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What's your avatar?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by xales, May 3, 2017.

  1. xales

    xales Host Game Administrator Developer Community Moderator

    I see a lot of people's avatars, and a lot of them I think "what even is that?" Sometimes "that looks cool, what's that from?"

    Anyway, here's the place to go ahead and tell everyone what your avatar is/means, or point out that you went to the effort to change it! Since some people change it a lot, you might want to link to it directly/off-site.
  2. Syndikate

    Syndikate Sol Gov Pilot

  3. Orelbon

    Orelbon Sol Gov Pilot

    Gentleman Pikachu.
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  4. Dovah

    Dovah Petty Officer First Class

    Plague doctor fanart from Darkest Dungeon
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  5. Manored

    Manored Executive Officer

    She's even cuter when she's stunning two skeletons in the backline in one move.

    Mine is a cake
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  6. Chaoko99

    Chaoko99 Research Director

    Okay, this gets in depth. I'm probably going to have to spoiler this.
    Okay, so first, there's a character in PSO2 who 'speaks in percentages' — as in they have a verbal tic that dictates that instead of saying "This is good." They'd say "This is 70% great.". At one point, post getting her ass WHOOPED, She mentioned being "200% mad", and so I had this on the brain.
    Then an in-game concert happened. This was about the time where Sega started shoehorning Vocaloid into everything.
    Pictured: Shit.


    Then this frame happened, BUT, the model wasn't loading, so it displayed the placeholder instead, giving me this: (Pictured: Existential crisis)


    Then I slapped some things on it (This is where the percentages came in)


    For fuller context: PSO2 has a a hardcoded model limit. If you have more 200 files (This is a vaguer concept than you think) loaded, they will not render, play, or exist in any way of note. To avoid this, PSO2 will display monochrome placeholder characters without any glamour on them to keep you from dropping out of world because the FLOOR didn't get mounted into memory. This is actually a problem that harkens back like fifteen years to PSO1, whcih had a similar hardcoded problem (many people suspect it uses the same engine :<), so it used significantly plainer placeholders.
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  7. TcOne

    TcOne Research Director

    Well... I once already explained it.

  8. ThatOneGuy

    ThatOneGuy Retired Staff


    So I found this fantastic artist a while back named McKay Felt when I was looking for art for the movie drive cause this scene is beautiful:
    And I found McKay Felt's:

    Over the last few years I've used his art as various forum avatars, and buy shit cause he's really good at it:
    [​IMG] This guy's name is Earl Sweatshirt he does music with KNXWLEDGE below and OFWGKTADGAFLLBBLSBFBN
    [​IMG] This is part of the album cover for one of my favorite producers, Knxwledge, mixtape HUD DREEMS
    [​IMG] this ones my character Dominic Fetch's Portrait
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  9. Syndikate

    Syndikate Sol Gov Pilot

    Dude that's awesome
  10. lordekilly

    lordekilly Sol Gov Pilot

    Obviously the Dude, the Duder, Lord Dudliness himself. Don't call him Lebowski though.
  11. Curt5

    Curt5 Senior Enlisted Advisor

    The Chosen Undead, from Dark Souls 1, chugging an Estus Flask.
    Praise the sun, baby.
  12. Paradoxon

    Paradoxon Retired Staff

  13. Meyar

    Meyar Retired Worstmin 2015-2017

    Some anime chick who I stole the deadpan face of for my rogue trader enginseer
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  14. IDTia

    IDTia Retired Staff

    The dark lord Nar-Sie
    Blood for the blood god
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  15. Eckles

    Eckles Senior Administrator Game Administrator Skrell Species Maintainer

    Catbert, the evil director of human resources, from the Dilbert comic strip.
  16. Manored

    Manored Executive Officer

    Might want to include a NSFW warning on all those topless women, mister seniormin =)
  17. KoreanUser

    KoreanUser Permanently Banned User

    Picture of a Korean guy laughing at something 4noraisin.

    (From some Korean's drama that I don't watch so I just pick it up and put it as my profile since it matched me lul)
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  18. TheWelp

    TheWelp Retired Staff

    Its a picture of a vox vomiting on a security officer.
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  19. Shadow_Of_Man

    Shadow_Of_Man Retired Staff

    Mine is character art of my main character Daniel Phillips, courtesy of Zuhayr.
    Also, the image is frigging huge so data users are warned.
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  20. redstryker

    redstryker Senior Enlisted Advisor

    God himself.
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