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The Olympian

Discussion in 'News' started by ParadoxSpace, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. ParadoxSpace

    ParadoxSpace Mr. Roboto

    The most reputable source of news in the wider Sol System.
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  2. Fysh

    Fysh Research Director

    Solar Assembly votes overwhelming to ban "Stardust"

    New substance outlawed in SolGov space, rated amongst "most dangerous" drugs
    Reporter: Cecilia Fischer
    23rd October 2562​

    The drug known colloquially as "Stardust" has been classified as Class A controlled substance after a vote in the assemblies today. Effective midnight on the first day of November, any person caught in possession of the substance faces extended jail time. A statement on behalf of Senator Xian Yi, the sponsor of the vote, of the OSN said the vote rose quickly to the top of the Assembly's priority list.

    "After inital reports and exploratory hearings," the statement said, "It became clear we needed to move on this issue as fast as possible. Stardust poses an immense danger to the whole of SCG space, from the smallest communities to the largest hubs, and allowing it to go through the standard legislative process would put hundreds of lives at risk."

    This emergency vote follows a spate of deaths related to users of the substance. Users are said to experience a euphoric high, followed by a diluting of the reason centre in the brain. OCIE Agent Robin Hall, head of a special task force gather infomation on the drug, testified at the hearing describing the drug as not only a danger to its user but also to those around them. A case in Phobos last week saw six dead after a suspected user of the drug entered a violent rage before been killed by local police.

    "The exact effect of the drug is still under debate, as we've been unable to conduct proper testing. Evidence gathered from a series of local law enforcement agencies however paint a dangerous and leathal picture."

    The exact origin of the drug remains unknown, but rumours persist that it has been introduced into Sol space by Terran agents as a destabilizing element.

    Cool logo to follow.
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  3. Fysh

    Fysh Research Director

    Contact Lost with Gamma Geminorum

    All contact lost with frontier space stations around Gamma Geminorum
    Reporter: Song Xino
    19th November 2562​

    Early this morning a spokesman for the Cresno Corporation announced an unexpected break in communications with their far frontier space station, the CSS New Dawn.

    All contact was lost with the New Dawn during routine check-ins by the station directors when communications were cut off. The exact details have yet to be disclosed.

    Vowing to find out the exact cause for the blackout, Cresno has hired several freelancer spacers to investigate. This second announcement has done little to prevent the plummeting share prices for the Corporation, whose promising place as the first in lucrative frontier resource exploitation has taken a significant hit.

    The CSS New Dawn is crewed by 120 personnel and sits around Gamma Geminorum, roughly 109 ly from Sol.
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  4. Eckles

    Eckles Lore Manager Manager Game Administrator Skrell Species Maintainer

    Terrans Claim A.Hercules for exploitation.

    Terran Confederation imperialism resurfacing?
    Reporter: Thomas Park
    23rd November 2562
    Today sources have informed our Gilgamesh office of bold new claims by the Terran Colonial Confederation, which has staked a claim to the A.Herculis system.
    A.Herculis, long ignored by Sol because of its long distance from inhabited systems and its lack of strategic value, was claimed in a surprise move by the Terran government, represented in this matter by the so called Pioneering Corps.

    The Pioneering Corps, established in 2551 by the Terran Government ostensibly with the mission to chart systems and conduct mineral surveys to help stimulate Terra's recovery following the war and is often viewed by SCG parties as a competitor of the Expeditionary Corps that has been set up to piggyback on its reputation and successes, has established a small, semi-permanent colony on the systems only suitable planet, A.Herculis II, named Quinoa by the TCC.

    Controversy abounds over the announcement, with representative Margaret Hollisworth, a veteran of the Altair campaign of 2548, claimed the move to be little more than an attempt to extend the Confederations Border as far as possible and 'brazen colonialism.' A small protest has formed outside the Terran Embassy in Olympus this morning, reputedly organised by the representative.

    However, Professor B.H. MacKenzie of the EcoTrust, a Martian think-tank established following the conclusion of the Gaia conflict to explore new economic incursions and possibilities, has publicly stated that they are of the opinion that 'the Terrans simply require additional mineral resources to keep up with their massive industrial output, many are quick to assume, but much of Terra's post-war economy is heavily reliant on the production of consumer and industrial goods for export and trade, all of which require massive amounts of mineral resources, this claim is simply the Terrans trying to stay on their feet, and should be nothing to worry about.' The Professor has since been branded a 'shill' by the Souls of Gaia, a non-profit organisation that seeks to have Sol cut off all ties with the TCC.

    Opinion is strongly divided, both professionally and personally on the issue, and there is a great deal of uncertainty as to how it will progress.
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  5. Fysh

    Fysh Research Director

    Investigation Underway into New Dawn Disaster

    Freelancers arrive in Gemma Geminorum to behin investigation into loss of CSS New Dawn
    Reporter: Song Xino
    25th November 2562​

    Following the loss of communication with the CSS New Dawn, Cresno Corporation's hired Freelancers finally arrives at the station this morning, with the Azure Rogue being the first to arrive. The transmission was received back at the corporation's Martian headquaters confirming that all 122 souls who manned the station remain to be found, although the station itself remained intact and undamaged.

    Further communications from the Azure Rogue confirmed that all station systems were in working order, and reported that the crew seemed to have just vanished while operating the station as expected. The whole sector remains on high alert following the incident, with several Cresno waystations along the route taking on additional security personnel. With the situation showing no resolution favourable to the Corporation so far, stock prices in Cresno remain at a seven-year low.
  6. Eckles

    Eckles Lore Manager Manager Game Administrator Skrell Species Maintainer

    ICCG Using Penal Labour For Expansionism?

    Gilgamesh Confederation continues to exploit distant systems.
    Reporter: Thomas Park
    7th December, 2562
    Further developments have transpired in relation to the ICCG colony on A. Herculis II as sources have informed our tireless journalists of developments in the system. Reports from credible sources have demonstrated that the so-called colony is little more than a penal site, using penal labour for mining purposes. Sources show that the 'Pioneer Corps' has taken over administration of the colony from the Terran Navy, who has since left the system following a lack of strategic interest in holding it. The venture has been widely regarded as a resources grab by the confederacy government.

    Condemnation has been widespread from across Sol space, with a number of prisoners rights organisations, anti-war groups and politicians alike expressing outrage at the brazen exploitation of distant stars and prison labour in order to engage in petty brinkmanship with the SCG. Senator Miles McAvoy of the Committee for economic development today issued the following statement; "The rising threat of expansionism from the confederacy is once again rearing its ugly head, and it is up to us, proud citizens of Sol, to meet it at any crossing. Should we not, developments like the one in A. Herculis will continue across known space, until slowly, assuredly, we are surrounded on all sides by this insidious menace."

    Despite the numerous vocal protestations no official, overt action has been taken by the government, though it is rumoured that representatives in the committee for diplomatic affairs have been in contact with their counterparts in Ameranthe. We at the Olympian will continue to keep our readers informed of the situation as it develops.
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