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Vanished in Space

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Fysh, Nov 20, 2018.

  1. Fysh

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    Extract from "madspace.nt"

    Vanished in Space
    Exploring the mysteries of missing ships throughout the galaxy
    Author: TaursRReal
    20th November 2562​

    Throughout history, space exploration has been fraught with perils. From hardware failings leading to the deaths of crew to the more exotic failures, death has long been a hazard faced by spacefarers.

    As space travel becomes safer and safer however, ships and crew still manage to go missing, lost to the endless void. Here are three mysterious vanishing of spacecraft and crew.

    1. Galileo White
    The Galileo was a privately owned freighter vessel, tasked with supplying a network of border colonies with non-vital supplies. It had flown its mission for a decade, and would fly it for ten more if it had not disappeared.

    On the thirty-second day of its voyage, it made a distress call picked up by Third Fleet's SFV Vigilant, which made speed to the Galileo's last known location.

    The signal contained a warning that the Galileo has come into contact with an immense ship. Later communiqué between the Vigilant and the Galileo expanded on the nature of their emergency.

    The Galileo's captain believed his crew were doomed, and towards the end became more frantic with the Vigilant, insisting that at the very least some of their data must be salvaged.

    When the Vigilant arrived, they found only a message buoy, with the signal continuing, before a final message: "The eyes see!"

    The Galileo and her captain were never heard from again.

    2. SFV Starcutter
    Fighting in the Fourth Fleet during the Gaia Conflict, the SFV Starcutter survived Diwalli's last stand and fled the oncoming Terrans. Forced to dodge Terran Naval vessels, the Starcutter went quiet, before finally reappearing almost a decade later deep in Skrell space.

    When no contact could be established, the Starcutter was boarded by a local defence task force. Once aboard, the Skrell found every inner surface of the ship covered in a thick purple liquid, and there was no sign of the crew.

    Later analysis of the liquid showed it to be composed largely of Hassium, though no explanation has yet been found for its liquid state.

    3. Xantin Qhul
    The Xantin was one of several independent "border patrol" ships which plied their trade near Nyx. Tasked with apprehending smugglers, the Xantin's captain made a decent living from the various bribes she collected.

    While in pursuit of a fleeing craft, the Xantin found itself lead into what can only be described as an anomaly. Contact between the NAS Cresent and the Xantin became increasingly unusual, as the ship reported instrument failure, and finally a rapid drain on the power.

    The messages suddenly started reporting an all clear, which began to repeat itself every three minutes fourteen seconds. The Xantin came within range of the NAS Cresent, who noted the ship seemed to be flying uncontrolled before it disappeared once more into the distance.

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