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Denied The_Spanish_1nquisition - Moderator Application

Discussion in 'Game Moderators - Archive' started by The Spanish 1nquisition, Jul 17, 2021.

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  1. Code:
    About You

    What is your Byond key?

    What is your IRC or Discord handle?
    The Spanish Inquisition#0982

    In UTC, what time range(s) do you usually play in?
    Weekdays I play 9 PM to 4 AM, Weekends, 4 PM to 4 AM

    What are the names of your most played characters?
    Joseph Tornakov, Christopher Holt, Lightning Shattering Night, Bandages Piled, Frontenac Lennox-Kingston

    How long have you been playing Space Station 13?
    Since the middle of 2018

    How long have you been playing on Baystation? How much are you involved with our off-server community?
    Consistently since October-November 2018 with several breaks, I am extremely active on discord, and somewhat active on the forum.

    Have you been a moderator or admin on other Space Station 13 servers?
    Yes I have staffed on a TDM server for some time, I still do, it is just inactive.

    Have you been in a moderation role for a forum or on chat channels before?
    Yes I have staffed for servers outside and inside of SS13 that have had moderation of forums and chat channels.

    Tell us about you. What will make you a good moderator?
    Well, throwing at the buzzer this time since my draft got lost and I got home from work 20 minutes ago, but lets go. There are three main reasons that I would quite possibly make a great moderator. First, I have spent a decent amount of time on the server, regularly since I began playing here in late 2018, I have a solid grasp of the SS13 platform, and the specific in game mechanics related to Baystation, I have and will continue to share my knowledge. Second, I will admit I have not been the perfect model of a player, anyone who feels like looking at my notes can tell you this, but I will admit my faults and work to change them, I can and will continue to better myself as I always look to take on information. Third, I have had more staffing experience inside games then the average person, I will be able to quickly mould myself to the specifics of the server, always wanting to do better.

    To the best of your knowledge and understanding, how you would interpret and handle the following scenarios?

    Cornydinner9/(Blake Ashdown)) continually responds in LOOC in regards to the actions of 3wolfmoon/(Alek Mendoza) on their character rather than reacting to them normally. When you use OOC => Who, it shows that Cornydinner9 joined the server for the first time two days ago.

    In this scenario, Corny is new to the server, as such, I would greet them, and welcome them to the server. A link to the Role playing Guide and New Player Guide while inform them the correct use of LOOC and suggest ways they can respond Icly in an engaging way that will benefit everybody.

    gleaming3, an observer, has started a ticket in which they claim that StaleMichel50/(Pete Wethers) is "killing without RP", and they have not provided much information. When you use Admin => Check Antagonists, StaleMichel50 is listed as a traitor.

    To begin, I would ask gleaming if they could provide further context to what they've witnessed, meanwhile I would check who Michel has attacked, seeing if there is any pattern, or if it's been a random swath of people, from this data I would proceed to contacting Michel, asking his intentions. Depending on if it develops that he has been actually killing without sufficient RP or not, it would either resolve with a reminder about the rules surrounding antagonists, or involving an admin for appropriate actions.

    While you are observing, you notice that melancholy_Chad/(Ogden Bullthorn) and ProudYolande08/(Lou Penny) are both explorers, and have seemingly miraculously been able to find and rescue each other on the exoplanet with ease, in spite of their distances apart at various times and lack of communication with one another.

    First, I would ask to see if any other members of the staff team have witnessed similar behaviour beforehand, as well as keeping an eye on the pair, seeing if their actions repeat themselves, then, I would contact them both, asking them at the same time how they've managed to find each other, if they give answers that contradict or otherwise implicates them, I would involve an admin, if not, I would assess with another staff member the odds that they are actually metacomming or not, in either case, a reminder of the metacomming rules and the punishment for breaking them will be in order.

    Superiordorene/(Alex Burnette) is complaining about BIGMAMMOTH/(Jessica Olivers)'s character being "unprofessional" in adminhelps. Upon looking at the situation, you find that the actions of BIGMAMMOTH do not violate any server rules, though Superiordorene is clearly upset.

    In this situation, Mammoth won't be contacted as they haven't done anything against the rules, I would inform Superior of such, and suggest IC ways they could resolve the situation surrounding Mammoth's actions.

    A ticket is opened by colorful_berry67/(Simon Paulson) to complain about something that happened between themself, StraightGertude15/(Eli Mathers), and EnergeticPlastic/(Vlad Petrovic) on the bridge. While the issue appears legitimate. There are a number of discrepancies in the stories between colorful_berry67 and StraightGertude15, with the story provided by EnergeticPlastic not relating at all to those of the other two.

    Of the three stories, Plastic's is the outlier, so it will be set aside to either be looked at later, or ignored if it isn't needed, focusing on Berry and Straight's stories, I would confirm with them the precise details of what happened, and if their stories still do not align, I would ask them questions about the other's story, seeing if it either jog's memories, or invokes a response indicating one of the stories is altered, in any case, I would absolutely ask the assistance of any other staff available, to try and reach the truth of what exactly happened.

    As a Post note, I would like to apologize for the time of my posting, and realize I'm likely tossing a ball at a net that has since moved, though it never hurts to try. I also have to note that I wont be at home, in the event I am selected for a trial mod, from the 19th to 24th of July.

    With Kind Regards, Spanish
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    You are, I'm afraid. Feel free to toss this same thing at the next one though.
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