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Welcome to the Newsletter Subforum

Discussion in 'Community Newsletter' started by Crushtoe, Sep 10, 2017.

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  1. Crushtoe

    Crushtoe Retired Staff

    This sub-forum is dedicated to the Baystation Community Newsletter. Each month, a PDF will be put out discussing the comings and goings of our community and server. This will include opportunities for the community to contribute with something in the Newsletter, including:

    • The Round of the Month: By far the most important aspect, of course. Players submit what they think was the best round of the month, including pictures and a paragraph write up of its greatness. The Community votes on this at the end of the month.
    • The Thread of the Month: The thread that you feel generated the most interest, debate, change, or is just an excellent piece of work. The Community votes on this at the end of the month.
    • The Player of the Month: The player you feel deserves the most recognition for their efforts over the last month and best represents our server's values. Like Employee of the Month, but for the Unemployed.
    • Challenge of the Month: Much more involved than the other submissions, this is an opportunity for the Community to contribute to a special challenge of the month. This can be a writing prompt, art prompt, favorite feature, anything that we can come up with. All submissions must follow the challenge submitted and will be voted on by the Community at the end of the month.
    Each of these will get a thread each month where players can duke out over what they think best. Rules will come with each thread of course, and these are the same as elsewhere on the forum, but they also include the following regardless of category:

    No being a dick to others' suggestions.

    That's the big one guys. Don't break it, or you're going to be barred from doing anything for the Newsletter in that month.

    Those who win will get mentioned in the Newsletter of course, and receive a Community Newsletter Winner Tag for the rest of the month. Player of the Month winner gets the Player of the Month Tag.

    Those who submitted the winning Thread/Round/Writing receive the recognition, not the voters.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.