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Denied Yarboro - Moderator Application

Discussion in 'Game Moderators - Archive' started by yarb, Feb 9, 2020.

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  1. yarb

    yarb Bartender

    About You

    What is your Byond key?

    What is your IRC or Discord handle?
    duke - Discord

    In UTC, what time range(s) do you usually play in?
    Weekdays: 12:00 AM -> 5:00 AM
    Weekends: Pretty much all day

    What are the names of your most played characters?
    Joseph Moore
    Balthasar Grey
    Louis Lamy-Guichard
    Michael Wunett
    Sam Tegos

    How long have you been playing Space Station 13?
    Technically speaking, probably about 2-3 years, but I barely played at all back in the day.

    How long have you been playing on Baystation? How much are you involved with our off-server community?
    8 weeks, but I have been playing a lot, which is why I am still bothering to apply. (The How-To post said 3 months was usually the requirement, but I really have been doing nothing with my free time other than Bay. If this is a super strict requirement, please let me know, so I know whether or not to apply for the next round) Also, I lurk the wiki a lot and am fairly active on discords related to the server. I am a little active on the forums, but mostly lurk.

    Have you been a moderator or admin on other Space Station 13 servers?

    Have you been in a moderation role for a forum or on chat channels before?
    No. I have moderated small Minecraft servers, though. I'm fairly familiar with the duties of moderation.

    Tell us about you. What will make you a good moderator?
    I think the first thing that will make me a good moderator is that I am online quite a bit - I've found that a surprisingly large portion of the time I am playing there are no staff members online, and joining the staff team could rectify that.
    Furthermore, I really like helping people and would very much like to think that I am good at it. Also, I am very passionate about this game- it's been a long while since I've gotten so engaged with a video game for such an extended length of time - I would be nothing if not honored to help other players learn or help the only SS13 server that isn't a chaotic mess survive and thrive. 95% percent of my time spent playing SS13 has been on Baystation exclusively.
    On a different note, I am also quite familiar with just about every department and feel confident within just about every role. I think I have both the patience and the knowledge to help people get started and have a lot of fun here on Bay.
    Lastly, I have basic knowledge of DM, meaning I can understand about 90% of the code and have added new items and locations on testing servers, which would probably help with more elusive ahelps that require source diving.

    To the best of your knowledge and understanding, how you would interpret and handle the following scenarios?

    Cornydinner9/(Blake Ashdown)) continually responds in LOOC in regards to the actions of 3wolfmoon/(Alek Mendoza) on their character rather than reacting to them normally. When you use OOC => Who, it shows that Cornydinner9 joined the server for the first time two days ago.
    This answer to this question depends on what exactly is going on between the players

    If Corny is not using "Say" at all, and is using LOOC to communicate as if their character was speaking IC
    This is pretty clearly a case of someone simply not being familiar with the server. I would contact them with a friendly greetings. First and foremost, I would inform them how they are supposed to roleplay speech mechanically, and the purpose of the LOOC channel. I would also link them some reading, of course. I would try to have a friendly chat about the server to make them feel as welcome as possible - asking them if they've played on other servers, what they like, etc. Anything that would make the player more comfortable and more likely to enjoy their time on Bay.

    If Corny is doing normal RP, but is supplementing this with LOOC commentary
    I would inform Corny, respectfully, that the LOOC channel is not meant for in round commentary but for utility purposes, such as letting others know when a serious offense (like shooting the CO with a laser carbine) was a mechanical accident and should not be RPed, or informing others that you are AFK. Since they are a new player, I would also do what I outlined above, giving them a friendly greeting and attempting to strike up a pleasant conversation, easing them into the often chaotic world of SS13.

    If Corny's LOOC comments are otherwise inappropriate
    If Corny is being offensive in LOOC, I would start by issuing a warning in a neutral tone, and only then introducing them to the server. I would still try to converse with them - antagonizing a player at the start of their Bay experience could result in them quitting the server forever, which benefits nobody.

