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Tips 'n Tricks: Showing off your game knowledge

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TheWelp, Nov 12, 2015.

  1. TheWelp

    TheWelp Retired Staff

    This is a thread dedicated to showing off and discussing lesser known features.

    For instance: Did you know you can carve a book into a secret container? Using a knife or a wirecutters you can store a lot of different items like an energy sword or a softdrink.

    Plants nutrients machines also have access to more potent fertilizers, ammonia and diethylamine, when buying with a coin.
  2. EmGee

    EmGee Retired Staff

    You can put a coin in a tool-o-mat to get insulated gloves.
    When you multitool a freezer board, it turns into a heater board, and vice versa.
    You can change mech powercells in a similar manner to borgs, allowing you to get a lot more bang for your buck.
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  3. ZaCyril

    ZaCyril Sol Gov Pilot

    You can slice apples with a SYRINGE, maybe mellons too, haven't checked it yet.
  4. Yoshax

    Yoshax Research Director

    Mouse traps can be used for funky stuff.

    Get a mouse trap, get a backpack, get a TTV, get 2 remote signallers.
    Attach one remote signaller to the TTV.
    With the same frequency and whatnot, attach one to the mousetrap, and arm it.
    Put it into the bag.
    Teleport the bag onto the bridge.
    Tell them it's Christmas.
    Kek to the bank.

    You can also make your double-barrel shotgun a sawed-off shotgun by applying a circular saw to it, but remember to remove the bullets first. Load it with stun shells and you have an insta-takedown on anyone not wearing armor. And serious halloss on people wearing armor.

    You can inject phoron into powercells or lights, and they will explode when powered on.

    You can empty an auto-injector by applying a syringe on draw, and then fill it with whatever malicious contents you want.

    You can disable, or remove the bluespace relay thingy on telecomms, it flashes yellow/orange, and then the station can't send emergency messages, so no getting help.

    Tea heals toxins. Other juices, and foods also heal other things.

    You can use any non-conductive item to destroy powered grilles, wooden bats, wooden logs, anything made of glass, etc.

    EMPing an arcade machine will make it spit out prizes.
  5. Thrain

    Thrain Donator

    Not sure if this is still in: but you could use a wrench on a shower to make it husking hot, or cold enough to work as a make shift cryo-tube (assuming you injected the medicine into the person's bloodstream).

    You can crowbar the back of toilets to open them up, then hide small items in them (like a cult book if you so desired).

    Examine firelocks to see air pressure and temperature on all sides of them (not sure why this is so unknown..).

    Apparently you can cuff people to heat exchange pipes, and then roast them if you can get the pipe hot enough. I have never tested that one though.
  6. martin509

    martin509 Senior Enlisted Advisor

    I am always amazed by how many people don't know that emergency air tanks fit in your pocket.
  7. Ikky

    Ikky Species Maintainer (Unathi & Vox)

    You can re-close fire exitusiher cabinets if you click them with something in your hand!
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  8. TheWelp

    TheWelp Retired Staff

    This changes everything! I no longer feel a nagging sensation because they won't shut!

    Oh, I also forgot: You can make a coin-on-a-string by combining wire and a coin. It has a chance to not be used when you use it on a vending machine!
  9. Yoshax

    Yoshax Research Director

    You can remove reagent cartridges from dispensers and then refill them, mix them, or relabel them for fun!
    Relabel oxygen to be potassium and then wait for the explosions!
  10. Cotton

    Cotton Sol Gov Pilot

    You don't need a reset board to change a synth's module. Simply remove the battery and mess with the synth's wiring. One of the wires will reset the module, allowing the Borg to pick again upon reactivation. Just make sure you know what you're cutting.

    Another thing with mechs: If you have the access, stopping a rampaging mech is as simple as walking up to it and initiating maintenance protocols with your ID. Most mechs don't have that feature locked upon creation, and a lot of players tend to forget to lock it.
  11. Yoshax

    Yoshax Research Director

    On that topic, anyone with RD? Access can get a Cyborg/Mech control program thingy on their laptops!
  12. Dante Trigger

    Dante Trigger Petty Officer First Class

    You can inject plasma in any power cell, when an item uses that power cell, it explodes

    An powergaming alternative to an space suit is drinking coffe, and putting a firesuit, with hardhat and internals
  13. TheWelp

    TheWelp Retired Staff

    Coffee thing was removed.
  14. Dante Trigger

    Dante Trigger Petty Officer First Class


    then, fill your body with cryo chemicals or anything that doesnt let you frezze up
  15. TheWelp

    TheWelp Retired Staff

    No what I mean by this is: Space does not make you cold anymore. The only damage you take is from decompression and oxyloss.
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  16. Paradoxon

    Paradoxon Retired Staff

    A crazy vending machine emptied its contents all over your office ? You can put those back inside it once it's opened with a screwdriver.
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  17. Cotton

    Cotton Sol Gov Pilot

    These are the kind of tips I'm looking for.
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  18. Curt5

    Curt5 Senior Enlisted Advisor

    You can zap the circuit board of the Cargo Console with your multitool to set it to BROAD access. This gives you access to restricted crates, like ones full of DRUGS and BOOZE.
  19. TheWelp

    TheWelp Retired Staff

    And BEES
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  20. Dragor

    Dragor Donator

    You can use multitools to open and close firelocks permanently, regardless of the alert on it. Very useful for engineers and atmos techs.

    Even with too much pressure on the pipes, you can always unwrench vents and scrubbers.

    Donk-pockets have tricordizane in them, but only if they are warm.

    Donust have the sprinkles chemical in them. Everyone who joined as a security job will be healed by sprinkles.
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