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Trying to find "Show-Held-Object"

Discussion in 'Coding' started by Krab_Spider, Mar 28, 2018.

  1. Krab_Spider

    Krab_Spider Bartender

    I'm awfully sorry to be rude but; I'm trying to locate the file that contains "show-held-object", on the Github and so far I could not find it. Where does one look to find a verb like this?
  2. Banditoz

    Banditoz Senior Enlisted Advisor

    I'd search for it locally, instead of relying on Github's search function. It hasn't had the best track record.
  3. Meyar

    Meyar Retired Worstmin 2015-2017

    You can also try the coding channel on the discord for help :D
  4. Chinsky

    Chinsky Retired Staff

    Line 611
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