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Wine and Fine Cigars - Playing the Corporate Liaison

Discussion in 'Tutorials & Information' started by Chaussettes, Feb 1, 2021.

  1. Chaussettes

    Chaussettes Bartender

    Suit and Tie
    "From the corner of my eye, I spotted him entering the room. A rather serious-looking man, with a thick stubble dotting his face. He had on a slate-black suit and tie, with gold-cufflinks adorning the wrists. On his breast was a small, stainless-steel rectangular nameplate with the name "HOFFMANN" engraved in black bold lettering. There were no otherwise identifying features on his person. No Fleet patches, no EC pins, nothing.

    A man stood to his side carrying a black briefcase. Hoffmann didn't say a word, but with a simple hand gesture the man stopped in his tracks and appeared to stand guard in front of the doorway, eyeing us all down."

    So, you wish to give the Corporate Liaison a try? The role can be great fun for both passive-aggressive antags and people who prefer desk jobs alike, but it requires initiative. It's my opinion that the CL and SCGR are the two roles on the Torch that take the most raw roleplay skill to play well, and make no mistake, people do not play these roles well often. To be quite honest, you will be laughed at and mocked until you make a name for yourself, but, when you finally show people that you are trying, you may one day command an ounce of respect and authority on the bridge.

    Hail Corporate
    As mentioned, the Corporate Liaison is an entirely roleplay-driven role. You have absolutely no mechanical power or responsibilities to speak of. You could quite literally sit in your office the entire game, never talk on comms, and no one would know you ever existed over the course of the round.

    The Liaison's only concern on the Torch is representing EXO and communicating with them about matters the Liaison thinks they would be concerned about. For those who don't know, EXO is a conglomerate of all the major and minor corporations that fund the Torch. The Torch doesn't just run on it's own, it requires money to do so. EXO is where this money comes from.

    You represent EXO as a whole, not a single company. While it's perfectly fine to make a character who was/is a NanoTrasen Executive, or a Liaison contracted from Hephaestus, you should not claim that you represent "x company and only x company." People laugh at Corporate Liaisons who do this. Try to intertwine your backstory into the role's responsibility. If they were a NanoTrasen Production Executive, they may have skills in overseeing things the mining and exploration teams do in regards to gathering raw materials like Phoron. If they were a Xynergy Representative at one point, they may have experience in working with xeno crewmembers like GAS, etc.

    The Resume
    A section near the bottom of the Corporate Liaison's wiki page is the part I feel is most important, personally. The Corporate Liaison has a selection of alt-titles at their disposal to choose, and these give you the ability to wildly differ your playstyle should you choose to do so. Call me Arty on the Bay discord put the various alt-titles in a way I think is great to explain their concerns:


    While all of them generally sound similar, a good player can wildly differ the playstyle each of these alt-titles carry. A Workplace Liaison might rarely be in their office, and may often be seen inspecting the engineering department, talking with contractors and heads of staff, and they might report their findings about how the contractors themselves are feeling regarding work to EXO. A Corporate Representative may be one to forego talking with employees directly, and may be more concerned with holding large meetings with the command staff, ensuring things are progressing smoothly and receiving status reports from the Captain or XO regarding mission-progress.

    These are two pretty different playstyles for the same role, with the only difference being the alt-title you chose to pick for your Corporate Liaison. Use this to your advantage, do you want to be the "voice of the people" and ensure union rights are being upheld and that the workplaces are safe for contractors? Or do you more enjoy paperwork and appearing as the shadowy man in the expensive suit? Pick your poison.

    The Right-Hand Man
    Eventually at some point during your time as playing as the Corporate Liaison, you will be notified of your right-hand man waking up. These are players who choose to play the role of the "Loss Prevention Associate", or they may have chosen a myriad of other alt-titles, like yourself. These are generally the people who concerned with your safety. You can think of them as your own private MAA who ensures anyone who tries to lay a finger on you are swiftly taken down with smartgun fire. No one touches the suit.

    Like the Corporate Liaison, the job these people will be doing can vary depending on the alt-title they chose to go with. Generally, they are all security guards with the exception of the "Executive Assistant." These people generally want to roleplay as a secretary to you, helping to draft papers, or holding meetings for you.

    Be very nice to your companion, these are people who oftentimes have to sit for 2-3 hours in the corner of the room with SSD Liaisons. They are here to ensure you are safe and if they make a suggestion regarding your safety on a code red, I almost always listen to what they have to say.

    Generally these people will let you know what their limits are and what they want to do, but it should be noted that
    your companion is not a rent-a-cop. You cannot lease them out to help out security in a situation no matter how much you want to. This is a swift way to get bwoinked. Generally, talk with them a bit, have some conversation, and maybe have them do a couple errands to ensure they aren't completely bored the entire round sitting in the corner of the room.

    General Tips
    Some general tips I think are useful to keep in mind when playing the Corporate Liaison:
    • Don't antagonize the command staff unless it's your goal to do so. While you may be the big bad corpo suit-and-tie who puffs on cigars all day in their office, you don't want to turn command against you. They already hate you enough as it is for simply being the Corporate Liaison, and further antagonizing them will make them very unlikely to even listen to you at any point. Be firm, but fair.

    • Announcements. Put those announcements to use. You are given access to the command and communications program at your terminal. I often use this to announce that my office is open for any contracted crewmembers at the beginning of the shift and that I'm available to talk.

    • Make the most out of any situation. Even if something disasterous has happened, such as an anomaly spewing out zombies or ghosts, start thinking about how you can work that into a roleplay situation. Draft a memo to the XO or CoS asking to refrain as much as possible at terminating these valuable test subjects that might have practical use in the future. You'll be white noise to them most of the time, but a few times this has resulted in XO's roleplaying it out with me.

    • Slither your way into situations. Don't just sit there while something is playing out on the bridge or all over the ship. You are the sleeze with all the money, and the sleeze with the connection with the Board of Directors. Think of ways you can create roleplay situations with the command staff.

    Just Business
    Overall, I think the Corporate Liaison is a role that is very undervalued in today's Bay, but for good reason. The vast majority of Corporate Liaison players sit in their office for 2 hours, doing absolutely nothing, not interacting with anyone, and SSD'ing because they don't have the initiative to do anything. Over time, this has severly hurt the reputation of the role, and I've been trying to bring it back to something that shouldn't be seen as a complete nuisance to have around.

    Those of you who have interacted with my Liaison characters like Herschel Hoffmann or Evelynn Rosewood know that I'm still far off from being great at the role, and some may say I don't have the experience or know-how to properly write this guide. However, I think overall I have a solid grasp of what the Corporate Liaison is, but even I still have some trouble with executing it to it's potential. I think this role is very difficult to play in today's Bay, both because of it's tarnished reputation and it's difficulty in playing at a good quality that people enjoy interacting with, but, a good Corporate Liaison certainly stands out. The gold is there, you just have to strike it.

    Thank you for reading.
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