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Denied WickedCybs

Discussion in 'Archived Staff Complaints' started by TheRealCarson, Oct 17, 2019.

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  1. TheRealCarson

    TheRealCarson Assistant

    Key/Name Of Staff: WickedCybs
    Your Key/Name: CallMeCarson
    Date and Time of Incident(s): Thursday, 17th October 2019. 01:00-01:50 GMT
    Reason For Complaint: False information from staff-side and a false decision.
    The reason for this complaint is that in said round I was a stranded survivor on a planet. There was a particularly verbally hostile Unathi that treathened to eat me and drew a knife on me, for wich I shot them with Rubbers. Due to lack of medical aid, they died. <- As context, it is all in the log, too
    Later on, I was wandering around the surface to get stuff from the now-abandoned survival pod. On the way there, I stumbled across the Charon, and had announced myself so. The only occupant of the Charon, who you can make out in the log, Said fuck off, came out, aimed at me and immediately shot, not giving me a chance to retreat. Now, the shots were NOT triggered reflexively, they were with intent, while I was still holding a backpack and a drill, having beforehand emoted that I raised my hands. Due to the atmosphere, I was dead soon after. The trialmod this complaint is about ruled this valid and a-okay and claimed I was warned to not go to the Charon, wich cannot be seen in the log at all. <- That is what I ahelped about, and what the complaint is about.
    Evidence of Complaint:: Unchanged log will be uploaded for you to read. Converted to PDF because it wouldn't let me upload the original HTM file.

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  2. WickedCybs

    WickedCybs Retired Staff

    So, I'll get the important bits here (which are also in your log), before you were shot.

    [1459] (F) Joseph Morgan asks, "Kssoltok, you alive still?"
    [1459] (F) Moises Catleay says, "I am."
    [1459] (F) Joseph Morgan says, "Charon's where it was last time."
    [1459] (F) Joseph Morgan says, "Shut up colonist."
    [1459] (F) Joseph Morgan asks, "You come near the Charon and I hit'cha with beanbags, we clear?"

    (directly prior to the shooting)
    [1459] (F) Moises Catleay says, "I only shot the Unathi because he reathened me with a knife."
    [1459] (F) Moises Catleay says, "Relax."
    [1459] (F) Joseph Morgan says, "Fuck off."

    That's about as clear a warning as you can get.

    So contrary to what you're saying, there was warning here. This is on top of the brief exchange when you went to the Charon. You went there of your own volition after ignoring what was said on the radio, proceeded to engage instead of using the time Morgan gave you by backing up into a window to let you leave, and then died. So, it wasn't really case of being fired upon wordlessly, at all. You already made yourself known as a clear threat after the shooting of a fellow pod survivor (which was done wordlessly due to a perceived threat, go figure). The remaining survivor made it known as such as well.

    Like I said in the ticket, this was a direct result of your own actions. Things don't go as planned sometimes. There's little else to be said.
  3. TheRealCarson

    TheRealCarson Assistant

    Pardon. I must have missed that part, then. I'm withdrawing my complaint, then. Real sorry. Must have missed that when I was busy with my work in that alien ship.
  4. TheRealCarson

    TheRealCarson Assistant

    As I said, I'm withdrawing the complaint. What irked me a bit was that I was shot while not moving at all. The first shots, as seen in the logs, were apparently triggered by you on purpose, GAME MECHANIC WISE, not meaning to say that you intended to shoot me. And, sadly, after the second bean shot, my space suit was torn and I was already dieing. But as said, someone scrap this.
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