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Discussion The Little Things 5: A New Jive

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Feedback' started by Spookerton, Jul 10, 2018.

  1. Kirby Elder

    Kirby Elder Bartender

    When you aim a gun at somebody, they should receive a big red message that says "X HAS AIMED A GUN AT YOU! THEY WILL FIRE REFLEXIVELY IF YOU DON'T FOLLOW THEIR INSTRUCTIONS!", and they should have like 1-2 seconds grace before the restrictions actually apply. This avoids the scenario where you point a gun at somebody and they just instantly get shot by accident.
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  2. If I remember correctly you do get a couple of seconds before they will start reflexively firing. They also get a red bolded message in chat when they get a gun pointed at them, although it would make sense for it to be a bit bigger.
  3. Kirby Elder

    Kirby Elder Bartender

    About half the times I've pointed a gun at somebody recently (with experienced weapons expertise), I instantly reflex-fired.
  4. SierraKomodo

    SierraKomodo Command Keyword Detected

    This is because if someone clicks to face another direction, the game treats it as them trying to use an item (Because clicking) and as moving (Because turning).
  5. Ozwell

    Ozwell Sol Gov Pilot

    smell sensor
  6. CubecsMelody

    CubecsMelody Petty Officer First Class

    people kinda smell like cooked meat after getting boiled alife by an energy gun
  7. Noelysm

    Noelysm Assistant

    Closed captioning for explosions/gunshots/anything that makes the room clear out while I'm standing there like a fool.

    Edit: Apparently air alarms make sound?!
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