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TheMusician321 - Kharmaani

Discussion in 'Accepted' started by TheMusician321, Jun 25, 2020.

  1. TheMusician321

    TheMusician321 Assistant

    About You

    What is your Byond key?

    What is your Discord username?

    How long have you been playing on Baystation 12?
    I've been playing on and off since before the Torch. I reckon i've got about 70-80 hours of playtime in the past 2 months or so.

    What are the names of your better-known characters?
    The ones I've been playing lately are the following:
    Ed Waffles
    Sylvia Javier
    The one I used to play back then was Zion Flickinger

    About The Species

    What alien species are you applying for?

    Why do you want to play as the alien species?
    Before playing as an Alate, I had zero idea the Ascent were even a thing. I ended up seeing that there a spot open for an Alate so I decided to go for it, thinking it'd be something like a derelict ship or a colony. The guy who was playing the Gyne was very nice and patient in AOOC. He taught me how the basic things work, where they were. We ended up colonizing a planet with an Ascent Drone. went hunting for food, built a small base with the drone and then the round ended. Afterwards, whenever I'd see an unmanned Ascent Seedship while out and about in the Charon or the GUP I get a bit sad at the wasted potential for some good ol' alien RP.

    What are some example names for the alien species?
    3 - Mountain Valley
    22 - Between Rivers
    31 - Hidden Waterfall
    2133 - Mountain Valley
    32153 - Between Rivers
    27381 - Hidden Waterfall
    The control minds use different names, often choosing puns, jokes or clever references to scientific terms. Drones allocated to Gynes or MSQ are usually given a designation taken from their name and given a number. Such as the following.
    VALLEY - 3
    RIVERS - 12

    Summarize what you know about the species.
    The Kharmaani are the main group that make up the Ascent. From a human perspective, they are strange and very alien to us. Their crystalline structure matches no other naturally occurring species on Earth. The second group that make up the Ascent, are the Monarch Serpentids. They are nearly identical to the GAS, being a cousin of them. In my opinion, the biggest difference between the Monarch Serpentids and the GAS is that they are smarter than them and have more meaningful social structures. I know that some of the Monarch Serpentids have had /some/ contact with their more primitive cousins and they feel pity and shame for what they have become.

    The Kharmaanian life cycle begins as a larva. Alongside thousands of their other brethren, they burrow into the crust of their planet ( or planet substitute, such as artificial ground etc. on a station.) They undergo a molting process where they shed their previous skin for a bigger and better version. They will emerge as male Alates, being only a few feet long and they will begin a culling process where thousands of Alates swarm over each other, fighting and killing mindlessly until the population stabilizes. Those who survive become stronger, smarter and enter into sexual maturity where they will participate in a swarm breeding behavior. However, a handful of older alates will turn into the vastly smarter, bigger and stronger female Gynes. The Gynes will breed with and assimilate other Alates into her body, where their genetic material will be used to produce more larva, which will then form the new lineage of the Gyne.

    The Kharmaani and the Monarch Serpentids have a eusocial tiered-based culture. The Gynes, being smarter, stronger, and population producer make up the top dogs of the society. They hold the most power in a social sense. They are the closest thing to religious figures for the Alates, who are ever loyal to their Gynes and usually respectful to other Gynes if for no other reason than self preservation. The Gynes constantly politick and lobby against each other to gain social influence, capital and power.

    The Monarch Serpentids, on the other hand were saved from a dying world by the Kharmaani and were little more than pets until they decided to have them be the managers of their society. The MS Queens are the ones keeping their society functioning smoothly as the middle-men and they act as intermediaries, as the Gynes have trouble communicating with each other in a polite manner. It is physiologically impossible for two Gynes to be in the same room without them trying to kill the other, even those of the same lineage as them. The MSQs and the Gynes get along quite well, with there at least being one in every fortress-nest where they build their courts. In addition to the Queens, there are the Monarch Serpentid Workers, who perform physical duties around the Ascent territories. They are stronger and less fragile than the alates who are more suited to complex work such as engineering, piloting, and artisan-ship. However, this isn't a clear cut role and there are many MS Worker artisans and Alate soldiers.

    And lastly, the third group that makes up the Ascent society is the Control Minds. They are the AIs of the Ascent Culture and they are the ones responsible for keeping the entire thing running. From logistical supply to fabrication to distribution, they are the ones who handle it all, along with doing whatever it is they desire. Machine Intelligences are accepted as part of in Ascent society and AIs are citizens, just like everyone else. They are treated as equals with rights and even participate in the political games of the Gynes and the Queens. There is also a large subculture of machine intelligences, with even a virtual society that's available to anyone with the means to connect to it.

    From a human perspective, the Kharmaanians are hostile and a violent people. With fortress-nests consisting of tens of thousands of Alates in very high population density areas that make places like Manila look like a pleasant neighborhood. They however live peacefully in their insectoid metropolises, as long as the Alates are of the same lineage. Alates from different lineages will fight at the slightest provocation and often to the death. The Gynes are even worse, they are literally unable to cooperate peacefully if they are the same room. If two Gynes enter in the same room, either one comes out or none at all. However, they get along well with the MSQs and every fortress-nest has at least one MSQ making their courts.

    For creatures outside the Ascent society, they view them as primitives, the Gynes seeing them so far beneath their station that they are little more than ants. Both the Alates and the Gynes will show no mercy if any threat is offered. (However, this does not mean that in an IC sense that they are allowed to go full on murderbone if they so much as see the GUP at the edge of sensor radius. ) The Ascent are incredibly arrogant, however this has an exception. Only the Skrell are given respect due to their shared cultural history and centuries of violence. Relations are generally cordial and things are unlikely to devolve into open warfare.
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