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ZaeCathe's Crew

Discussion in 'Character Bios' started by ZaeCathe, Sep 13, 2018.

  1. ZaeCathe

    ZaeCathe Chef

    This will be updated as time goes on. For now, I'm sticking with a single character, but I might switch around every now and again. It'll depend.

    Anyways, here we go.
    Name - Isabella Nichev
    Alias(es) - Izzy Nichev, Captain Izzy
    Species - Space-Adapted Human
    Age/DOB - 26 : --/--/----
    Gender - Female
    Height - 1.32 m
    Weight - 36.29 kg
    Blood Type - AB+
    Origin System - [REDACTED]
    Job(s) - Independent Observer, Merchant

    ----Canonical Information----
    Izzy is the owner of a trading vessel dubbed the "FTV Silent Wing".
    Izzy is mute of her own volition, and she is capable of speaking if she so desires. She often chooses not to.

    Name - Aurora Xilus
    Alias(es) - N/A
    Species - Vat-Grown Human
    Age/DOB - 36 : ██/██/████
    Height - 1.91 m
    Weight - 40.86 kg
    Blood Type - O+
    Origin System - Sol System
    Origin Planet - Pluto
    Job(s) - Passenger, Pilot

    ----Canonical Information----
    Aurora is an ex-pirate. She spent the first few years of her adulthood as the infamous pilot of the pirate ship Ravager.
    Aurora has spent the last 10 years of her life in a maximum-security prison station, but was released after a major incident involving a cultist group.
    Name: Lily
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Color: Cobalt
    Grade: A
    Job: Maintenance Technician
    Background: As part of Xynergy's ongoing research into GAS, Lily was swept up into the whole project. Though angry at first, she eventually got the hang of her new life, and was given engineering studies, which she excelled at. After spending several years with a minor interest in plants, she was given the name "Lily" after a Xynergy xenoflora researcher found her with several flowers on her head after having exited a greenhouse on her own time, and shortly thereafter finished her training.
    Behavior: Lily is skittish: she's easy to scare and only through acts of kindness does she respond in a positive manner. She's comfortable around groups of only two people, but more than that and she will often either begin to verbally express her distaste or will often skirt away from the area. She responds well to orders from her higher-ups and she can quickly assess threats to her well-being. She will often spend her free time either doing botany work or reading on her PDA, often found in libraries or other comfortable areas.
    Knowledge specifics: Lily loves botany. She knows all about botany, from the mechanical greenhouse method to straight using the ground. Her training makes her an excellent engineer to work with, and she is capable of performing her duties quickly and efficiently, with little problems. Due to her training, and the requirements thereof, she can use consoles. That being said, she doesn't understand laptops or PDAs well, often relying on an ID more than anything else.
    Name - Karax Ug'Khara
    Alias(es) - N/A
    Species - Unathi
    Age/DOB - 45 : --/--/----
    Gender - Female
    Height - 7'5''
    Weight - 217 lbs.
    Blood Type - B-
    Origin System - Uueoa-Esa
    Job(s) - Passenger, Engineering Contractor

    ----Canonical Information----
    Karax was one of the few survivors of the tragedy ending the Ug'Khara clan.
    Elizabeth - A bright, cheery AI who is always happy to help out the crew.
    Xin - A trader. Her species is widely unknown to almost anyone, but they are aware of the rapid approach of Xynergy.
    Vix - A trader. Her species is completely unknown, and she seems to appear only with the time being opportune.​
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  2. ZaeCathe

    ZaeCathe Chef

    Adding in the stuff for Aurora Xilus.
  3. ZaeCathe

    ZaeCathe Chef

    My GAS has been added, copied straight from my application.
  4. ZaeCathe

    ZaeCathe Chef

    Now making a dossier for the albino Unathi, Karax.