    gleaming3, an observer, has started a ticket in which they claim that StaleMichel50/(Pete Wethers) is "killing without RP", and they have not provided much information. When you use Admin => Check Antagonists, StaleMichel50 is listed as a traitor.
    I would start by trying to get more information from gleaming3. If they have been observing Stale, then they probably could give me a jumping-off point from where I could investigate the issue further. Of course, I would not take their word as gospel, but it could be useful nevertheless to know what specific complains are being leveled at StaleMichel50.
    The next step, obviously, would be to ask Stale themselves about what happened, trying to be as kind and understanding as possible. More care should be given if the player is new and clearly unfamiliar with proper antag play. While traitors are "license-to-kill" antagonists, they are not allowed to go around murdering without contributing something to the server, in the form of reasonable role play.
    If the traitor comes up with some justification for their actions, and some way in which they RPed with the Torch, then they are most likely trying their best. If they were very light on RP, or were sloppy, then a warning would do - the possibility that they simply do not know any better is a serious consideration - it is a bad idea to scare people off from being traitors just because their first couple rounds as one did not go smoothly.
    If things are looking fishy, then I would whip out some more important tools. Firstly, I would try to question people who had come in contact with the traitor over the course of the round. All of these testimonies should be cross-checked with logs, quickly, to ensure that they are valid. Basically everything that happens on the server is documented, a powerful tool to ensure that people are telling the truth, and the whole truth.

    Other possible actions would depend on the results of my investigation and StaleMichel's demeanor. If they are clearly trying to improve their antag play and are open to suggestions and cooperation with staff, then there is nothing wrong and a simple correction would do. On the other hand, if the player is not being cooperative, is being rude, or has multiple notes concerned with a history of poor antagonistic play, then arranging for an antagonist ban might be in order. However, this all depends on a more complete analysis of the situation. With everything, the chief concern is not adhering to a rigid set of policies, but making the server better in the long run: a task which inevitably results in hard decisions.

    While you are observing, you notice that melancholy_Chad/(Ogden Bullthorn) and ProudYolande08/(Lou Penny) are both explorers, and have seemingly miraculously been able to find and rescue each other on the exoplanet with ease, in spite of their distances apart at various times and lack of communication with one another.
    This would almost certainly be a case of new players simply unaware of the rules.
    If both are new players:
    I would greet them as I would any new recruits. I would ask them about how they are able to find each other so easily while also trying to be kind, respectful, and patient. They most likely just don't know the rules and should be linked to proper resources. A lot of new players join together and it is a fairly natural instinct to want to talk with your buddies while you are both learning a new game - that's probably all this is, and there is likely to be no malicious intent present.
    If they are not new/have a history of suspicious behavior pertinent to metacomms
    This scenario would be more deserving of a stern warning. If this is their millionth violation, then a kick or ban may even be in order, because metacomms are a serious problem to the integrity of the Bay RP environment. I would warn them in very clear and certain language, and link them the rules page. I would indicate that if metacomms were used again they could possibly be removed from the server.

    Superiordorene/(Alex Burnette) is complaining about BIGMAMMOTH/(Jessica Olivers)'s character being "unprofessional" in adminhelps. Upon looking at the situation, you find that the actions of BIGMAMMOTH do not violate any server rules, though Superiordorene is clearly upset.
    I would not contact BIGMAMMOTH at all in this situation - if they are not breaking server rules, there is no OOC problem. I would, however, try to calm Superiordorene as much as possible, neutrally suggesting IC courses of action that they could take, such as speaking with the problem player's supervisor or the SEA, if the problem is serious and one of the players is enlisted.

    A ticket is opened by colorful_berry67/(Simon Paulson) to complain about something that happened between themself, StraightGertude15/(Eli Mathers), and EnergeticPlastic/(Vlad Petrovic) on the bridge. While the issue appears legitimate. There are a number of discrepancies in the stories between colorful_berry67 and StraightGertude15, with the story provided by EnergeticPlastic not relating at all to those of the other two.

    The correct approach here would be to establish a clear story of what happened by cross-referencing what all the players have said. If there is still not enough information, or if the information is in some way dubious, then it may be necessary to look at logs or contact other players that were there. After a reasonable chain of events has been uncovered, I would attempt to discern whether anyone violated server rules. From there, I would either try to rectify the issue myself by issuing a warning or just having a chat, or by contacting an admin if there is something more serious going on that I cannot deal with by myself.
  2. Mordeth221

    Mordeth221 High Inquisitor Senior Administrator Game Administrator

    Although an active six weeks, it's still six weeks which is baby time for getting to understand a person. This is denied on the basis of time not quality or quantity of content.

    Stick to it and you might hit the next wave.
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