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When is a bluespace jump allowed?

Discussion in 'Policy Discussion' started by The Great Skeeve, Nov 30, 2017.

  1. The Great Skeeve

    The Great Skeeve Sol Gov Pilot

    You know the manual jump? When is it allowed?

    I just realized there is seemingly no scenario where it is applicable to being used -

    1. It's not allowed to end the round early (ex all the antags have been defeated)
    2. It's not allowed to run away from antags (ex mercs are off-ship and your trying to get away)
    3. It's not allowed to use if the ship needs to return to port (ex the torch is heavily damaged, massive medical emergency etc.)
    4 (added.) It's not allowed if red alert prevents a standard 3-hour vote.

    Need some help!
  2. NortonDK

    NortonDK Donator

    Or simple to get away from meteors on meteor mode :D
  3. Crackers

    Crackers Game Moderator

    I think it's okay if code red goes past 3 hours and prevents a vote
  4. The Great Skeeve

    The Great Skeeve Sol Gov Pilot

    I got bwoinked for this once so no.
  5. mkalash

    mkalash Donator

    Your example listed in the second option is okay. You can run away from mercs. But you can't run away from a blob eating half the ship.
  6. The Great Skeeve

    The Great Skeeve Sol Gov Pilot

    I have been bwoinked for this before (not by you)

    perhaps we need to write this down...
  7. mkalash

    mkalash Donator

    The specific case will always override the general case. If an admin ruled that the specific circumstances of your scenario made it inappropriate to jump, then that's the call.
  8. The Great Skeeve

    The Great Skeeve Sol Gov Pilot

    I don't see what kind of special circumstances that would disallow / allow it, it seems pretty cut and dry to me

    Is it
    Mercs have previously attacked but undocked and are planning to come back?

    Or is it
    Mercs have been spotted but are floating nearby?

    I'll tell you which one I got bwoinked for afterwards!

    (p.s this happened like a month or two ago it's just a random question I thought of)
  9. mkalash

    mkalash Donator

    I could not tell you because I was not there.
  10. The Great Skeeve

    The Great Skeeve Sol Gov Pilot

    Ok, give me a made-up scenario where it would be acceptable then, since now you have cast doubt onto when exactly it's allowed.

    At this point I am wondering why it's even enabled if only this specific scenario it's allowed (not to mention not written down anywhere.)
  11. SparklySheep

    SparklySheep Retired Staff

    It's okay whenever the captain deems it okay.
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  12. LorenLuke

    LorenLuke Commanding Officer

    whenever the *admins deem it okay.

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  13. SierraKomodo

    SierraKomodo Command Keyword Detected

    Was this something you actually got bwoinked over? To my knowledge, this is a case we'd allow (It's one I'd allow) - Though it may be dependent on just how bad the damage, emergency, etc is and if there's people capable of fixing it or not.
  14. SierraKomodo

    SierraKomodo Command Keyword Detected

    Also, this is a no. If the vote didn't happen due to code red, and there isn't a reason for code red, drop the alert and ahelp for a vote.
  15. The Great Skeeve

    The Great Skeeve Sol Gov Pilot

    I have been bwoinked for such a thing in the past, If I remember correctly it was after a mercs had practically destroyed a lot of the ship, only the SM left standing and half the ships crew dead, so I assumed that we should head back to port because continuing the mission would be futile.

  16. Mark9013100

    Mark9013100 Banned User

    Ultimately it should be up to the Captain to decide whether jumping is needed or not, the role needs authority & power beyond being a bridge officer with all access and a tablet.
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  17. Emmanuel Bassil

    Emmanuel Bassil Senior Enlisted Advisor

    As the biggest, and I say this with conviction, proponent of 'Power to the Captain!' (Since I main him); I think the Captain is powerful enough as it is.
    Admins should be allowed to slap it down if it's not conducive to the round's best interests. Captains know everything*, but Admins are everything.
  18. Mark9013100

    Mark9013100 Banned User

    Admin interference kills the flow of rounds. Not every round needs to hit the 3 hour mark.
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  19. SparklySheep

    SparklySheep Retired Staff

    The most an admin should do regarding this is to cancel it if it's like, less than ten minutes into a round. This is something that is a basic duty of the captain on every other server. It's something that's built into the game to be used freely.
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  20. SierraKomodo

    SierraKomodo Command Keyword Detected

    One person deciding the round should end without a valid reason, when there's a system in place to allow everyone online to vote if they want to leave, is kind of unfair to everyone else in the round.
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