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venum - Giant Armoured Serpentid

Discussion in 'Denied' started by venum4k, Sep 28, 2019.

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  1. venum4k

    venum4k Bartender

    About You

    What is your Byond key?

    How long have you been playing on Baystation 12?

    Since 2011 on and off if my emails from the old forum are anything to go by.

    What are the names of your better-known characters?

    Lena Fields
    Lily Paynter

    About The Species

    What alien species are you applying for?

    GAS (Giant Armoured Serpentid)

    Why do you want to play as the alien species?

    Giant snake aliens seem like they would be a pretty interesting role to play, different from any of the non-antag roles I've played so far.
    I think the challenge of considering such a different mindset and speech pattern would also be interesting and who doesn't want to play as a giant snake thing that loves cabbages?
    Also in consideration of the possibility of them appearing on Ascent ships in the near future, I thought it would be beneficial to have the whitelist.

    What are some example names for the alien species?

    The pattern for assigned names is fairly generic English names.
    Some examples would be:


    These names are given because native GAS names do not translate well at all to Common, assigned names are given during training at a Xynergy facility.

    Summarize what you know about the species.

    They are omnivorous but have trouble digesting starchy foods, fruit, grains, and cooked food.
    They are ambush hunters and their natural diet consists of large animals they hunt and plants they grow (supposedly they like cabbage?).

    As their name suggests, Giant Armoured Serpentids are larger than humans, have armoured exoskeletons and are somewhat snakelike in shape.
    Their anatomy features two sets of limbs on a snakelike body, similar in appearance to a legless centipede. Their upper limbs are used for hunting and aggressive acts while their lower limbs are used for fine manipulation.
    Much larger than humans, adult GAS tend to be around 9 feet high and 15 or more in length.
    Due to the use of hydraulic pressure instead of muscles, they cannot operate both sets of limbs at once.
    They can unconsciously alter the iridescence of their exoskeleton, allowing them to camouflage themselves and perform colourful threat or mating displays.
    Their eyesight is extremely good in the dark and they have mostly opaque lenses that can slide over their eyes to protect them in bright light as they are vulnerable to sudden flashes and fires. They have to clean their eyes manually as they cannot blink.
    GAS respiration relies on mixing phoron and acetone that they collect from the atmosphere or things they eat. This creates dexalin which allows them to breathe in low-oxygen environments. They are "space proof", low-pressures will not harm them, however, they will eventually suffocate so a GAS will still try to avoid holes in the ship.

    Serpentids speak in a language that can't be replicated by most other lifeforms, it consists of what is effectively two parallel languages, one visual and the other audio-based. That being said, the audio component is harder to understand. As such, GAS will tend to maintain a line of sight when communicating, if possible.

    Their thought process does not optimise sentences so sentences that contain lists can get very long.
    "The CE sent me here to collect some metal and glass and plasteel and a voidsuit and there is a breach on deck 3 but it is contained and more materials are needed."

    GAS are very conscious of personal space and if another individual comes into their space they will perform varying degrees of threat displays culminating in physical strikes using their hunting arms on the offender.
    This is a problem for non-GAS as the strikes are likely to cause harm to unarmored individuals.

    Grading and jobs
    They are graded based on their interactions with humans, including their reactions during their threat displays and their ability to perform complex tasks.

    The first component of the grading is given in the form of letters:

    A grade serpentids can perform complicated tasks that require literacy skills such as chemistry or maintenance technician.
    B grade serpentids are capable of performing jobs that require less complexity and some basic literacy such as a chef.
    C grade serpentids are those that can only perform basic roles aboard the ship that do not require the ability to read or write.

    The second component of grades is the presence or absence of a + or - after the letter:

    If they are too aggressive, even before their personal space is breached, they fail and will be retrained.
    If they quickly resort to physical responses they are graded a Minus.
    A Neutral grade is given to serpentids that request additional space verbally and then resort to threatening displays.
    A Plus is given to GAS that do not respond to crowding with violence and consistently request personal space verbally instead of using threats.

