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ZaeCathe - Skrell

Discussion in 'Denied' started by ZaeCathe, Oct 11, 2018.

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  1. ZaeCathe

    ZaeCathe Petty Officer First Class

    About You

    What is your Byond key?

    How long have you been playing on Baystation 12?
    A month or so, quickly approaching three. yay!

    What are the names of your better-known characters?
    Unathi : Karax Ug'Khara
    GAS : Lily
    V-GH : Aurora Xilus
    (outdated) S-AH : Izzy Nichev

    About The Species

    What alien species are you applying for?

    Why do you want to play as the alien species?
    Nunya business
    I'm hungry for sushi
    Whitelist me daddy

    Gonna be dead honest here, I really like this species. Reading the lore is interesting and my expansive interests into the other races and other future projects almost demand I get this done.

    What are some example names for the alien species?
    Due to the complexity of the language, most natural Skrell names are untranslatable or downright impossible to say normally due to their length. Names are constructed from a series of vocal sounds similar to warbling or humming, examples are "zii", "raa", "quu", etc. often with a consonant followed by two vowel sounds.

    Summarize what you know about the species.
    I went tryhard and wrote up a textwall with my Unathi app, I see no reason not to do one here.

    Part 1- OOC information (AKA the s*** I'm expected to know)
    Role restrictions (as copied from
    • Can use the EC branch. They are exchange personnel, not SCG citizens.
    • Can be in the EC ranks from E-3 (Explorer), E-5 (Senior Explorer), E-7 Chief Explorer and O-1 (Ensign).
    • Cannot be a Line Officer, Pathfinder, SEA, or SolGov Rep.
    • Cannot assume command of the Torch (Unless they are the Research Director)
    Other relevant information:
    • Skrell coloring is slightly based off of their caste.
    • Skrell have specific interactions with other races, which are:
    • Human -> Skrell : Quite fond of each other. Not the first race they've interacted with, but they are in good terms. HOWEVER, There is a growing suspicion within this relationship that Humans can cause discourse between them and Dionae.
    • Diona -> Skrell : Skrell are deeply interested in the Diona. Interactions between them are highly positive. There are several treaties and other legal agreements between them and the Skrell consider Diona as their closest allies.
    • IPC/Synthetic Union -> Skrell : Neutral. The Skrell don't actively interact with them, but they are observed, quote "...yet are still curious to see how a nation of synthetic beings will evolve...".
    • Unathi -> Skrell : Skrell consider the Unathi primitive at best and there are almost no interactions between the two. Interactions are mostly the Skrell attempting to enlighten the Unathi, almost always in vain.
    • Vox -> Skrell : To put it bluntly, the Skrell would rather the Vox not being a thing.
    • GAS -> Skrell : Skrell do not interact with GAS. They are an experiment by a human company, and the Skrellian government doesn't consider them worth legal interaction.
    Part 2 - Biology (AKA f***in' fishpeople, how do they work?!)
    Life Cycle

    Following the fertilization of the eggs via internal reproductive organs of the male, Skrells begin as tadpoles. They are very vulnerable at this stage, and even the smallest environmental or physical anomaly can permanently stunt their growth. There is a 96% mortality rate among groups of 100 eggs. Following this stage is a near-metamorphic process. Appendages begin growing, and the Skrell transitions from a fully-aquatic creature to a semi-aquatic humanoid. The growth of headtentacles begins at this point, as well as a growth spurt. This change ends at 20 years of age, and there is not much development after that point.


    Skrells are humanoid in shape. They can range from 5'10'' to around 6'2'' at adulthood, with females often being higher than males. Skrell skin color has a wide range, both in hue and in saturation. Some can be a dark pink, while others a vibrant lime green. This color shades along their body, and can be translucent depending on its location.

    Their faces are slightly similar to a humans. Their eyes are much larger, more spaced and taking up about half of the facial region. The eyes are sensitive to lights, can function without external protection underwater due to a nictitating membrane surrounding them. In place of an external organ, Skrell noses are simple slits on their face, and are relatively dull in sense. Again, in place of an external protrusion, Skrell ears are a complex interior organ. Their hearing is much better, similar to a dog's hearing, though sound localization is difficult for them. Their mouths and, by extension, their sense of taste is highly delicate, despite suffering from a deficiency in complexity of their noses. Their vocal cords are highly complex, resulting in a very wide range of pitch, surpassing human hearing.

