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Accepted Tony Moreno

Discussion in 'Archived Player Complaints' started by Shadowtail117, Nov 9, 2020.

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  1. Shadowtail117

    Shadowtail117 Petty Officer First Class

    Their BYOND username: Unknown
    Their character name: Tony Moreno
    Your BYOND username: Shadowtail117
    Your character name: Ul'vix Vil'sik
    Date, time, and game ID of incident: 11/09/2020, ~11:20 AM PDT, b93-cGbT
    Who else can vouch for the situation: David Armstrong's player, Alexander-090's player, Scotty Rogers' player, Dukica77
    What happened:
    During a relatively-slow and short-staffed shift, Alexander-090 the mechsuit tech made a mech that he was performing tests on in the public hallways. Moreno stole it and proceeded to pilot it around the entirety of the ship (including maintenance) despite being directly told over the radio from both Alexander-090 and the chief engineer, Scotty Rogers to stop piloting and return it, which led to a wild goose chase regarding all three of them. This already is a red flag as he was disobeying not only the mech's owner's but also the ROIC's orders.
    Over the radio, he expressed rather concerning language, saying that he was going on a "joyride" and laughing while sarcastically replying to Alexander-090/Rogers and (I believe) at one point attempted to physically attack Alexander-090, who had constructed another mech to try and stop him, with the mech's drill. Only when Rogers was forced to bring out an ion rifle and start shooting it at Moreno did he finally get out of the mech, though his language afterward implies that he does not see that he is at fault nor did he take the situation seriously, even calling the others "lunatics".
    Moreno is 31 years old, and his player has been on the server for a while. This childish behavior is not acceptable, especially during an extended round, and directly contradicts rule 20.

    Evidence that shows the incident fully (logs, screenshots, recordings, etc.): I served as a bystander for the majority of the event and I'm sure radio logs can easily be brought up. Obviously, Scotty Rogers' and Alexander-090's players are direct witnesses. David Armstrong's player, Gertrude's player (Dukica77), and myself were bystanders to the event, though Armstrong may have witnessed more than I did.
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2020
  2. Monimus

    Monimus Game Administrator

    Hey, I'll take a look at this.

    I'll contact Moreno's player and have them post up their side of events.
  3. Spum

    Spum Permanently Banned User

    Hey- I play Moreno. I totally understand why this complaint was made, especially since you weren't directly involved. I'll try and clarify some stuff here, and provide some context. I was just disconnected- so my logs aren't saved, but if need be you could ask rogers, armstrong, or alex for theirs- i'd specifically recommend rogers (the CE) since he had the most comm acess. So first thing- yeah, calling some of my actions that round childish wouldn't be far off- It was a pretty slow round and I was mainly interacting the rogers and armstrong- and we were joking around in a way that, if you wanted to, most definitely broke several rules (slipping eachother, locking eachother in lockers, handcuffing rogers to maintenance pipes- etc.). This, of course, wasn't meant to involve anyone outside of myself, rogers, and armstrong- we all knew what we were doing. for anyone that knows or plays with Armstrong, this isn't an uncommon thing- especially on extended rounds. Anyways- at some point myself and rogers decided to pilot mechs over to the garden, mostly to show off to David. I was with the CE when I took the firefighting mech that alex had made- I had planned on giving it back. Side note, earlier in the round the mech tech (Alex) had been getting annoyed (I believe just IC, myself and alex had quite a lot of aggressive interactions that round- if he had asked me to stop LOOC I would have, but I believe he was also just acting in character, given how he seemed to play along with his responses) that I kept contacting armstrong over general comms, we ended up fighting about it, he would call me names, I'd come up with something equally dumb or witty in response, etc. Going back to the mech, I had been piloting around when alex voiced over comms he wanted it back, I asked him to apologize, he threatened to kill me- I kept taunting him- we were both being fairly ridiculous. In regards to me attacking him, that was after he chased me around in another mech firing a plasma welder at me. From an outside perspective I can see why you would have seen this how you did- I apologize for that- it was not meant to spill over to general comms as much as it did. You're right, such behavior isn't acceptable- If the staff want me to, Im fine with avoiding behavior like that altogether in the future, but ill repeat it one more time- this was supposed to be a joke between friends who were willing to play along- it got out of hand and seemed to, at the very least, affect your enjoyment of the round. Im sorry about that- really. Again, logs aren't saved, if it makes sense reach out to the others involved. Hopefully this explains some things.
  4. Mordeth221

    Mordeth221 Senior Administrator Game Administrator

    User's been permenantly banned until appeal for ban evading an alternate account called Jivetyrant.
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