    The grade ultimately determines what roles a Serpentid is allowed to perform. A grade-A serpentid would be capable of performing the complex tasks required to work as a medical technician, but if they weren't a Plus-grade then they would lack the temperament required to work in a job that requires that level of physical contact with others.

    Generally the GAS grade better the closer they are to the main Xynergy facility which handles the grading process and contracts for the Serpentids.
    If a facility consistently fails to train GAS to an employable standard, it would be revised until it did.
    I've seen no mentions of if a Serpentid can fail training outright so that would be interesting to know.
    Also, do GAS fall on a bell-curve around something like neutral B grades or is it more common for them to be less/more aggressive and skilled?

    As visual learners, almost everything they learn is from observing other GAS, it takes multiple observations of a skill in different situations for them to understand how to use it in different circumstances.
    This behaviour does not work well when the GAS is observing another species, however. A human would have to accurately perform the task as a Serpentid would, a difficult task as GAS and human limbs are physically different in shape.

    GAS skills are binary in their applicability. Either a GAS can perform a task that has been learned from another, or they do not know how to perform that task at all. As a result, when asked to do something they have not learned

    GAS start as eggs which are layed in clusters, they all hatch at once and escape using their active camouflage.
    They are considered nymphs at this stage, they are not considered "mindfull" by adult GAS and, if not careful, are likely to get killed or eaten by their elders.

    Once they develop speech, they tend to roam in groups before they grow to Fledgelings at roughly 4 years where they moult into their adult, winged, forms.

    While they are "Adult" and "Mindfull" to other GAS now, they are not fully mature. Fledgelings will compete and create a mating display that involves learning and performing tasks better than their peers.
    The undirected competition of the fledgelings is what leads to the majority of new useful skills being developed by the GAS as a whole.
    On their homeworld, they can fly fairly well in the low gravity.

    Around 10 years old, a GAS will have an urge to participate in the mating season, signifying that they have fully matured.
    GAS take fewer risks once they reach this age and settle into being a productive member of the colony.

    Colonies consist of 30-200 members in most cases, GAS join and leave colonies as they please. Some staying at one for their entire lives, others living nomadically and changing when their old colony no longer suits them.

    What is your character concept for your trial period?

    Facility-assigned Name - Kelly
    Age - 14
    Skillset/Occupation - Food preparation
    Physical Characteristics
    16 foot long, slightly smaller than other GAS of the same age.
    Dark red body colouring with blue/black eyes.

    Kelly learned the basics of food preparation from the adults at her birth-colony.
    This skillset ended up being the focus of her display as "everybody loves good food and a hungry mate is not a happy mate".
    She is not particularly wary of humans, they seem fairly harmless to her. She does not like sudden loud noises such as raised voices though is fine with constant background noise.
    She enjoys listening to stories, especially from other species.
    After scoring a neutral B, Kelly was contracted to work on the Torch after showing promise in the simulated kitchen and dining spaces of the Xynergy facility she received her training at.
    As far as Xynergy is concerned, despite not scoring amazingly during the aggression grading process, Kelly is on the lower end of the risk spectrum as most of her job can be performed with a physical barrier between her and customers.

    Let me know if my character concept is awful.
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2019
  2. venum4k

    venum4k Bartender

    Hi, just gonna.... give this a little nudge.
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  3. venum4k

    venum4k Bartender

    Ok so here's another boop on the thread. Just gonna add that I wasn't aware someone was already using the name that I picked for my character concept as a GAS so I'll use something else...
  4. Alex6511

    Alex6511 Deputy Serpentid Maintainer

    I promise I haven't forgotten, sorry I will do this soon.
  5. Alex6511

    Alex6511 Deputy Serpentid Maintainer

    Hey. I had some time to look at this application.

