zero they launch no matter what (unlike now, where it requires both airlock doors to be closed before taking off).
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  6. Thrain

    Thrain Donator

    Modify the email program to use the crew manifest layout so actually finding the person you want to email is possible...
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  7. Tristan63

    Tristan63 Senior Enlisted Advisor

    Use Control+F to pull up a search feature and type in the first or last name of the person you are trying to locate on the email app.
  8. Banditoz

    Banditoz Senior Enlisted Advisor

    Adding on, you can use find for every interface in the game, except non-HTML based ones. Useful with air alarm control, among other things.
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  9. Tristan63

    Tristan63 Senior Enlisted Advisor

    Also works on browsers and steam aswell.
  10. Miraviel

    Miraviel Retired Staff

    Make pill bottles emptiable to grinders! Please, please, @afterthought if you have the time, work your magic on it, similarly how you fixed plant bags! I could only code it in a laggy way. :( It would help us out in chemistry so much!
  11. Bramzter

    Bramzter Chef

    Please create a Science Goggles I-patch equivalent
  12. Blue_Bit

    Blue_Bit Petty Officer First Class

    Call it the "Sci-Patch"
  13. baton4ik220

    baton4ik220 Bartender

    Add a button to toggle off all antag preferences for the next round only.

    Sometimes you get antagged more than once in a row, or you're just not feeling like it, or you want to try something related to mechanics that you wouldn't really have the time for if you roll antag.

    Switching every antag option to never before the round, and then switching all them back is too manual and can be easily forgotten. A simple button in preferences/lobby/character setup that disabled antag roll for the next round would fix this marvelously.
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  14. Roland410

    Roland410 Petty Officer First Class

    Antag preferences are by-character so unless you save that round, it'll go back to normal.
  15. baton4ik220

    baton4ik220 Bartender

    Are you saying that if I don't click "Safe slot" they'll still apply?
  16. Roland410

    Roland410 Petty Officer First Class

    Yes, they will apply for the CURRENT round, but next round the server will load your previous preferences. For example if you have a character that is both configured for biomech and roboticist (I have one of these), and you want to play biomech rather than roboticist for that round, you can set it to high and leave the other on never or any other setting, and then it will reset on a new round. Same with any preferences.
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  17. cammissar

    cammissar Petty Officer First Class

    allow lifting people up ladders with a high enough athletics skill
  18. Tristan63

    Tristan63 Senior Enlisted Advisor

    Or better yet with high enough skill allow you to put people on your back after getting to red grab
  19. cammissar

    cammissar Petty Officer First Class

    MGSV fireman carry style, that'd be cool.

    Red grab them, then click the their sprite with help intent.

    Is there a plan to make height/weight have a mechanical effect? If so (maybe) make size have an effect. Being small makes you easier to carry but more difficult to pick up characters larger than you. Being large lets you pick up smaller characters more easily but getting picked up yourself is harder.
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  20. SierraKomodo

    SierraKomodo Command Keyword Detected

    I'm gonna say no - Never combine mechanical affects with features that are meant to be RP/fluff, or you'll have a bunch of big buff snowflakes running around for the powergame.
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