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Discussion Xenobiology Claw Feedback

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Feedback' started by WezYo, Jul 10, 2019.

  1. WezYo

    WezYo Bartender

    Add a Xenobio Console which will control a 'Claw', allowing the user to more easily move stuff (slimes and monkeys) around in the xenobio lab

    The Issue
    If you've played on /tg/ or probably a lot of other code bases, you might know about the 'xenobio console' where you basically take control of a camera and suck up slimes with magic and then you can place them wherever you want (within the walls of the xenobio room). This is a similar implementation but with less magic.

    The main idea is that there is a xenobio console which you can control to move slimes around - which is probably the most annoying part of any xenobiologist's shift... /tg/ solved this by making a magical succ camera, I'm proposing a solution using a claw.

    New Features
    The xenobio console would allow the user to control a claw which is "attached to the ceiling" for IC purposes. The exact features are as follows:
    1. The Claw will pass through/above objects including windows but not walls
    2. The Claw will be restricted to the Xenobiology Lab Area (also not space or through walls)
    3. The Claw will be able to grab/release any given slime, also allowing them to temporarily pass through objects as the claw does
    4. The Claw will be able to spray water on any grabbed slime, killing it (saving you the hassle of using a fire extinguisher. It doesn't have an infinite supply however)
    5. The Claw will also be able to pick up and drop monkeys, either dead or alive.
    As well as more to come. I'd also like to propose an emag action to be able to grab any mob, but that's TBD

    As for the XenoBio Console, you can see the UI in the gif(which will be prettied up once I'm done implementing stuff) I attached below, but the gist of it is as follows:
    1. The Console will show a button for each slime in the lab (that can be seen by cameras) and allow the Claw to move to and grab that slime
    2. The Console will allow the user to manually control the claw by clicking directional arrow keys
    3. The Console will have a few static locations to which it'll move by clicking on a button. I have the Surgery Table and Disposals planned current, thought not implemented.
    4. The Console will allow the user to grab/release slimes at its current location
    5. The Console will have a 'Spray' button which will spray some water on the ground/mob the Claw is currently in
    I've yet to make the mapping changes, but this would negate the need for individual disposals in each cell (unless we wanna keep those for other reasons). I'd also have to add in the console to the room somewhere, but that would be simple enough and I haven't gotten around to that part yet.

    As for TODOs:
    • Currently the claw just magically appears on top of the slime when you click the button. I plan on making it actually move towards the slime (copying code from MULES, we'll see how it goes...)
    • Getting better sprites so it doesn't look like a 4-legged ghost ceiling spider
    • Cleaning up the UI so it actually looks good
    • Probably a lot more stuff
    I think that's about everything for now! This is the first feature I intend to add to science/xenobio - later on I plan on adding mobs to exoplanets, as well as stuff to actually do with the slimes/xenos. That's further down the road and neither here nor there.

    And feedback and suggestions at this point would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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    Last edited: Jul 10, 2019
  2. Roland410

    Roland410 Petty Officer First Class

    I wish I could support this, but I can't, for the same reason I dislike it on /tg/ as well.
    This and /tg/'s implementation as well reduces the risk of working with slimes to almost literally zero unless you drop the slime on on yourself or someone in the room.
    Xenobio in its current form is often boring and unrewarding, and I applaud you for trying to improve it, but this doesn't feel like the way we should be going at it from.
  3. Boznar

    Boznar Game Moderator

    So don't use the claw.

    Otherwise this project creates ample framework for a unique feature, and I think debuting it in an outdated xenobiology will bring a breath of fresh air to department that's overdue for content.
  4. WezYo

    WezYo Bartender

    I feel like it's not inherent to a job to be dangerous. Being a chef doesn't impose any risk, neither does xenobotany or even chemistry outside of external events.

    I have plans to add xenos to exoplanets and such for study, which will add the danger back in to xenobio because they'll have to transfer the various potentially dangerous creatures into the pens. I don't have details about that but well into the future I think that's a decent direction
  5. I believe this to be a good addition to xenobiology.
    yes it would negate the risk of the job by a lot, but that could be fixed by having special mid round events (like sink overflowing) where the Claw for example plays crazy and just picks slimes up and drops them randomly.

    The Feature to pick up any mobs shouldnt be EMAG exclusive, rather i believe making the claw spray acid instead of water should be an EMAG feature, or being able to leave xenobiology. because sometimes Exploration does actually already bring back Aliens from a planets surface, wich also could be hostile.
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  6. spessCarp

    spessCarp Chef

    If AI could pick up and move people around station like dolls that would be hilarious. Personally I have no trouble with slimes, I use circuits to do handle them in a hands off manner. Besides raising them because they are adorable, I don’t find what they provide to be worth the effort. I wish there were more heavily scripted creatures like them though.
  7. BlueNexus

    BlueNexus Game Moderator

    -1 from me, Removes too much of the danger from working with slimes.
  8. WezYo

    WezYo Bartender

    I don't understand why a job should be dangerous though? We work on a ship in 2307 specifically designed to study unknown things. Why are we handling dangerous animals with our hands?
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  9. Don_Piano

    Don_Piano Bartender

    >but muh traditions
    I embrace the change.
  10. spessCarp

    spessCarp Chef

    The rest of the ship secretly hates the science department and is thrilled to see them torn apart by magical jrpg creatures.