    Please do me a favor and try to clean up the formatting and grammar, there are some spots where there are line breaks in the middle of sentences and other things. If you need help with spelling or grammar, look into Grammarly.
  6. venum4k

    venum4k Bartender

    I think I've sorted the odd linebreaks, I wrote it out initially in a different program where I had to use explicit linebreaks and forgot to remove those. I also did a grammar pass and picked a few mistakes up.
    Was there anything else that bothered you? I'm aware my writing style has gone in a strange direction since I stopped having to regularly write.
  7. Alex6511

    Alex6511 Deputy Serpentid Maintainer

    Alright, I think your app is pretty good. Time for the questions.

    1) Kelly has awoken and discovered that another chef is in the kitchen preparing food. He tells Kelly to go away. How does Kelly react?

    2) Kelly has awoken and discovered that no food has been prepared. The crew is very hungry but the supplies for food seem to be missing. Botany is fully functional. What does Kelly do?

    3) While working, a grey shirt climbs over the counter and gives Kelly a hug, what happens next?
  8. venum4k

    venum4k Bartender

    1) They would start by explaining that the kitchen is also their workspace and would attempt to divide up the kitchen space to avoid getting too close to the other chef. At this point some signs of agitation might be showing (slight wing buzzes, that kind of thing). If that doesn't work, Kelly would attempt to find someone to help resolve the situation.

    2) Kelly would attempt to locate the supplies (asking on comms, looking thoroughly around the kitchen). They would go to cargo to order more supplies and ask if anyone would be willing to grow food, probably in that order as they would have most likely been taught to order supplies when low and botany seems like it would be an afterthought.

    3) Immediately switch to fighting arms and move away (to one of the far doors for easy escape), then possibly start the threat display if they don't leave. If they continue approaching, make a getaway to a nice, quiet place and hide. I'd hesitate to say if they still managed to follow and find a hidden GAS then touch them again, then it would be rewarded with a "leave me alone" poke to a limb. This seems like it's pretty unlikely to happen though, given how speedy they are. The application page says that there are some more disengagement methods, I'd be interested to hear some.
  9. Eonoc

    Eonoc Vox Species Maintainer Deputy Serpentid Maintainer

    Righto. I'll be taking over, here. Looks good to me, all in all. As to other disengagement methods, you can run, you can use disarm with hunting arms to send people staggering back, and you grab and crunch a limb if worst comes to worst. But the latter is only in extreme circumstances.

    Just to get my own stake in this and to sort of....finish up the evaluation, shall we say, describe to me Kelly's routine after waking from cryo to prepare her workplace, and start preparing food.
    Sort that out, and we can finally wrap this sucker up.
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  10. Eonoc

    Eonoc Vox Species Maintainer Deputy Serpentid Maintainer

    Final bump. If I don't get a response within the week, I'm moving this to denied.
  11. venum4k

    venum4k Bartender

    So to start the day Kelly would immediately head to the mess to grab a protein MRE and maybe a tea? from the vending machines if hungry/thirsty. These would be consumed at the closest available seat. Then Kelly would move into the kitchen and put on any remaining chef clothes (not 100% sure what can be worn by GAS in terms of chef equipment). Then, depending on the shift time, Kelly would start preparing batches of food that fit into general "breakfast, lunch, dinner" categories. Breakfast being things like fried egg, waffles, toast, sweet-flavoured bread-type food. Lunch would be mainly sandwiches, fish and chips, maybe some cakes. Late in the shift would be cooked savoury things like burgers, pies, steak. I'm going to have to come up with a menu which Kelly would always put on the counter. How unlikely is it for a GAS to know some of the more exotic recipes? I'll avoid cooking anything experimental regardless.

    And apologies for the delay, I've been away from BS12 for a bit.
  12. Eonoc

    Eonoc Vox Species Maintainer Deputy Serpentid Maintainer

    Well, uh. You're not QUITE correct in a few details, but we can iron that out in the trials. GAS know how to cook every recipe on the wiki recipe page, but not really any variations to it.

    Anyway, otherwise the application was fine. Was more or less just to close the book on it. Approved for trial.
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