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Zero's Panic Room

Discussion in 'Coding' started by ZeroBits, Dec 5, 2017.

  1. ZeroBits

    ZeroBits Retired Staff

    Nyello. I'm Zero, and this is my panic room; I work here with myself and my immortal enemy: Travis. Everything in here has a load of bugs and a runtime. One thing I've learned after 7 months - you never know what is gonna cause a compilation error.

    Things In Progress;

    Making Stasis Clamps Compatible with Manifolds.
    Just about done. Really only need to figure out these last couple bugs with pipe networks.

    Gas Mining
    Actual machinery and gas generation is done. But I still need to make pipes attach, set up the process for pushing the gas into the pipes, and make a sprite for the machine.

    Fix Rings
    Some day.

    (Notable) Things I've Done;
    Added a SECOND MOP to Custodials
    Barbecue Sauce
    Independent Language
    Multiple Loadout Slots per Character
    Coffee Cups
    Plating Deconstruction
    Minor R-UST Updates
    Restructure Map Folders For Away Sites
    Minor Flamethrower Fix
    Moved The Library to the Modular Computer System
    Onion Rings
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  2. Shadow_Of_Man

    Shadow_Of_Man Retired Staff

    I swear any more barbeque sauce references and you are as gone as the hit novel gone girl.
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  3. ZeroBits

    ZeroBits Retired Staff

    I'm gonna add a second flavor of barbecue sauce, just fucking watch me.
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  4. Shadow_Of_Man

    Shadow_Of_Man Retired Staff

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  5. Ursur

    Ursur Retired Staff

    Barbecue Sauce. Onion rings. You're doing God's work, Zero.
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