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Trans Species Characters

Discussion in 'Rules, Policy, and Guidelines' started by Snapshot, Jul 10, 2016.

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  1. Snapshot

    Snapshot Developer

    The advent of resleeving as our new cloning method brings with it a slew of new opportunities for both roleplay and gameplay. One of the things that resleeving does is allow players to change the species of the body they inhabit. A vox can be recloned as a human, or a tajara, or anything really other than another Vox, Diona, or IPC.

    Unfortunately, the introduction of resleeving also introduced a loophole that needed to be addressed. Resleeving makes it canonically possible to be a human in an unathi body, or be a vox in a human body. After discussion, the staff have decided that:

    Spawning as a species in another species body (e.g. human in an Tajara or Unathi) is not allowed.

    This however, does not mean that cross-species bodyswapping is banned. it is still allowed in game as a roleplaying and antagonistic opportunity, but you will not be able to be one species in another species on spawn.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.