    Skrells secrete a very small layer of slime on their skin, giving them the appearance of a slime at a first glance. This slime layer is additionally protective, being able to resist very minor injuries and other irritants when out of the water. Their skin, however, is very thin, and easily permeable for cutaneous contact with chemicals. Injuries will often be accentuated, with high risks of hematomas in moderate injuries and internal hemorrhaging in drastic cases. Their skin is capable of respiration, though in such low amounts that only one lung can be ignored should it fail. Their headtails, though appearing to be the Skrell equivalent of hair, actually serve to protect their gills from external irritants out of the water. They are often longer for females.

    Part 3a - Society (AKA the plague of the alt wiki articles)

    I'm not being lazy, but I am going to copy what I stated above for naming schemes, as it's perfect:

    Skrell language is often derived from a combination of croaking, humming, and warbling, with accented vowel sounds and short consonants. It is best spoken rather than written, and is highly difficult to understand to an outsider due to its sheer complexity in sounds alone.


    Without going into so much detail on this that my brain turns to mush, the politics of the Skrell can be related best to a monarchy. A royal family (or families, case-by-case) is chosen by a series of tests called the Qerr-Uglo. There is a single king that rules over a city(-state). Below the king is the Academy, which functions very similar to a human Parliament, and handles legislature. I can't really go into further detail without blowing my brains out, but teachers and professors count for 1 and 2 votes respectively, and their students do not participate in the legislative processes of the Academy until they are finished with their studies.
    (Christ, this was hard.)


    There are mushrooms that are used as currency. They light up for two years and are legal tender so long as they are used within those two years. Once a mushroom loses its light, it's not money anymore. This means that Skrells can't horde money. Loans are very simple, they are taken, and then given back with newly printed ones. Human money is mostly useless in Skrellian society, but currency exchanging is offered in a lot of Skrellian cities.


    Skrellian society prioritizes sports and the arts above a lot of things. It is INCREDIBLY rare to see a Skrell that can't carry a tune (and anyone RP'ing that had better buckle up) and music is incredibly free-flowing in the society, without many restrictions in pitch, tones, rhythm, etc. . Skrells did this thing called pond-painting, which is where they dyed the water to paint a picture. This has since been evolved into artificial pools, and is a mainstay in Skrellian culture. As for sculpting, some Skrells started using a mushroom for sculpting, and this has since evolved further into more genetic stuff.


    Most, if not all Skrells will practice sports. The complexity and activities involved in these sports range depending on exactly what caste the Skrells playing come from. Higher tiers will more focus on mental sports, while lower tiers have more physically demanding or otherwise endurance-focused sports.


    I can't really make an overarching statement without sounding like a really-badly rephrased copypaste of the first sentence of the Skrell Wiki, so we'll put it this way: Skrells are non-monogamous, which means that they actively seek other partners in a reproductive sense, which is further encouraged in the Bonding. The Bonding works when the two parents of a group of tadpoles form a shoal, where they will teach the tadpoles until they can leave the water. The Bonding splits the two parents into two jobs: the provider, and the main parent. The provider provides financial aid for the main parent and assists them, while the main parent focuses on just the children.


    Tadpoles are taught by the parents. Upon reaching their adult shape, they are taught basic concepts, like mathematics, physics, and history, excepting the highest caste, which is taught lessons preparing them for leadership. At the age of 8, the Skrell enters into the higher grade of education, beginning more focused lessons designed on different paths to different jobs, while still leaving room for changes in the focus. At the age of 15, the Skrell then chooses what job to take and are taught lessons based on that job. They can leave their home city at 18, though are not considered to be fully taught of their specific role until they are 25.


    Skrells do not have a central military force, but individual task forces formed by the citystate. These task forces are headed by a Raskinta-Katish commander, but are legally represented by a higher-tiered member for governmental stuff.


    To confirm, this society has crime. Thank you.

    Part 3b - The Caste system (AKA [insert thing here])
    Qerr-Katish "High Caste"

    These Skrell are the face of their kind. They are destined to lead and represent the Skrellian kind, and the families are often limited to only one or two bondings. They wear soft, bright clothing and are often colored a bright green.

    Malish-Katish "Caste of the Mind"

    These Skrell are the brains. Scientists, researchers, these Skrell are focused on heading research and development of their kind. Skrells of this caste seek several partners and form 2-3 bondings, typically. Their clothing is often similar to the Qerr-Katish. Their skin is generally pale green, sky blue or pale yellow.

