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Troubled or Neglected Species Maintainership

Discussion in 'Rules, Policy, and Guidelines' started by F-Tang Steve, May 30, 2018.

  1. F-Tang Steve

    F-Tang Steve Developer Serpentid Species Maintainer

    To start off, this isn't going to impact maintainership of species that are doing well. Maintenance for those species is going to remain mostly the same unless they become a troubled or neglected species.

    What do I mean by troubled or neglected? Some species need work, either lore work or code work, and have not received that work by their current maintainer. This often impacts their playability and how they fit into the world. Our two current examples are Vox and Tajara which both are having issues with reworks.

    Currently a species always has a maintainer. This is seen as a very permanent position unless the maintainer messes up royally. Often it is difficult to step in and have a species get the work it needs as it's so reliant on the maintainer stepping up. If they don't, there is little that can be done.

    This also can have troubles when a species maintainer retires. Regardless of whether there is a good maintainer candidate, one must be chosen. That person may also want to substantially change the species from what they are in lieu of working with and fixing the species as it is.

    This will change how troubled or neglected species are handled by allowing the lore manager to hold the maintainership in escrow until a suitable maintainer is found. This will be done through applications similar to developer applications where a position is granted only when a good candidate applies. These applications will include a section on plans to work with or fix the species and these will be expected to be followed once the position is given.

    If a species is in trouble or neglected but already has a maintainer, the lore manager can give the current maintainer a public two weeks notice to shape up. In this time, the maintainer must create a plan to work with the species in the areas that the lore manager has indicated. If they don't, or the plan is insufficient, the lore manager can open up the position for applications and allow other people to submit plans to make these adjustments. If a good application with a plan is received, the candidate will be discussed among the lore team (similar to developers) and the lore manager will have the final decision.

    If a new maintainer doesn't follow their submitted plan or if they deviate from it significantly, the lore manager can step in and prevent damage to the identity of the species if needed.

    If the species is in a state where they can coast, the lore manager will handle applications and general day to day tasks of managing the species. Otherwise, applications may be closed (and the whitelist potentially purged) until a suitable candidate for maintainer is found.

    Again, none of this applies for species that don't need work or species where the maintainer is working well. Most species are currently being well maintained. If a new maintainer does well and shows that they have a good handle on the species, a species may no longer be troubled.