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The Ultimate Guide to Deity: Ultra Edition

Discussion in 'Tutorials & Information' started by RuneCap, Apr 28, 2019.

  1. RuneCap

    RuneCap Chef

    Hello, fellow BAYlings! Ever since I first played it, I fell in love with Deity, however, the gamemode itself is a bit rare, and being the Deity yourself is even rarer! I eventually found it upon myself to help people out in AOOC about the inner-workings of Deity, but this proved tiring and repetitive. This is why I've made the first and best guide to Deity...since the wiki rn is p useless.

    Here's the link to the gdoc. Also, comments are enabled so feel free to suggest stuff (or the removal of some) to make the guide better. Runes out.
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  2. Higgin

    Higgin Chef

    This is an inspiringly-good guide. Please do more.