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The Nice Thread

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by ParadoxSpace, Jan 2, 2017.

  1. masterrbc

    masterrbc That Aussie Donator

    You're always deeply passionate about what you think and fight for it. You're also a good mate, and I'm glad to be able to call you friend.
  2. Dark_Kota

    Dark_Kota Petty Officer First Class

    you were one of my first friends on bay, back when clark, hayden, and vance were an unstoppable medical trio

    a pretty cool dude and real human bean
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  3. IDTia

    IDTia Retired Staff

    I heard stories that you and Cooper had some shower time with a bar of soap from the Bridge Crew. You got walked in on and it looked like something else.
  4. Mordeth221

    Mordeth221 Retired Staff

  5. Sytic

    Sytic Sol Gov Pilot

    called him out on his death and told him to clean his room
    I have become mom, destroyer of spare time
  6. Mordeth221

    Mordeth221 Retired Staff

  7. Jackalhunter

    Jackalhunter Retired Staff

    He posted the most adorable pictures in this thread.
    Totally stealing those.
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  8. masterrbc

    masterrbc That Aussie Donator

    This guy right here is famalam in a nutshell. I've known him since I first started on bay, and he's been an absolute great bloke! Top notch in his admin duties and Deputy Vox work! Keep up the great job bru! (I'm not phising for likes, haha he's just a genuinely good bloke imo.)
  9. TcOne

    TcOne Research Director

    ^^ Have the nicest shitbird character at bay.
  10. LorenLuke

    LorenLuke Commanding Officer

    Though they haven't used it, they cracked my cipher. It's nice when you set up convoluted things in exploit information, and people actually take the effort to figure it out.
  11. Manored

    Manored Executive Officer

    I don't know him but one other guy had nice things to say
  12. Mo_Bros

    Mo_Bros Research Director

    He keeps responding to this thread, which probably means he's nice and not that he's just doing it so people say nice things about him.
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  13. Roaper

    Roaper Retired Staff

    He's figured it all out.
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  14. Manored

    Manored Executive Officer

    He's wrong about Mo_bros being right because Mo_Bros is wrong, but at least he's not directly wrong.

    I just wanted to point out that the niceness died, and people picked it up and flew with it. Then again this just leads to the niceness dying again.
  15. LorenLuke

    LorenLuke Commanding Officer

    The above poster broke the flow of a thread they revived for the sake of principle. What conviction!
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  16. IDTia

    IDTia Retired Staff

    Person above me is a highly respectable spess men.

    Also I just wanted someone to say something nice about me ;-;
  17. LorenLuke

    LorenLuke Commanding Officer

    Knows how to turn a tool of pleasure into a tool of horrific vengeance (lube).
  18. Apple Master

    Apple Master Donator

    Can sometimes post less than a 1000 words, which honestly has me in awe.
  19. LorenLuke

    LorenLuke Commanding Officer

    Is often a right butt... But said butt is a nice one.
  20. Sytic

    Sytic Sol Gov Pilot

    He's really talky. Also really nice. He sounds like a douche almost 24/7 in text. But when you hear his voice, you get the feeling everything is gonna be ok.
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