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Accepted Tomdroid-Moderator Application

Discussion in 'Game Moderators - Archive' started by tomdroid, Apr 7, 2019.

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  1. tomdroid

    tomdroid Assistant

    About You

    What is your Byond key?

    What is your IRC or Discord handle?

    In UTC, what time range(s) do you usually play in?
    Weekends-12pm to 2:00 am
    Weekdays-8:00 pm to 1:00 am

    What are the names of your most played characters?
    Sao Paulo (antag char)

    How long have you been playing Space Station 13?
    About a year.

    How long have you been playing on Baystation? How much are you involved with our off-server community?
    Several months, I forget the specifics. I frequently chat on discord and I've posted like, twice in the forums.

    Have you been a moderator or admin on other Space Station 13 servers?

    Have you been in a moderation role for a forum or on chat channels before?
    Yup, mainly Whatsapp chat channels. Considering that I live in Brazil where whatsapp is used by everybody and their mother, and fake news and other nonsense managed to get a president elected, it is a real pain. I've also moderated a subreddit with a grand total of 11 subscribers, but I haven't done much moderation on there, so that really doesn't count.

    Tell us about you. What will make you a good moderator?
    The recent sseth business has reminded me of when I was new to this server, and I had no idea what I was doing. Back then, some mods helped me learn how to play, and I learned to love this server. Now, tons of new people are here, server pop is up, and I want to take the opposite role. I can tell the difference between a player who legitimately wants to learn to play the game, and an "Evil Poopman", who is only there to troll. I can differ from someone who has done wrong and wants to do better, and someone who doesn't care about rules at all.

    To the best of your knowledge and understanding, how you would interpret and handle the following scenarios?

    Cornydinner9/(Blake Ashdown)) continually responds in LOOC in regards to the actions of 3wolfmoon/(Alek Mendoza) on their character rather than reacting to them normally. When you use OOC => Who, it shows that Cornydinner9 joined the server for the first time two days ago.
    I'll PM Cornydinner9 and give them the usual new player welcoming. I'll tell them that this is a server for RP. I'll then link them to the crash course and the new player guide. If they continue to talk in looc, I'll pop in and tell them to keep things in IC, and not to use LOOC as heavily.

    gleaming3, an observer, has started a ticket in which they claim that StaleMichel50/(Pete Wethers) is "killing without RP", and they have not provided much information. When you use Admin => Check Antagonists, StaleMichel50 is listed as a traitor.

    Well, I'll first need to verify gleaming3's claim. I'll go into VV and check the attack logs of Pete,and any dialogue that may have occurred prior and after the attacks. If it turns out that either there was actually RP prior to the attack that most recently happened, but because they are in active combat, they aren't role-playing for survival's sake. However, if the case turns out to be exactly what gleaming3 is describing ( as in, some guy walking up to people then clicking 'till sideways) then I'll PM StaleMichel50, telling them what rules they broke(perhaps sending a link to the rules page on-wiki), and telling them how they can improve their conduct.

    While you are observing, you notice that melancholy_Chad/(Ogden Bullthorn) and ProudYolande08/(Lou Penny) are both explorers, and have seemingly miraculously been able to find and rescue each other on the exoplanet with ease, in spite of their distances apart at various times and lack of communication with one another.

    First, I'll check if there hasn't been at least the most basic of communications, like "I'm due south of the Charon", as it is entirely possible that they just marvelously found eachother, and passing judgement hastily can confuse or turn off new players( in my experience explorers are usually new) If there hasn't, or they don't even have radios, it is possible that metacomming might be going on. Now, it may not be malicious, just two people who just started playing or a friend showing the game to a friend, so I'll start by checking if any of them are new players. If so, it is likely that they aren't maliciously metacomming, so I'll contact one of them and ask them if they know the other. If they do, then I'll tell them what metacomming is, that it's bad, and I'll link them to the rules. If they aren't new players, It is far more likely that they are comming, but I'll still message them and ask if they know one another, regardless of what happens I'll continue to monitor and see if it was metacomms or just a lucky miracle.

    Superiordorene/(Alex Burnette) is complaining about BIGMAMMOTH/(Jessica Olivers)'s character being "unprofessional" in adminhelps. Upon looking at the situation, you find that the actions of BIGMAMMOTH do not violate any server rules, though Superiordorene is clearly upset.

    I'd inform Superiordorene that BIGMAMMOTH isn't violating any rules, but you could IC tell them to knock it off. If BIGMAMMOTH's behavior starts to slip into the realm of LRP, I'd inform them of it.

    A ticket is opened by colorful_berry67/(Simon Paulson) to complain about something that happened between themself, StraightGertude15/(Eli Mathers), and EnergeticPlastic/(Vlad Petrovic) on the bridge. While the issue appears legitimate. There are a number of discrepancies in the stories between colorful_berry67 and StraightGertude15, with the story provided by EnergeticPlastic not relating at all to those of the other two.

    I'd first ask EnergeticPlastic to clarify their end of the story, as it is possible they accidently talked about a different accident.
    After I have the entire story from everybody, I'd try to confirm what I am certain happened, looking through logs and other things that are concrete. Asking other people who were nearby wouldn't hurt. Anything that I am uncertain about, I would try to confirm with all three. After I have a complete picture of the events, I'd then do whatever is necessary.
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  2. Eckles

    Eckles Cake Seller Senior Administrator Game Administrator Skrell Species Maintainer

    Hi, your application looks good and after discussion we've decided to accept you as a trial moderator.

    1. Make sure you have the Game Moderator Guide open in a tab, bookmarked, or whatever you do to get to a page quickly. Take the time to read it now, if you haven't already.

    2. From the start of Sunday 14th in UTC (or about 7 hours after this post), whenever you're connected to the server and willing to participate in your trial (you don't have to, but not doing trial mod stuff during your trial is a good way to fail), send an adminhelp requesting trial moderator powers. Note that an admin has to be online to do this for you - you can ask in #staffcoach to get someone's attention if nobody is around on the server.

    3. Remember that your role as a moderator is, in short, to a) mentor players by answering questions and helping with problems, and b) be part of the first stage of rule enforcement through player contact and note-keeping. Avoid personal interpretations of the rules, and if other staff members tell you that you've got something wrong, listen to what they have to say.

    4. Start moderating! Your best approach is going to be to get your trial moderator powers and watch other staff handling things for a short while before you dive in yourself. I strongly recommend that you make your first round as a trial moderator one that is well populated with both staff and players. Don't forget to talk to the other staff online, because they can and will help you with your own questions and concerns.

    5. Have fun. Just because you're going for a staff position doesn't mean you can't play the game. As a trial moderator you have the option to both not request powers, and to hide your moderator tools if you want to stop mid-round. If things feel too hectic or you're frustrated with doing staff tasks while you're trying to play, you can just play.

    Please contact me or another member of senior staff if you have any questions, issues or concerns, or if you cannot begin your trail because you need to be absent for a lengthy period so we can defer your trail until you are able.
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