    Malish-Katish "Caste of the Builder"

    These Skrell are the workforce. They form several partners and usually perform several Bondings. They are engineers, carpenters, or other people often found in the common workforce. While not as wealthy, these skrell are hardy both in the mental state and the physical state, and are one of the most popular Skrell castes. Their clothes are often accentuated with head-dresses or armbands for their jobs. Their skin is generally red, orange, pale yellow, dark orange or black.
    Talum-Katish "Caste of the Artist"

    These Skrell are entertainers. They consist of actors, writers, sculptors, singers, etc. . This caste is often mistaken for Qerr-Katish, as this caste serves as the "representatives" of the culture. They are free-thinkers, and this often leads to clashes with other castes of Skrells. Their clothing is very flashy, with vibrant colors and decorations. Their skin is generally purple, blue, pink, orange, red or white.
    Raskinta-Katish "Caste of Warriors"

    These Skrell are protectors. They are primarily for the protection of the other castes and Skrells as a whole. They serve in the Skrell military either for public security, or more private security forces. Oftentimes they form several partnerships and a lot of bondings, leaving them ergonomically stunted. They wear clothing meant for other castes, but will often choose clothing with dark blue colors, or clothing that is easy to move in. Their skin is generally green, blue, black, brown or yellow.
    Character Concept

    Name: Quoora Ihl'Vaki
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Caste: Talum-Katish
    Color: Orange
    Short Biography: Suffering from a catstrophe at his tadpole stage that left him with a stunted growth and a missing arm, Quoora focused more on what he could do. He learned a lot during his younger ages, and decided rather than become more of a public figure, on account of his physical deformities, he'd learn bartending. He took up singing as a hobby, and he has become very skilled in his vocals. His voice is much higher, almost feminine in tone than other males, and he is much shorter than most other Skrell on account for his early-age injury. He also has a prosthetic left arm, on account for the deformation in his tadpole stage. Leaving his city as early as he was let to, he quickly found himself working in some of the shadier areas of the SCG, before joining in missions on the Torch, one drink at a time.
  2. Eckles

    Eckles Cake Seller Lore Manager Manager Game Administrator Skrell Species Maintainer

    Some notes:

    As with all things, I wasn't really looking for a regurgitation of the wiki, but more a demonstration of your understanding of the mindset of a warble.

    I don't really appreciate trying to pepper your application with humour as it just makes it harder to go over. If you're going to meme in it don't bother either.

    The plural of Skrell as awhole is Skrell. Not Skrells. Skrells is only used if you mean an individual in the context of, say, "At this point in a Skrells life they..."

    Headtails, not tentacles. They're limp.

    Skin issues are mainly limited to the effects of low pressure in regards to serious injury, not general wear and tear.

    Academy students don't get to vote once they're done with their studies, they have to become educators to do that.

    Castes do not have higher and lower tiers. A fundamental misunderstanding, no caste is 'lower' than any other, though it could be argued that the Qerr are 'seen' as higher because of their natural leader status.

    Mushroom spores made into a filigree, not just a mushroom with a bank number stamped on it.

    It is rare to see a Talum that cannot carry a tune, not every Skrell ever.

    Qerr are still taught things. They just get taught apart from everyone else.

    Leaving education at 18 does not immediately grant them the right to leave their home city. Not too sure where that's from. It just means they can join the workforce.

    Your military bit is generally very wrong, please re-read it, as you are expected to know that bit if you ever want to play a Skrell in the Expeditionary Corps.

    Your crime bit is memey.

    Skrellkind not Skrellian kind.

    Kanin aren't really popular so much as populous. You also called them Malish. Decorative things/armbands are for personal display, not job related.

    Your char bio: It's a bit snowflakey to say the least. If that kinda thing happened at the tadpole stage the tadpole would probably die. Skrell don't tend to use clunky inorganic prosthetics, considering them outdated and primitive, and tend to utilise organic replacements.
    Bartending is a bit of a weird one given Skrell don't really do alcohol.
    Skrell voice tonality isn't really relevant to gender. You can't really tell the difference between the two that way.

    So, I'm gonna say no for now, but please re-apply in a couple of weeks, take the above and below on board, and apply again, with less meme please.

    Again, I am in no way shape or form expecting you to write an essay or a word wall, and I don't expect you to try and write out a massive explanation for the wiki page. What's important to me is that you can show me you have an idea about how Skrell think, and about how they view their place in their society, so that I can see you have something of an idea of how to go about portraying one. If you have any questions in the meantime I'm happy to answer them. Sorry for this round, hope to see you have a pop at applying again.
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